blogStockedge Premium | Plan Details, Benefits, And Features Included

    Stockedge Premium | Plan Details, Benefits, And Features Included

    Well, there is a slew of stock market apps on the market. So, the first question that comes to mind is why would you want to download another? StockEdge was founded with the goal of making the stock market more accessible to you. The first thought that comes to mind is what to acquire in order to generate money without knowing why. We begin trading by watching TV, news, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms, and we quickly lose our money. The StockEdge premium software was intended to help you become your own analyst. “Give a guy a fish, and you feed him for a day,” they believe. “You can feed a man for a lifetime if you teach him to fish”. So, where do they begin with all of this?

    Main Features And Highlights Of Stockedge

    • Daily Updates Section:

    The section is interesting to everyone because it discusses the data points that should be monitored on a regular basis, such as the news. Even if he or she is not directly involved in financial or capital markets, the news is vitally essential.

    • Advanced Technical Scans:

    Bullish and Bearish Technical scans are built-in to help you quickly filter out stock to trade-in. Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), MACD, ADX, ATR, Bollinger Band, Stochastic, and Parabolic SAR are among the premium scans offered. With just a single click, these algo-based scans can help you select stocks for the next day.

    • Fundamental Scans:

    They also have fundamental scans built in, which allow you to filter excellent and bad stocks without having to spend hours on fundamental research. They feature 50+ fundamental scans based on profitability, revenue, PAT, EPS, and key ratios such as free cash flow, operating cash flow, PE ratio, and DE ratio, among others. These scans can also assist you in making trading and investment decisions.

    • Combination Scans:

    You can also combine technical and fundamental characteristics to examine how they affect the charts, or create your own techno-funda parameter with a combination scan to find stocks that meet the criteria you specify.

    • Advance Charts:

    For the first time, fundamental indicators can be plotted in the chart, and on a mobile app. The advanced charts allow you to create your own indicators in order to better comprehend the technicals and fundamentals in the charts. You can even save the template to use again in the future.

    • Ready Investor Groups:

    Get access to over 150 Ace Investors’ Readymade Portfolios, including Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna, Porinju Veliyath, Vijay Kedia, R K Damani, and more. Begin following them and learning about their investment strategy. they solved the difficulty of having a holistic view of these investors with this feature because the assets are in different names, including spouses, children, different entities, and so on.

    • Ready Combination Scans:

    Now you can choose from a variety of bullish and bearish intraday or swing trading techniques to learn, analyse, and apply. they create them using a combination of scans so you can concentrate on discovering quick possibilities.

    Stockedge Premium Membership Details

    They want you to work as little as possible while earning as much as possible. Spend 15 minutes each day, 15 minutes before the market starts, reading the Daily Updates section to keep up with the latest market news. They do not provide buy/sell indications or calls during the day because StockEdge is an end-of-day analytics app. They’ve built a soundproof ecosystem by presenting you with filtered information in the form of news, key market events, and important bulk block deals, among other things.

    Stockedge plan details and price:

    • Premium Plan at Just INR 399/-.
    • Stockedge Club Plan at Just INR 1499/-.
    • Premium Quarter Plan at Just INR 999/-.
    • Save upto 11% on a stockedge club plan.

    Use code: CW35 | Claim here

    Benefits of Stockedge premium:

    Get access to the StockEdge Platform’s premium features. For the next year, take use of the StockEdge Platform’s ready-made themed watchlists, comprehensive fundamental and technical scans, combination scans, interactive edgechart, and ad-free experience. Explore combo scan-based trading methods and track a prepared portfolio of ace investors. You can now add your own Stocks and Mutual Funds notes to have access to Mutual Funds Investment suggestions based on themes like High Beta funds, Tax Saving Investments, and Short Term Money Parking Funds.

    Steps how to cancel Stockedge Premium:

    • Firstly to cancel the premium you must have an Active stockedge premium membership.
    • Click your account section.
    • There you will find my membership section, click.
    • Select your membership and click on cancel button.
    • Your premium membership will be canceled automatically.
    • Make sure to cancel before the next due date because sometimes the amount is cut automatically.


    Stock edge is India’s first special virtual club, created by the entire crew of stockedge Elearnmarkets for stock market lovers. It’s a one-of-a-kind concept that blends ready-to-use learning with specific expert stock tips for investing and trading. So download the Stockedge app right now, try out the latest features, and invest sensibly and intelligently.

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