Online OrderSkore Condoms Types | Listed Here Are Some Of The Best Products

    Skore Condoms Types | Listed Here Are Some Of The Best Products

    Skore condom was launched in November of 2012. With the purpose of underlining the value of a safe and enjoyable sex experience for their millennial audience as one of the leading condom brands they feel that while sex can be casual, it shouldn’t be unprotected. Nowadays you get even flavoured condoms to make your experience more pleasurable. They come in colours that complement the flavour as well. People on the lookout for a wild experience should definitely take note of these Skore condoms types.

    Skore Condom Types

    There are a ton of condom types out there. Read further to get to know about each of them.


    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    WarmRs 100Buy Now
    Not OutRs 95Buy Now
    Cool WatermelonRs 90Buy Now

    Dotted condoms give a unique texture that increases the sensitivity of certain parts and regions. This is sure to give a mindblowing experience.


    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Belgian ChocolateRs 150Buy Now
    BananaRs 95Buy Now
    PinacoladaRs 81Buy Now

    Why not add a little colour condom? You can surprise your partner with various shades of to give an unparalleled excitement. There are also assorted coloured condoms that feature a multitude of colours in a single condom.

    Champion Series

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    ZigzagRs 150Buy Now
    TimelessRs 150Buy Now
    Skin ThinRs 150Buy Now

    You get 3 types with the champion pack – The Zig Zag, Skin Thin and the Timeless lines. With Skore’s Champion series, you can now score quickly, fluidly, and easily, just like a champion. Every time you turn off the lights and fire up the passion, try a champion move with the Skore Champion Combo.


    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    SKORE NOTHING – Strawberry and ChocolateRs 300
    Rs 240
    Buy Now
    SKORE Nothing StrawberryRs 150Buy Now
    SKORE Nothing ChocolateRs 150Buy Now

    Thin condoms are the solution for couples who have always considered condoms to be an unneeded imposition. They are completely safe to use and provide greater “closeness” than standard condoms.


    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Mini ChampionsRs 300
    Rs 150
    Buy Now
    Skore Champion ComboRs 450
    Rs 360
    Buy Now
    Rs 288
    Buy Now
    SKORE Four PlayRs 435
    Rs 365
    Buy Now
    Rs 517
    Buy Now

    There are a lot of combo packs you can get with Skore. Like the champion pack mentioned above featuring 3 condom types – The Zig Zag, Skin Thin and the Timeless lines, you can find other combos as well to make your experience more pleasurable. Check out these Skore condoms types now. you can order from any of these Best Grocery Delivery Apps.

    Types Of Condom Flavours

    Condoms coming in nowadays come with a lot of flavours as well. Taking your love making to a whole new dimension, you can let yourself loose and indulge in a erotic and exotic experience with flavoured condoms from Skore.

    Pina Colada

    With SKORE Pina Colada, succumb to the unusual. Scoring is now more enjoyable than ever because of the dotted texture, seductive colour, and delectable Pineapple & Coconut flavour on top.

    Buy Now


    SKORE Condoms are a fantastic new approach to succeed in bed. Its Juicy Orange flavour and colour give your romantic endeavours a cool touch, while the dotted texture increases your enjoyment.

    Buy Now


    Sweet strawberry’s flavour and colour provide your romantic endeavours a fresh taste. Your exhilaration is amplified more than ever before by the dotted texture.

    Buy Now


    The delicious cherry now has a dotted twist! Skore cherry condoms, with their mouth-watering flavour and seductive crimson hue, are a tasty way to have some fun. Check out these Skore condoms types now!

    Buy Now


    With SKORE Condoms, you can win the game of love. The seductive chocolate colour and flavour heighten the excitement. Additionally, its speckled texture increases the impression of your romantic gestures.

    Buy Now


    Use SKORE Shades to play your passionate game. condoms that are sent to you in a variety of colours. They are dotted to increase the pleasure of making love. So, pick your favourite colour and enjoy sending her into a frenzy.

    Buy Now

    Cool Watermelon

    Now, scoring is juicy, flavorful, and refreshing. Relax with watermelon-flavoured Skore Cool condoms. Its distinctive cooling lubricant, along with the luscious watermelon flavour, provides your romantic endeavours a crisp and refreshing makeover. Check out these Skore condoms types.

    Buy Now

    Belgian Chocolate

    In a sensual blend of rich and silky premium Belgian chocolate, fan the flames of romance with Skore’s Belgian chocolate skore condoms. Its exceptional warming qualities and more than 1500 raised dots also propel you farther into mind-bending pleasure spheres as you lose yourself in the haze of want.

    Buy Now


    With SKORE Condoms, you can win the game of love. With its delightful Banana flavour, your romantic moments become even more special. You also have a dotted texture and nice colours to enhance your enjoyment. Check out these Skore condoms types now!

    Buy Now

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    Skore comes with a variety of condoms that are sure to take your love making experience to the next level and be timeless as well. Some even come with special lubricants for delayed climax and unique ribs and dotted patterns. Buy your skore condoms right now for a safe and sensual experience that you will never forget.


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