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    Find All Details Of Skillshare Plans | Price, Membership, Cancellation Steps & More

    January 9, 2024
    skillshare plans

    As college tuition continues to rise to unprecedented levels, online learning opportunities are springing up to fill the void. Online platforms democratize higher learning for a fraction of the expense of enrolling in institutions, whether you want to master a new career skill or unleash your creativity. Skillshare is one of the most popular of the various internet resources. It features over 27,000 video courses taught by industry specialists, including well-known personalities like bestselling novelist Roxane Gay. read on to find all the details of the several Skillshare plans. Take advantage of the Skillshare Coupon code and save extra.

    What Is The Process Of Skillshare?

    A Skillshare membership, similar to ClassPass for e-learning, allows you unlimited access to thousands of expert-led online courses in design, illustration, business, technology, photography, and writing, whether your goal is to advance your profession or acquire new interests.

    Short, digestible lessons and a hands-on project are included in each class, which you can share with your classmates to gain feedback or contribute to the community.

    What Is The Cost Of Skillshare?

    For one month, you can test out the monthly membership for free. A monthly membership costs $32 per month or $168 annually after the trial period. When you sign up for Skillshare, you can also learn more about team discounts and savings on products like Squarespace and Todoist Premium.

    With a email address, you can get 50% off a Skillshare Membership as part of the company’s commitment to make learning more accessible.

    Premium Membership On Skillshare

    So, you’re undoubtedly wondering, what exactly do I receive with the Premium membership?

    To begin, you will be able to take advantage of a free trial of the premium subscription, which will grant you full access to its library of 35,000+ classes on a variety of creative themes such as animation, graphic design, photography, and much more. You have the option of signing up for an annual or monthly membership. Furthermore, with Skillshare Premium, you will be able to take use of the following features:

    • Get support and criticism on real, hands-on projects from the creative community.
    • Offline Skillshare classes can be downloaded to your smart device using the Skillshare app.
    • There are no advertisements: With no interruptions, you can focus on your classes.
    • Supports Teachers: The royalty pool is used to pay teachers each month.
    • Discounts on intriguing creative materials, services, and benefits are among the perks.

    Plan for Skillshare Teams

    Skillshare, like some other elearning platforms, offers tailored plans for organizations and teams, allowing you to continue to build existing abilities or learn new ones.

    Organizations can choose from three different packages: Starter, Enterprise, or Revive. But, before I go into detail about what each of them has to offer, you should know that you won’t be able to get a refund on these.

    Starter Plan

    You’ll be able to see the classes offline and watch live classes and workshops, and you’ll have unlimited access to 35,000+ classes with the Starter subscription, which is quite comparable to the individual Skillshare plans. The Starter plan, which costs $139 per person per year, is designed for teams of two to twenty users who want to upskill and level up. In addition, the Starter plan includes:

    • Admin capabilities that are simple to employ
    • Teachers’ and community members’ feedback
    • Casting, offline, and mobile options are all available.
    • Project-based learning

    For Men

    The Enterprise package is ideal for groups of 20 or more people who require a learning and development platform that includes a bespoke success manager, compelling reporting, custom workshops, and other features. For unique pricing on the Enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact sales. The Enterprise plan provides the following features in addition to those included in the Starter plan:

    • Wellness services that have been hand-picked
    • Digital workshops on a one-on-one basis and in a private setting
    • For your team, create private community groups.
    • Reports on team and user involvement

    Plan Rejuvenation

    The Revive Plan is for teams with 50 or more users who want to provide a reward to their employees. For special pricing on the Revive plan, you’ll need to contact sales. The Revive strategy involves the following elements:

    • Lists of wellness products and services that have been hand-picked
    • Support for onboarding and engagement
    • Reporting and analytics are done twice a year.
    • Workshops tailored to your needs are available.

    Gift Cards For Businesses

    A Skillshare Membership corporate gift card provides a unique experience for your consumers. They are not only customizable, but they are also simple to put up and may be used at any time of year. You’ll need to contact Sales and let them know what you’re looking for, and they’ll get back to you with a personalized price plan.

    Payment Methods And Currencies Accepted

    Credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are accepted, as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and SEPA. Because Skillshare accepts a variety of currencies, you’ll most likely be able to pay for your annual or monthly subscription in your own currency. See the Skillshare Plans pricing for the most popular currencies in the table below.

    • US Dollars ($) – $167
    • Pounds (£) – £71
    • Euros (€) – 83€
    • Canadian Dollars (CA$) – CA$212

    Scholarships Skillshare offers a number of scholarships that provide eligible applicants with a discount or one-year subscription to Skillshare. It is now giving a number of scholarships, ranging from 50% off a one-year membership for college and university students to furloughed workers in the United Kingdom.

    Financial Assistance

    Skillshare makes resources available to persons with financial difficulties in a few different ways. Students with a email address will receive a 50% discount on the Skillshare Premium fee. The One for One Skillshare policy entails donating a free membership to people in need of financial assistance for each premium subscriber.

    Sign up for a free Skillshare account

    Fill out the scholarship application and describe how you’ll put what you’ve learned at Skillshare to good use. Please provide an overview of your financial condition. Await confirmation from Skillshare. If approved, you will have free access to Skillshare for a year.

    Skillshare Cancellation Instructions

    Your Skillshare premium membership can be canceled at any time. You’ll only need to take a few simple steps to cancel your membership.

    • Go to Account Settings and select it.
    • Select Payments from the drop-down menu.
    • Finally, select Cancel Membership from the drop-down menu.

    You will lose access to the Skillshare Plans premium membership as soon as you click Cancel Membership (including all the classes and access). You will not be charged anything if you cancel before the end of your free trial.

    Refunds on Skillshare

    Only annual Premium membership payments are eligible for a refund from Skillshare. You must contact Skillshare within 7 days of the charge being processed to receive a full refund, and it may take up to 14 business days to receive your refund. If you chose the monthly membership, they unfortunately do not accept refunds (e.g paying month to month).

    When you select Start your free month for Skillshare Premium, you agree to be charged when the first month is up. You will not be charged if you decide to cancel before the month is over. If you bought Skillshare from a third party (such as Google Play or Apple), you’ll need to contact them to request a refund or cancellation – Skillshare won’t be able to assist you. Please keep in mind that refunds are not available for the Teams programs.


    Okay, we looked at the Skillshare prices and discovered that:

    • It’s a good deal for the amount of content you get.
    • Skillshare’s costs and plans are simple to understand.
    • This well-known website focuses on developing or learning new (creative) abilities, and individuals can sign up for a free trial before committing to an annual premium membership. The premium subscription plan is $180 per year or $32 per month and includes complete access to the class library, community, and offline viewing.

    If you’re a company or a group, you can choose from one of three team options. The initial plan is $159 per user per year, with a minimum of two users. The other options are more thorough and designed for larger teams; you’ll need to contact Skillshare for a tailored quote.



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