Shutterstock Subscription Details 2022 | Find All Plans And Benefits To Book Now


    MembershipShutterstock Subscription Details 2022 | Find All Plans And Benefits To Book...

    Shutterstock Subscription Details 2022 | Find All Plans And Benefits To Book Now

    Shutterstock is an online marketplace for photography, dancing, singing, acting, video editing, and other creative endeavors. Shutterstock offers excellent content and cutting-edge technologies to help creative professionals from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes produce their finest work on a single platform. Get to know more about the Shutterstock subscription by reading ahead.

    Shutterstock Subscription Plans

    Currently, there are 5 plans active on Shutterstock which users can claim to enjoy more benefits and premium services:-

    1) On-Demand Subscription:

    Obtain the photographs you require when you require them.


    • Standard Image license.
    • Enhanced Image license.
    • Predictive Audience Resonance Insights.

    Pricing:- 49$

    2) Flex Subscription:

    All-in-one image, video, and music subscription. Small and medium-sized businesses can subscribe to a multi-asset subscription. Get access for ten team members, as well as Standard and Enhanced license on all files and pictures.


    • Take advantage of the simplicity of having everything you need in one simple subscription.
    • Find the ideal material for each project in your pipeline without having to guess what you’ll need ahead of time.
    • You can spend your credits on a variety of material from their library of over 400 million high-quality assets.

    Pricing:- $49 Per Month.

    3) Best Value Pro Plan:

    A great discount on photos, as well as content planning and organisation tools.

    Also one can get a free month subscription using their credit or debit card. After one month if you want to cancel their free subscription visit the Plans page. If you do not cancel within the free trial time, you will be charged monthly for the remainder of the year. If you cancel after the free trial period has ended, you may be charged an early cancellation fee. Unless you contact us, your plan will automatically renew for another year. There is a limit of one free trial per individual. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons, or offers.


    • Image license.
    • Audience resonance insights.

    Pricing:- $29 Per Month.

    4) Business plan:

    Additional more photos, planning tools, and team communication are all available in this plan

    • Up to ten team members can have flexible access.
    • Monthly credits can be redeemed for any material category, including photos, film, and music.
    • On any assets you buy, you’ll get standard licensing.
    • Dedicated account representative.

    Pricing:- $479 Per Month.

    How Does Shutterstock Image Subscription Work?

    Their membership options offer the greatest prices on Standard License images while also giving you access to their entire library of royalty-free, high-resolution photographs, vectors, and illustrations. When you sign up for a membership, you’ll get a monthly download allotment that resets at the end of each billing cycle.

    By turning off the auto renewal feature on their monthly (no contract) subscription, you can cancel at any moment. When compared to the monthly option, their yearly subscription demands a 12-month commitment and saves you up to 40%.

    Shutterstock Monthly Subscriptions

    If you’re looking for a monthly allotment of photographs but don’t want to commit to an annual plan, their month-to-month plans are perfect for you. These plans are available in four different download quantities: 10, 50, 350, and 750 photos per month.

    You may also start and cancel your membership with these plans by simply turning the auto renewal feature on or off in your account settings.

    Shutterstock Team Subscription

    They also offer team and corporate options that can be purchased annually or on a month-to-month basis if you need access for several users. They provide image subscriptions for two people and one unique collaboration experience for teams of three to ten users, both of which can be purchased effortlessly on their site. Contact their Enterprise Licensing experts to discuss your choices if you have a larger staff or need to deal with video and music assets as well.

    Shutterstock FLEX Credit Subscription?

    Their single-user package, which can be purchased on their website, is ideal for individual producers who want to have access to photos, music, and video all in one place. This plan includes a Standard licence and a range of monthly credit amounts. You can use your monthly credits to download just photos, audio tracks, video clips, or a combination of assets that best suit your creative needs. Each photograph is worth one credit, each music track is worth four credits, and each video clip is worth eight credits.


    With Shutterstock membership options, you can get the best prices on Standard License images as well as access to their entire library of royalty-free, high-quality images. high-resolution photographs, vectors, and illustrations.
    When you sign up for a membership, you’ll get a monthly download allowance.Sign up no and get your coupons for Couponswala to save more.


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