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    Exclusive Senior Citizen Discounts | Check The Details For The Criteria, Offers, & More

    January 9, 2024
    senior discounts

    Senior citizens have been provided with exclusive benefits and reduced prices after a certain age, often followed by 55 or above. They are offered senior discounts by retailers, grocery stores, and luxury hotels. Many senior citizens don’t have income after retirement, and they need a way to continue with day to day life as it were. Many companies acknowledged this fact and have decided to provide discounts for senior citizens. In this blog, we will mention the various exclusive senior citizen discounts available.

    Benefits Of Senior Citizen Discounts

    There are amazing benefits offered to the elderly on travel and shopping. For example, MakeMyTrip is offering senior citizens discounts on flight booking. You will get an instant Rs. 600 Off on a minimum transaction amount of Rs. 2500 only.

    An affordable way to travel, & shop at reasonable prices

    Everyone loves to travel, especially at heavy discounts. You can have up to 50% off on travelling and exciting deals on various facilities. Senior citizens can get amazing discount offers and deals across various shopping stores available. They can also get exclusive shopping offers in-store as well as online. 

    Priorities across all sectors

    Senior Citizens are offered priorities on every boundary of the sector. Without having to stand in long queues, they are the first to avail themselves of the services such as court hearings, passport applications, banking, etc.

    What Are The Criteria?

    There are certain criteria that senior citizens have to check out before being able to avail these benefits. Senior citizens who wish to qualify for the exciting benefits of senior citizen discounts must comply with these eligibility requirements:

    • A senior citizen of the age of 60 or above can apply for senior discounts. The minimum age requirement varies from offer to offer provided by different companies.
    • Extra discounts can be available if the individual was part of the armed forces.

    Documents you need

    A list of documents required for age and identity proof must be provided by you. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the amazing senior citizen offers, these documents are required:

    • Postal address
    • Birth certificate as your date of birth proof
    • Valid green Medicare card or DVA card

    Types Of Senior Discount

    There are various kinds of senior citizen offers that you might be interested in availing of. But, we have provided the most popular and best-saving options that you will surely like and avail of the benefits. Get these limited period offers now!

    Retailers senior’s discounts

    You can avail yourself of a discount of 55% on an Amazon Prime membership subscription. To avail of this offer, you must be of 55+ years. Michaels is also offering 15% off on your purchase. It is applicable for online as well as in-store purchases.

    RetailersDiscountsModeEligibility ageAvailability
    Amazon prime55% off for prime membersOnlineMust qualify government
    Goodwill senior savings day20% off on PurchasingIn-store60 years or aboveEvery Thursday
    Michaels15% off on purchasingBoth Online / In stores55+ yearsEveryday
    Kohl’s23% offIn stores60+Fridays
    HomeDepot Affordable priceBoth Online/ in-store 55+ yearsEveryday
    CVS Extra careGet up to 4% cashback
    on orders above
    Rs. 999
    Both Online/in-store.For senior members onlyEveryday

    Restaurants Offering Discounts To Senior Citizens

    The demand for senior citizen offers on restaurants have increased due to the inflated prices which can be seen during the pandemic. Hence, we at CouponsWala are here to provide you with a detailed list of restaurants or stores which offers amazing discounts on food.

    Burger king15% off + small drink free60+
    Backyard burgerFree small drink50+
    Dunkin DonutsFree Donut50+
    KFCFree French Fries with any
    veg meal.
    Waffle House12% off on Mondays60+
    McDonald’s2% off on soft drinks55+

    Privileges Provided To The Senior Citizens

    There are several benefits that the senior citizens can avail of to get amazing discounts and deals for themselves. We have listed down a few of the most important offers that you might be interested in availing of for yourself here:

    • Medical alert system discounts.
    • Discounts on hotels.
    • Discounts on car rental.
    • Transportation tickets discount.
    • Discount on prescriptions.

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    How To Avail Of Best Senior Discounts?

    You can avail best senior discount generally after reaching 50 years of age. Many stores follow a specific age criterion, usually between 50- 60 years old. Ask for senior discounts when purchasing any product or service and keep an eye on the companies which offer senior citizen discounts.


    All senior citizens are eligible for senior discounts. Remember, you must have all the eligibility criteria regarding age, government documents, and other required documents. Keep yourself safe during the pandemic and get a chance to save money even if you don’t have any external sources of income.






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