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    Photography For Beginners | Gear To Own, Tips To Succeed, Courses To Learn Better

    At some point of time, we all would have looked at the scenery, be it a cloudless moon, sunrise over the mountains or waves crashing into the beach, and wished we could capture it. While learning photography can prove to be a daunting task, the rewards it reaps are beyond measure, for memories are the only thing we carry till the end. We would like to make learning photography a little less daunting with our guide to “photography for beginners”. From A to Z, you got it covered here. In this blog we will take a look at everything ranging from courses for beginners to gears for beginners and best beginner friendly software as well. If you are new to this field, this blog is a blessing for you, so take a dip into it.

    Photography Courses For Beginners

    The internet is your best teacher if you need some guidance. Numerous blogs, articles, YouTube videos, and online courses are available to help you learn everything there is to know about photography. Online courses and workshops that are offered in person can be applied for. There is no one optimal place to learn because you will receive varying knowledge on the same subject wherever you go. Therefore, extend your perspective and show that you’re open to learning from any and all sources. Let us look at some of the websites that offer the best photography courses in the country.


    Udemy is one of the biggest learning platforms throughout the world. Their courses are really high quality but at the same time come at very reasonable prices as well. We would recommend Udemy to anyone who wishes to learn photography from scratch due to them being very beginner friendly.

    Courses Offer PriceLink
    Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to PhotographyRs 449Buy Now
    Complete Photography : 21 Courses in 1 [Beginner to Expert]Rs 449Buy Now
    Digital Photography for Beginners with DSLR camerasRs 449Buy Now
    The Ultimate Photography Course – Beginner to AdvancedRs 449Buy Now
    Portrait Photography for BeginnersRs 449Buy Now
    The Ultimate Photography Course For BeginnersRs 449Buy Now


    Regardless of the type of camera you use—a smartphone, a DSLR, a compact, or a mirrorless model—this course will teach you how to master exposure control, comprehend the basics of composition, and explore documentary and creative ideas to produce the types of images you’ve always imagined.

    CoursesOffer PriceLink
    Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to
    DSLR Specialization
    Rs 3803Buy Now
    Cameras, Exposure, and PhotographyRs 3803Buy Now
    Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image
    Rs 3803Buy Now
    Camera ControlRs 3803Buy Now
    Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and SharingRs 3803Buy Now
    How to edit photos for Social media with CanvaRs 775Buy Now


    When you examine photography, there’s always more to learn. You may learn about a wide range of photography techniques, tools, and themes as you dig into these Skillshare lessons, from choosing lenses and lighting to composition, editing, and colour grading. With the help of these online lessons, you may improve your images regardless of your degree of experience with digital photography or your desire to master new skills. Numerous courses are available on utilising DSLR cameras and photo processing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can develop and share practical projects in these instructive workshops, which are divided into concise lessons, and receive insightful criticism from a creative community.

    Course Offer PriceLink
    DIY Product Photography Using an iPhoneRs 2748Buy Now
    Professional Photography on a Budget: Editing
    Techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
    Rs 2748Buy Now
    Outdoor Photography: See, Shoot & Share the Beauty
    Around You
    Rs 2748Buy Now
    Photography for Instagram: Capture and Share Your LifeRs 2748Buy Now
    DIY Product Photography: Style & Shoot Creative StillsRs 2748Buy Now
    DSLR and Mirrorless: The Fundamentals of PhotographyRs 2748Buy Now


    At first glance, photography terminology, techniques, and equipment can appear complex and frightening. But with classes from Creativelive, you’ll have the knowledge and assurance you need in a matter of hours to head out and snap jaw-dropping pictures that you’ll want to print, share, and cherish for a lifetime. These classes, which are made especially for beginning photographers, will guide you through the fundamentals of using your DSLR camera and all of its main features. You’ll pick up photography advice on subjects like shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, and ISO in no time really.

    CourseOffer PriceLink

    An online resource for photography lessons, tutorials, reviews, and more is Additionally, there are evaluations of photographic equipment, how-to articles, and displays of featured photographers. Although these courses are of the finest quality available, they are also very affordable.

    CourseOffer PriceLink
    Photography For BeginnersRs 0Buy Now
    Portrait Photography CourseRs 0Buy Now
    Landscape Photography CoursesRs 0Buy Now
    Flash Photography CourseRs 0Buy Now
    Travel Photography CourseRs 0Buy Now
    Street Photography CourseRs 0Buy Now


    Light is used to create images in the art of photography. The preset settings on your camera are typically quite good at gathering the light to produce a good shot, but they might not meet your artistic vision. With Craftsy, you can learn how to adjust your camera’s settings to balance light in even the most challenging lighting conditions.

    CourseOffer PriceLink
    Panoramas & Multiple ExposuresRs 719Buy Now
    Composition Essentials for Outdoor PhotographyRs 719Buy Now
    Beginners Guide to Manual ModeRs 719Buy Now
    Flat Lay Your Life: Pro Photo TipsRs 719Buy Now
    Startup Project: Creative Lifestyle PhotographyRs 719Buy Now
    Startup Library: PhotographyRs 719Buy Now

    Photography Gear For Beginners

    There are tons of gears that can be used by beginners when they start to learn photography. While tons of supporting equipment such as lighting and tripods can be bought, the most important one has to be the camera. There are a bunch of cameras that come at pocket-friendly prices and are beginner friendly as well. Let us take a look at photography gear for beginners.

    Camera(best DSLR camera for beginners)

    DSLR cameras are short for digital single lens reflex cameras. They take some of the best quality photographs for beginners. They are cheap as well and do not complicate a beginner with many complicated features. You can also check out Refurbished Camera.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Canon EOS 200D II 24.1MP Digital SLR Camera +
    EF-S 18-55mm f4 is STM Lens
    Rs 59995
    Rs 56499
    Buy Now
    Nikon D7500 20.9MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) with
    AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens
    Rs 94950
    Rs 88026
    Buy Now
    Panasonic LUMIX G7 16.00 MP 4K Mirrorless Interchangeable
    Lens Camera Kit with 14-42 mm Lens
    Rs 54990
    Rs 42489
    Buy Now
    KODAK PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421-BK 16MP Digital Camera
    with 42X Optical Zoom and 3″ LCD Screen
    Rs 43010
    Rs 25203
    Buy Now
    Nikon Digital Camera Z 5 Kit with NIKKOR Z 24-200mm
    f/4-6.3 Lens
    Rs 171995
    Rs 155990
    Buy Now
    Nikon D3500 with AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G
    VR Lens Digital SLR Camera
    Rs 79999
    Rs 59200
    Buy Now


    A lens is a device that directs light toward a focused area. While a digital camera (such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera) directs light to a digital sensor, a film camera’s lens distributes light to the film strip.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 E Auto Focus LensRs 55900
    Rs 52500
    Buy Now
    Samyang AF 85mm F1.4 Nikon F Auto Focus LensRs 58990
    Rs 52990
    Buy Now
    SKYVIK SIGNI One Mobile Camera 25mm Macro Lens KitRs 3999
    Rs 2999
    Buy Now
    SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide+Macro) Clip on Mobile
    Camera Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung and Other
    Rs 2999
    Rs 2299
    Buy Now
    Canon EF50MM F/1.8 STM Lens for Canon DSLR CamerasRs 9999
    Rs 8995
    Buy Now
    TYROCX 1 Year Warranty 0.45x Wide Angle
    Professional Camera Lens
    Rs 5999
    Rs 319
    Buy Now

    Camera Bag

    When it comes to transporting cameras, some care and attention are required. You cannot simply pack them within the luggage you intend to carry with you as you move. This is where camera bags come in to safely transport your priceless camera and other accessories.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Vanguard Camera BackpackRs 7990
    Rs 6400
    Buy Now
    DIGITEK® (DCB 001) Waterproof Camera BagRs 1995
    Rs 1185
    Buy Now
    Techlife JNL-7513 Waterproof Camera Shoulder BagRs 999
    Rs 799
    Buy Now
    CAMSIYA® Waterproof DSLR BackpackRs 1599
    Rs 950
    Buy Now
    SIDRUM WF-18 DSLR/SLR Camera Shoulder Bag CaseRs 899
    Rs 699
    Buy Now
    Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera BackpackRs 3999
    Rs 3239
    Buy Now

    Memory Card

    Imagine losing all of your wonderful photos and videos that you cherished. This what would happen without the possession of a memory card. Depending on your necessities, you can buy a card with the size of your choice.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Sony SF-E64 Hi-Speed Memory CardRs 3130
    Rs 2631
    Buy Now
    SanDisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I Card 32GBRs 800
    Rs 499
    Buy Now
    SanDisk Ultra SDXC UHS-I Card 64GBRs 1500
    Rs 819
    Buy Now
    SanDisk Ultra SDXC UHS-I Card 128GBRs 3000
    Rs 1419
    Buy Now
    Western Digital WD Purple 32GB Surveillance and Security
    Camera Memory Card
    Rs 1000
    Rs 499
    Buy Now
    Sony 64 GB Tough High Speed sdxc UHS-II G300 SD CardRs 14340
    Rs 11490
    Buy Now


    A lightweight tripod might be useful for taking steady pictures and filming films if you travel a lot with your camera. Either the tripod should collapse or fold up into a little package. It is crucial to have a compact tripod because you should always try to travel light.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Digitek DTR 520 BH (60 Inch)(152cm) Professional
    Aluminum Tripod
    Rs 6999
    Rs 5995
    Buy Now
    Osaka VCT880 Camera Tripod with BagRs 6000
    Rs 2200
    Buy Now
    Digitek DTR 550 LW (67 Inch) Tripod For DSLRRs 2495
    Rs 1549
    Buy Now
    Syvo S -1000 PRO (170CM) Tripod for DSLRRs 5999
    Rs 1399
    Buy Now
    Eloies® Jaguar 3 Way Pan Head Photo Video
    Heavy Built Tripod
    Rs 3254
    Rs 2535
    Buy Now
    Adofys Flexible Gorillapod Tripod with 360°
    Rotating Ball Head
    Rs 2499
    Rs 579
    Buy Now


    Filters improve colours, cut down on light entering the lens, reduce glare and reflections, among other things. Each lens filter has a certain function since it is designed to provide a particular effect that can improve how an image turns out in the end.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    SIGNI Neutral Density ND16 Filter for Mobile
    Camera Lens
    Rs 1799
    Rs 1299
    Buy Now
    AmazonBasics 52mm UV Protection Lens FilterRs 495
    Rs 279
    Buy Now
    AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Filter- 58 mmRs 1099
    Rs 449
    Buy Now
    4 in 1 Sunnylife OA-FI175 ND4/PL + ND8/PL +
    ND16/PL + ND32/PL Adjustable Lens Filter
    Rs 7499
    Rs 5249
    Buy Now
    K&F Concept 67 mm ND2 to ND400 Variable
    Neutral Density Filter
    Rs 4790
    Rs 2049
    Buy Now
    K&F Concept 49 mm ND2 to ND400 Variable
    Neutral Density Filter
    Rs 3990
    Rs 2499
    Buy Now


    Almost every lighting situation can be captured in excellent detail with a camera flash. The majority of DSLRs and all small cameras come with an integrated flash. This device only offers direct flash; it does not have the option to bounce light off a wall or ceiling to better illuminate the subject. Additionally, they lack the power to travel long distances or with a large number of individuals. This is why you should use external flashes to get better results.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    DIGITEK® (DFL-088) Universal Electronic
    Flash Speedlite for DSLR Cameras
    Rs 2995
    Rs 2599
    Buy Now
    Osaka TTL Camera Flash Speedlite Speedlight
    DF960 Mark IV
    Rs 14500
    Rs 5450
    Buy Now
    Osaka Camera Flash Speedlite Speedlight TT990
    with 18-180 Manual Zooom
    Rs 15500
    Rs 5050
    Buy Now
    Godox TT520 Universal Flash SpeedliteRs 4990
    Rs 3990
    Buy Now
    Kodak S621 Camera Speed FlashRs 5999
    Rs 3281
    Buy Now
    SHOPEE Camera Speedlite Flash Softbox and
    Reflector Diffuser Kit
    Rs 500
    Rs 261
    Buy Now

    Extra Batteries

    Cameras do come with batteries, but you should always have extra batteries if you are going on a trip or a trek. You can not always expect charging ports, plus if you are using them for a long period of time, extra batteries are a must.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    DIGITEK® LP-E17 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery PackRs 1699
    Rs 999
    Buy Now
    Osaka NI-MH HR06 4xAA 3000mAh Enelong Rechargeable
    Battery Set
    Rs 2500
    Rs 717
    Buy Now
    DIGITEK® (LP E12) Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery PackRs 1050
    Rs 749
    Buy Now
    DIGITEK® (ENEL14) Secondary Rechargeable Battery PacksRs 2500
    Rs 1099
    Buy Now
    IJJA NP-BN1 Rechargeable Litium-Ion Camera Battery PackRs 1999
    Rs 899
    Buy Now
    WELBORN LPE10 Rechargeable Battery PackRs 1140
    Rs 898
    Buy Now

    Other Accessories

    Whilst the above mentioned products are the main gears for photography, there are other accessories that can be of great help to your photography journey as well.

    Wet Cleaning Solutions

    Buying a camera is not the only thing that you should worry about when looking for one. Maintaining a camera is equally as important. Sometimes there may be dirt, dust and fog coming in the way of your lenses and thus taking away the beauty of your photos. Get some good wet cleaning solutions to constantly keep your camera in tip top condition.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Neerja Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit 5-1Rs 999
    Rs 298
    Buy Now
    Storite 4 in 1 Screen Cleaning KitRs 999
    Rs 399
    Buy Now
    DUNE Screen Cleaning KitRs 299
    Rs 175
    Buy Now
    Vaishnavi Enterprises DARIX Screen Cleaning Gel KitRs 99
    Rs 75
    Buy Now
    Lapster efficient 3-in-1 Cleaning KitRs 999
    Rs 269
    Buy Now
    Gizga Essentials Professional 2in-1 Cleaning KitRs 599
    Rs 379
    Buy Now

    Sensor Brushes

    It’s a good idea to keep one of the best camera sensor cleaners on hand for when you need it. The integrated sensor-cleaning mechanisms that are included as standard on current cameras can help you maintain your sensor well-protected, but if you use any equipment for a long enough period of time, it will ultimately need cleaning. The same applies to a camera sensor. A proper sensor brush would ensure your camera lasts for a long period of time.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Neerja Camera sensor Cleaning Brush Kit 5-1Rs 999
    Rs 298
    Buy Now
    Gizga Essentials Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning KitRs 499
    Rs 299
    Buy Now
    Meshiv – 6-in-1 Cleaning KitRs 999
    Rs 279
    Buy Now
    Lens Brush, Portable Cleaner KitRs 999
    Rs 569
    Buy Now
    COOLCOLD Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning KitRs 999
    Rs 299
    Buy Now
    NEOHOOK 7 in 1 Professional Camera Cleaning KitRs 599
    Rs 380
    Buy Now

    Sensor Gel Stick

    A professional cleaning option for your camera’s CCD, CMOS, filter lens, and other delicate equipment is the gel sensor stick. Few manufacturers often employ it in their service departments or for personal use. You simply press and pull the stick repeatedly to remove all of the dust from the sensor; it has a piece of adhesive gel on one end. When the gel becomes sufficiently soiled, you can remove the dirt with an adhesive paper piece and continue working.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Jelly Cleaner Stick Bar with Sticker PaperRs 4599
    Rs 3188
    Buy Now
    King Shine Pack of 3 Gel PadRs 999
    Rs 349
    Buy Now

    Best Mobile Phones For Beginners Photography

    Mobile phones are some of the best tools that a beginner can use to start their journey into photography. Since everyone has a mobile these days as it is more accessible and affordable than a camera setup, it would only make sense to start your first steps from a mobile. Let us take a look into the best mobile phones for beginners photography.

    ProductsOffer PriceLink
    Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraRs 161998
    Rs 121999
    Buy Now
    Apple iPhone 13 ProRs 119900
    Rs 110900
    Buy Now
    Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaxRs 139900
    Rs 130900
    Buy Now
    Vivo X80 Pro 5GRs 86999
    Rs 79999
    Buy Now
    QOO 9 Pro 5GRs 79990
    Rs 69990
    Buy Now
    OnePlus 10 Pro 5GRs 82999
    Rs 71999
    Buy Now
    Realme GT 2 ProRs 57999
    Rs 49998
    Buy Now
    Xiaomi 12 ProRs 79999
    Rs 62999
    Buy Now

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features one of the best cameras in the smartphone industry with a Tri-rear camera setup of 50.0 MP + 10.0 MP + 12.0 MP. It has digital zoom up to 30x to take close up photos of near to perfect quality. If you are on the market looking to buy one of the best cameras for a smartphone, you should definitely check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.

    iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

    The iPhone 13s camera is one that rivals that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra. Featuring a dual rear camera setup, the quality of the photos are impeccable. You can expect photos that rival those of DLSRs.

    Vivo X80 Pro

    The Flagship phone from Vivo, The camera setup of the Vivo X80 Pro is to not be underestimated by any means. Featuring ZEISS professional imaging, the camera delivers vivid brilliance to every single photo you capture.

    iQOO 9 Pro

    A relatively new phone, The iQOO 9 Pro features a tri camera setup with 50MP main camera + 50MP 150 degree Fisheye wide Angle camera and a 16MP Portrait/Tele camera. Expect some of the most revolutionary photos you would have seen from a smartphone from this one.

    OnePlus 10 Pro

    Featuring a second generation Hasselbad camera, It features a tri camera setup with a 48MP main camera, 8MP telephoto camera and a 50MP 150 degree Ultra wide angle camera. Expect enhanced noise reduction and higher dynamic range, capturing images from your imagination.

    Realme GT 2 Pro

    People looking for a great camera in a budget phone must definitely choose this one. With a dual camera setup featuring a  50MP main camera + 50MP 150 degree Fisheye wide Angle camera, this offers one of the best cameras in the segment.

    Xiaomi 12 Pro

    The flagshop from Xiaomi this phone offers a tri rear camera setup that offers a 50MP main camera, a 50MP wide angle camera and a 50MP telephoto camera as well.

    Stock Image Sites

    Stock photos can be used as references or as editing tools, among other things. There are various stock image websites that can give you pictures of many kinds of locations, as you shall discover. Whether it’s an elderly woman enjoying golf or a dentist approving. There are several websites that offer you access to stock photos.

    Best Photo Editing Software For Beginners

    Photo editing softwares are a must to enhance the quality and looks of your photos. While they are usually used by experts or people who have a deep interest in the field, there is no harm for beginners to try it as well. There are some softwares which are incredibly beginner friendly as well. Let us look into some of the best photo editing softwares for beginners.


    GIMP is a cross-platform image editor that may be used on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and more. Because it is open-source software, you are free to modify it and share your modifications. Whether you’re a scientist, photographer, illustrator, or graphic designer, GIMP gives you the advanced tools you need to do the job. With GIMP, you may increase productivity even further because there are so many customization possibilities and third-party plugins available.

    For Windows-based computers, Paint.NET is a programme for manipulating images and photographs. With support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a variety of practical and potent tools, it has a novel user interface that is both straightforward and user-friendly. A vibrant and expanding online community offers helpful support, guides, and plugins. It has developed into a capable yet user-friendly image and photo editor. One could say that it is in the same league as digital photo editing programmes including Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Photo Editor, and The GIMP.

    Visit now

    Photos app for macOS

    Your best images are shown in an immersive, dynamic interface with Photos on Mac. With effective search options, you can find the pictures you’re looking for. Create albums for your collection or use smart albums to automatically keep your images organised. Utilise your preferred picture editing programmes or the user-friendly built-in tools to enhance your photographs and videos. Additionally, you can keep all of your photographs and videos in iCloud up to date and accessible on your Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and even PC using iCloud Photos.

    Photos app for windows 10

    You can do more with your photographs and videos thanks to the Photos experience. View, edit, compare, construct albums, and create movies with ease of your priceless memories. Using the multi-view mode, you may compare images and movies within the same app window. Selecting numerous objects from the filmstrip interface activates this. You can work with edit, markup, favourites, metadata, and have rapid access to outside photo editors in the toolbar. With just one click in the programme, you can quickly and effortlessly hide the toolbars so that you can enjoy your images without being distracted. The Photos experience in Windows 11 is simple to use, attractive, and seamlessly integrated into viewing and editing photos.

    Visit now

    PhotoScape X

    With capabilities including a Photo Viewer, Editor, Cut Out, Batch, Collage, Combine, Create GIF, Colour Picker, Screen Capture, RAW photos, and more, PhotoScape X is an all-in-one photo editing programme. Applying the film effect will give you your unique analogue feelings. For instance, you may use the light leak effect to transform a plain and uninteresting photo into a stunning one.

    Visit now

    Tips To Pay Attention To

    There are a lot of points that one should take into consideration before purchasing any equipment related to photography. First and foremost, cost is extremely important. If you are running low on budget, you should definitely consider getting a second hand product that is still in very good condition. You can get these from trusted sites on the internet. When using a free editing software, always look out for the features it offers amongst other things. Bundles may seem like an attractive offer, but usually in photography it is better to buy products separately, because at the end of the day the items that you use should be tailor made for you and should suit your requirements. For example, if you buy a night lens just because it came in a bundle and you never shoot at night, it is a waste of money. Therefore it is good to be selective about products and software at times.


    Stories are told through cameras. The influence of a strong plot is similar to how a good picture may change how the viewer feels. Don’t just grab your camera and snap a photo, then. Your photos will seem stunning if you pay attention to the details in the same way that you would to a work of art. We hope this article has answered all the questions you had about photography. We have covered all topics from the basics of photography, the best phones you can get for mobile photography, and the best photo editing software you can use for this. We hope to be of the best help to you as you start this new journey. This is everything about photography for beginners.


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