CashbackOziva Prime Membership 2022 | Benefits, Terms, Offers & More Details

    Oziva Prime Membership 2022 | Benefits, Terms, Offers & More Details

    When someone is concerned about his or her health, they will do everything it takes, no matter how expensive the remedy is. Because health comes first, followed by everything else. Oziva is also concerned about your health and prosperity. Whether you’re looking for online fitness items, skin nutrition, hair nutrition, kid’s nutrition, vitamins, minerals, or anything else, Oziva has it all. The store keeps upgraded and popular products on hand, all of which have been enhanced with innovative features. Find out all about the Oziva Prime membership in this blog.

    What Is Oziva Prime Membership?

    In the Oziva Prime membership, we get personalized consultations with diet plans, higher discounts than ordinary members and up to 15% cashback on all of the products directly into the Oziva cash wallet for the price of just Rs. 49. So if you are a health conscious person and wanna make your routine perfect and full of freshness you must need a consultation from some expert that you can get here.

    Benefits Of Oziva Prime

    There are a lot of benefits for getting the Oziva prime like you can get more discounts than normal members and your order replacement and order booking speed will be gradually more than normal users.

    • Personal Health Consultant.
    • Great and Specialised Diet Plans.
    • More discounts than other general members.
    • Free Shipping on all the orders.
    • Huge amount of Cashback upto 20%.

    How To Get Oziva Prime?

    To get the prime membership you have to visit their official website and go to the prime page, now click on add to cart option and then select your preferred payment option and complete the payment. Your membership will be added within a few minutes or seconds.

    • Prime Membership for 6 months: – An exceptional limited-time bargain is available where you can get a 6-month Prime subscription for just Rs. 49!
    • Get a free month of Prime membership and an extra 350 OZiva Cash Points!

    OZiva Cash Benefits

    Using the Oziva cash you can get up to Rs. 150 discount on all of the purchases that you will make. And 1 Oziva cash is strictly equal to Rs. 1. You can Use this amount received as cashback on all of your next payments for any order.

    How To Earn?

    You can earn up to 200 OZiva Cash on your first login. Use special cashback offers on your cart while placing your order for more better deals in future.

    How To Redeem?

    • Log in using your Mobile Phone number. 
    • Apply your OZiva Cash from the cart while placing your order.
    • Complete your purchase.

    Where Can I View My OZiva Cash Wallet Balance?

    On the OZiva Cash & Deals page, in the cart while placing an order, or on your account page, log in to see your OZiva Cash Wallet balance. Note that unused OZiva cash will expire after 6 months.

    Terms & Conditions

    From the time the order is placed, delivery normally takes 5-7 business days. The anticipated shipping and delivery deadlines will be accessible on the order details page when the order is placed. Because the estimated delivery times are estimates, there may be some unforeseeable delays beyond our control. Numerous shipments may be sent out for orders containing multiple products.


    Ans: OZiva Cash allows you to receive exclusive, additional discounts on your OZiva purchases. These reductions are based on the amount of OZiva Cash in your wallet and can be used in the basket when completing an order.

    Ans: No! OZiva Cash does not charge a membership fee.

    Ans: You can earn OZiva Cash by doing things like using cashback discounts on your OZiva order or setting up your account with your phone number, among other things.


    The Oziva Prime membership has a lot of benefits that you can avail of especially if you are someone who is conscious about your health and fitness. Hope this blog has helped you determine if this membership will be of use for you.



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