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    Nostra Pro Referral Code 2022 – Steps To Redeem Rewards, Terms & Condition, And More

    Nostra Pro is another fantasy app with a slightly different business plan than the others. To join any league in this app, you do not need to select players from the team or form a team. You must forecast several questions and answers for a match in the Nostra pro app. If your luck is on your side, an accurate forecast will earn you positive points, while a bad prediction will earn you negative points. Simply use your cricket knowledge to earn prizes by correctly predicting the outcome of the match.  Earn Rs. 25 in Paytm Cash for Free, with Instant Withdrawal. Sign up with Nostra Pro Referral Code and receive an Rs.100 cash bonus in your wallet to play and predict the game. To gain an additional bonus in your account, refer a friend to the nostra pro app. To learn more about this fantasy predictor tool, continue reading.

    Nostra Pro Apk Signup And Get Up To Rs. 100

    Provided below are the steps to Signup and and claim Rs. 100 Signup bonus. Read the below steps and make your Nostra pro account ready easily without much effort. Refer to your Friend and earn a huge bonus.

    • First and foremost, get the Nostra Pro Apk App.
    • Now open the app and sign in using your Google or Facebook account.
    • Make a password and enter your phone number and email address.
    • Please confirm your mobile phone number.
    • Enter the Nostra Pro App Referral Code and create a username.
    • Please select your favorite language.
    • You’re ready to play, guess, and win with the Nostra pro fantasy app.
    • To get 50 Rs more, go to your account and sync your contacts.
    • After syncing your contacts, you’ll notice that 50rs has been added to your wallet.

    Nostra Refer And Earn Program

    You may wonder how Nostra’s refer-and-earn program works. Don’t worry, you are in right place. Below you will find step-by-step explanations for the Nostra Pro refer-and-earn program.

    • Open the Nostra pro application.
    • Go to your profile and click on Earn money by referring a friend.
    • Copy and share your Nostra Pro Referral code with a friend.
    • When a friend joins using your referral code, they will receive Rs. 100 in their wallet.
    • You’ll get 20 rupees and a third of the entry cost if you refer someone.

    Terms and Conditions for Refer and Earn

    Nostra Pro is offering Rs 100 to new users when they enroll in their app. They also offer Rs 20 to users who refer their friends to the Nostra Pro application. Read more about the terms & conditions for referring and earning programs below.

    • Get Rs. 20 as well as a 30% referral fee.
    • For the first 20 referrals, you will receive Rs. 20 for every legitimate referral!
    • When your suggested friend enters the first three paid contests, you will receive a 30% discount on your entrance fee. (Maximum of 100 points per legitimate referral)
    • The offer is open to all users; however, rewards are only available for genuine, non-duplicate referrals. A valid recommendation will not include multiple logins from the same device.

    Play Nostro Pro Games And Win Cash

    You can earn extra money in IPL this year by predicting with the Fantasy App. Don’t miss these amazing chances to win cash while playing games on Nostra pro. Also, users can take advantage of Nostra Pro Referral Code for an extra cash bonus.

    • On the home screen of Nostra Pro Game, you may view a variety of sports.
    • Select the game you want to play (Like Cricket, Tennis, football, etc).
    • Let’s use cricket as an example. Now you can see all of the current cricket games.
    • Choose a Match that you’re convinced you to know a lot about.
    • To Begin Participation To participate in the contest, go to the Join Contest and select a game based on the entrance price and the prize amount.
    • When you enter the contest, you will be presented with a set of questions.
    • Wait for the contest to end after giving your answers/predictions.
    • If your predictions are correct, you will receive a winning amount in your wallet, which you can withdraw or use to play again.

    Steps To Redeem Paytm Cash In Nostro Pro

    We hope you were able to correctly predict some great games and win Paytm cash. Now we’ll show you how to redeem your earnings in Paytm cash and enjoy real money.

    • To redeem, go to Profile in the app, then wallet, where you’ll find the number of your winnings and a Withdraw Button in front of it. Hit it, then on the following screen, input your Paytm number and click the Withdraw Amount Button.
    • Bingo! You will receive your Paytm cash within 24 hours of submitting your withdrawal request if you have successfully redeemed your winning amount.


    So, we believe you’re all aware of the Nostra Pro Referral Code 2022 deal now. How to Play Nostra Pro Games After Downloading the Nostra Pro App If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below so that we can assist you by offering another article. Also, keep an eye on our blogs for more information.


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