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    My 11 Circle Team Selection | Tips On How To Select The Best Team, Team Prediction, & More


    My11CircleMy 11 Circle Team Selection | Tips On How To Select The...

    My 11 Circle Team Selection | Tips On How To Select The Best Team, Team Prediction, & More

    My 11 Circle is one of the leading fantasy platforms and it is one of the safest and secure fantasy cricket applications. You can play different contests on this platform and win exciting prizes which are directly transferred to your bank account. My 11 Circle also provides an option to its users where they can play contests without any cash.

    Other contests are also available in My 11 Circle, like practice contests, private contests etc., which you can play with your friends and relatives. Users can also play other fantasy games like football, kabaddi and many more. Users can make a team as per their requirements and win cash by formulating strategies as per their capabilities. Check this blog to get details about My 11 Circle Team Selection.

    How Do You Make The Team In My 11 Circle? 

    In My 11 Circle, we can play in different leagues such as the Football league and Cricket League. People can make the team in My 11 Circle, choose players from both sides and earn rewards based on performance.

    Following are the steps My 11 Circle Team selection:

    • Download the My 11 Circle app and register via Google ID or Facebook ID. 
    • Select a Match from the upcoming Tournaments. There are several matches in My team’s 11 circle.
    • Select a player from both sides, and you can choose only seven players from 1 team, either kabaddi, cricket, or football match. Users have to cover 100 points to make their individual team from both sides.

    There are many contests on My 11 Circle. Choose anyone like private contests, practice, cash, etc.

    Practice Contests: In practice contests, users who are new and don’t know anything about leagues can choose this plan. Users can play practice contests an unlimited number of times.

    Cash Contests: If you are an old user and know everything about the contests, then go and select the league you want to earn cash in.

    Private Contests: Suppose you have My 11 Circle but do not partake in Cash Contests. Then the user can play private contests with their families and friends.

    • Have a solid soul of winning. This permits you to be
    • When the match starts, your contest also begins, and you can be evaluated based on the player’s performance.

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    “We all make choices but in the end our choices make us”

    Tips To Choose The Best Team For My 11 Circle Match Today

    In My 11 Circle, choosing a good team is a critical task. But you have to work hard to select a good team and make a profit in these fantasy leagues. Following are the steps to choose a great team in My 11 Circle. We hope these steps will make you understand the details of My 11 Circle Team Selection.

    Check the player’s recent form 

    Recent form is one of the leading factors to choosing the right person in the team. If the team member has a good average and strike rates, then most probably the entire team has gained good confidence and done exceptionally well in their matches.

    An all-rounder team  

    Choosing all-rounder players in the group is a great way to compete with the opponent’s team. Sometimes in a collapse, you have a deep batting order to fight at the challenging situation and even the captain has many bowling options during tricky situations. Therefore choosing all-rounder players gives an extra temperament to the whole team.

    Choose the best player as Captain and Vice-Captain 

    Choosing the right captain and vice-captain is another challenging phase because the captain and vice-captain decide the whole match situation. Captain gives 2x points based on their performance, and the vice-captain gives 1.5x  points. So the best players should be chosen whether they are bowlers or batsmen because by choosing the best players you are one step closer to winning. 

    How Do I Select A Team In My 11 Circle? 

    Selecting a good team will play a big role and bring you closer to the reward. You can choose a team as per your own choice in the My 11 Circle app. Following are the steps that will help you in My 11 Circle Team Selection.

    • First of all, create a team of 11 players including batsmen, wicketkeepers, bowlers, all-rounders, etc.
    • Cover all 100 points while making the team.
    • You have to choose a single wicketkeeper. 
    • Users have to select all skill players like (bowlers, batsmen, wicketkeepers, etc.)
    • After selecting a team of 11, you have to choose captain and Vice-Captain.
    • Choose the best player as captain and vice-captain in your team as captain comes with a 2x score and vice-captain comes with a 1.5 x score according to his performance increasing your chance of scoring more.
    • Each player gets 2 points for being a part of the team.
    • No points are allocated to players during super over.

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    How Do You Make A Good Team For My 11 Circle? 

    It would be wise to select the best players from each team, and the players you know are famous are likely to score more points. You should always make sure that you have made the perfect team with the best information available on all players and expert opinions. 

    How To Check My 11 Circle Team Prediction And Other Related Points 

    Listen to the live match predictions carefully which arrives a few hours before the match starts. The live prediction has many experts, that tell the audience which player is fit for today’s match. They also play many fantasy leagues during games. They share all tips and tricks with the users. One of the biggest reasons to see the match prediction live is that at the time of toss, both the captains reveal their teams. If you choose the wrong player or a player who is not playing, you can change the player at that respective time.

    How to Calculate Points on My 11 Circle Platform

    • Captain gives 2x points 
    • Vice-Captain gives 1.5x points
    • No points are allocated to a player during Super Over.

    Bonus Points awarded on

    Boundary: If the player hits a boundary like a six or a four, then points are awarded on the basis of the boundary. Points are only awarded when your team players smash the boundaries.

    Half-Century: Points are allocated when your team player smashes half-century.

    Century: Points are allocated when your team player smashes centuries.

    Strike Rate: If the player bats with a good strike rate then the extra point is rewarded in the favour of batsmen.

    Economy Rate: If the player bowls with a good economy rate then the extra point is rewarded in the favour of Bowlers. If a player smashes half-century and then completes a century. Points are allocated for a century only.

    • DID YOU KNOW: Fantasy sports are considered as skilled games, testing knowledge and anyone can participate in their favorite games.

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    Points are deducted when

    • A player’s strike rate is below 74.99 in ODI and 99.99 in T20 then extra points can be deducted.
    • No points are deducted when your bowlers are out at duck.
    • If a player’s economy rate is above 9.0 in ODI and 7.5 in T20 then extra points can be deducted.


    Hopefully, you got a clear overview of My 11 Circle Team Selection from the steps mentioned above. With the above steps, you can make your team and win exciting prizes in the fantasy leagues. My 11 Circle also gives an option to the customers that they can play other games like kabaddi, football, etc. Download the app now and start playing.


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