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    MakeMyTrip Refer And Earn Program | Ways To Earn More While Making Travel Bookings

    January 9, 2024
    makemytrip refer & earn

    MakeMyTrip helps people travel and reach their desired locations by booking tickets and stays. The company then thought to offer its customers the ability to share their love for traveling by letting users refer the MakeMyTrip app to their friends and loved ones and earn cash rewards in return. To know how you can refer and earn cash through MakeMyTrip Refer And Earn Program, look no further as we can help you in that department. 

    MakeMyTrip Refer And Earn

    Sharing has become much easier in current times, especially when it involves rewards for sharing something with a loved one, a true win-win situation. To refer and earn, follow these simple steps and soon your friend will be making memories by the beach and you will have the money credited to your account for being a caring friend. 

    After your friend downloads the app you will earn Rs 200 as MyCash and your friend will receive coupons with ‘New User Offers’. Your friend will have to normally go through the process of booking tickets, hotels, holiday packages, etc. Once your friend has completed his first trip made through the MakeMyTrip app you will further receive Rs 200 in cash. 

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    Steps To Refer And Earn

    To share the joy of traveling with your friend who is oblivious about MakeMyTrip, follow the steps mentioned and your friend will be on his way to book his first trip and you can sit back and watch your friend make experiences as you reap rewards. For more information on MakeMyTrip Refer And Earn Program, read this entire blog. These are the details about make my trip referral code.

    • Download the MakeMyTrip app from the app store and sign up or log in. 
    • Once you have completed that first step, click on the 3 horizontal bars on the top left corner of the screen. 
    • Scroll down and go to the ‘REFER & EARN’ option and click on it. 
    • You can choose to refer through WhatsApp which will directly take you to the WhatsApp application and you can forward the invite link to your contacts. 
    • You can also copy the link and paste it on a messaging platform that you are using or simply click on the share icon and choose which app you want to be redirected to with the link and you can share it there. 

    MakeMyTrip Referral Program Terms and Conditions

    To successfully complete the refer and earn process, one must simply follow the provided regulations to keep in mind while performing the steps to acquire the offer. The terms and conditions are merely guidelines that one must follow so that the offer does not become invalid. To acquire the benefits keep the following points in mind.

    • Sign-up is applicable on Android and iOS apps only, transactions are considered across platforms.
    • Users can refer up to a maximum of 10 friends.
    • There is a 90-day expiry on MyCash earnings.
    • It is applicable for new device downloads only.
    • On sign up, the individual who got the invite link gets MyCash which can be used over and above the existing offer in the first booking itself.
    • Referral MyCash will be credited only after the individual has made full payment and has completed his travel successfully. If they cancel the booking before the travel date, no referral will be earned.

    With the ability to spread smiles, start inviting your friends now and earn up to Rs 2000 in cash. Travelling has never been easy and rewarding before.  Hope you got the specifics on MakeMyTrip Refer and Earn program.



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