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Liquor Home Delivery


LiquorLiquor Home Delivery

Liquor Home Delivery

Many states in India have started a liquor home delivery service in the third phase of lockdown. This decision taken by the Indian government comes because of the violation of social distancing protocols. However, the decision to open up liquor shops happened in an attempt to resume economic activity. But people failed to maintain the protocols. Further, seeing the situation the supreme court on may 8 2020 announced the sale of liquor can take place indirectly like online registration. Consequently, few states like West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha began online sales of liquor. Many states have launched an e-token system.

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Home Delivery Near Me

There seems to be a lot of petition around to normalize home delivery services of liquor during the coronavirus outbreak. Also, there happens to be excise duty applied in the form of “Corona fees” and the fees applicable occurs to be 70%. Seven to eight states in India are likely to provide home delivery services in the coming days. Subsequently, you can check with the help of a search engine for the availability of the liquor in your state. Just type in “Liquor home delivery near me” to get the information about the services. Most Importantly, keep an eye on the latest news to get the relatable information.

Liquor Home Delivery Bangalore

Recently the liquor shops reopened after 40 days of lockdown. Consequently, the queues began to grow longer creating a huge mess. Thus, the supreme court of India allowed zero contact home delivery services. However, this service remains limited to a few cities for the time being and the decision to expand the services to all the cities is still under consideration. So, the home delivery services starting in Bangalore remains ambiguous. However, 17% excise tax befall on the liquor sale in Bangalore. The sale of liquor in bar and clubs have been permitted for the takeaway only.

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The West Bengal State Beverages Corporation (WBSBCL) has established up an online portal for booking and home delivery of liquor. This decision comes after all the chaos around the liquor shops after reopening. Hence the State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) established a website to sell liquor online for customers after the provision all the necessary details to identify as a citizen. That is to say, to fill in all the details on the website to proceed further. The delivery service betides to expand to other website continuing the demand of liquor in Kolkata. However, the delivery of Liquor remains ambivalent in other states midst the pandemic.

Steps for Home Delivery:

  • Log on to online portal provided the Kolkata government. Click here to access the liquor home delivery service.
  • Read the instructions and click on ‘Sign Up for Registering as Buyer’
  • Provide your mobile number and verify with the OTP sent to your number
  • Fill in your first name/middle name/last name
  • Age should be more than 21
  • Type in the complete postal address
  • Choose the Nearest Land Mark
  • Enter the Pin Code
  • Type in the Email ID (Optional)
  • Fill up the Alternate Mobile Number (Optional)
  • Next, you will be redirected to fill in the district name, police station.
  • Submit your application after every information gets filled.
  • Now, you proceed as a registered buyer and opt to get liquor delivered to your doorstep.


The Government of Delhi maintains steady progress in the development of a webpage to provide the home delivery of alcohol in Delhi. Similarly, the app services for home delivery of liquor in Delhi is for time being going through several technological changes. However, the Supreme occurs to be taking into account the home delivery of liquor from local bars, clubs, and liquor shops through various food delivery platforms. Statically, Delhi has over 864 liquor shops and only 172 of them have been allowed to open so far. Furthermore, the excise tax levied on liquor purchase in Delhi is at a high of 70%.


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