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    Lenskart Shop Offers With Latest Deals To Claim In 2024 | Also Find Gold Membership Offers & Details

    January 9, 2024
    Lenskart Shop Offers

    Lenskart is one of the most in-demand eyewear that individuals have been flocking to. The company has its stores in every city of India. The company offers basic eyeglasses, sunglasses, and computer glasses for people from all walks of life. In this blog, you will find different Lenskart shop offers that will help make your purchase an enjoyable experience.

    Lenskart Shop Offers Details

    Lenskart has a vast number of options to select frames, lenses, and contact lenses from. The company caters to bring fashionable eye-wear to people young and old. They also provide home eye check-ups. At Lenskart the shop offers help to provide one with more incentives to complete a purchase and go home with a product they will love, for example, the Lenskart buy one get one and combo offers will make any individual want to go home with a Lenskart product in hand. Read further to find other Lenskart offers.

    Lenskart Shop Near Me

    It is a fairly easy process to find a Lenskart shop near you. Lenskart pays due diligence when catering to customers and hence have an integrated store locator within the app and website. This cancels out the necessity to use google to find a Lenskart store near you. You will find the store locator option easily available on the top of the website where you can choose your state and city and all the stores near your location will be visible.

    Lenskart Store Offers

    Lenskart is a company that aims to provide its users with the best shopping experience available. You can find a plethora of deals that vary from sunglasses to computer glasses in the store. You can find the right fit of glasses that match both occasions and provide utility on the website. Shop from nearly 5000+ designs and see if they suit your facial structure from the comfort of your home with the 3D try-on option. Read further to find some of the offers that are available for you to cash in on now. 

    Lenskart Offers Buy One Get One

    Two is always better than and Lenskart seems to make this a reality with its buy one get one offer. You will find that you can buy two pairs of glasses for the price of one with the offer that is available. You can find this option only if you are a gold member. To know all about the Gold membership, read further.

    • DID YOU KNOW: Lenskart at first, sold contact lenses only, but after it began to gain traction, it expanded its portfolio with the addition of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

    Lenskart Shop 999 Offer

    Shop for Lenskart eyeglass starting from just Rs 999. These frames are stylish,  luxurious and can be worn to any occasion. You can have classic sunglasses and also purchase sunglasses with power or clip-on sunglass lenses. All of which start at Rs 999. 

    Lenskart Sunglasses Super Sale

    With summer approaching, glares and blaring lights from the sun make it hard to see. Shop on Lenskart for sunglasses from recognized brands such as Calvin Klein and Fossil to beat the heat while looking stylish. Find a range of sunglasses offered at discounted prices on the website or visit the store for Lenskart Shop Offers.

    Lenskart Valentines Day Offer

    The Lenskart better together sale brings you offers to share with your soul mate. Show your romantic side by seeing the world in all its beauty and splendor from quality lenses offered by Lenskart. Get a cashback and discount offer shopping from the Lenskart Valentines Day Sale. 

    • Buy 1 get 1 free with Gold Membership + 14% Off + 14% cashback.

    Lenskart New User Offer

    Lenskart First Frame FREE for all new users provides individuals with a never-before-seen offer. Now you can purchase a frame for free on your first purchase if you are a new user. Find the offer on the Lenskart website and app and get your first purchase from the eyewear giant for absolutely free. Find the details of these Lenskart Shop deals mentioned below.

    • Sign up today at Lenskart and get your Lenskart First Frame FREE voucher code through the Lenskart new user offer.
    • The offer is valid only for new users. Shop from a collection of 80+ Eyeglasses & 1000+ frames.

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    Lenskart Glass Prices

    Lenskart provides the user with variety on a large scale. You will find various designs that offer idealistic results for the inner personalities that are waiting to be flaunted. Below is a list of the prices for some of the different categories of glasses available on Lenskart. To find more designs to suit your desired occasion visit the Lenskart store now.

    Blue Lens Glasses Starting at Rs 1199

    • Lenskart Blue glasses at Rs.1199
    • Vincent Chase computer glasses for Rs.1500
    • John Jacobs computer glasses for Rs.2500

    Eye-catching Sunglasses

    • Products are available for men, women & kids.
    • Only Lenskart Gold Members can get the first frame for free.
    • Lenskart coupons are not required to avail of the offer.

    Lenskart Combo Offers

    The Lenskart Fastrack Combo Offer consists of significant and daily-use accessories for fashion-conscious individuals. It has blue-cut anti-glare sunglasses which protect the eyes against harmful rays from the sun. The offer caters to all the needs of college-going students. Made up of quality leather, the brown wallet which is a part of the offer looks very elegant. Although this offer is currently unavailable we are hoping to see it back in the store very soon.

    Lenskart Gold Membership

    Lenskart Gold Membership lets users cash in on various privileges that are catered to gold members only. By subscribing to the Lenskart Gold Membership one can avail of curated offers that greatly benefit the users with their purchase when they shop from Lenskart. Read further to know about the Lenskart gold membership benefits and also the terms and conditions.

    Lenskart Gold Membership Terms and Conditions

    With the Lenskart buy one get one offer, as much as a wonderful offer it is, there are likely some rules and regulations that need to be followed when purchasing your favorite pair of glasses. Below you will find detailed information regarding gold membership on Lenskart. You will find all the necessary details to make your purchase without any hesitation when shopping from the Lenskart store. Take advantage of Lenskart Shop Offers and deals.

    Lenskart Buy 1 Get 1 Free Term and Conditions:

    • When shopping in the store you will automatically be shown which glasses fall under the Lenskart one plus one offer and are available for purchase.
    • If you are purchasing it from a store nearby, the employee present will provide you with relevant information to follow through.

    Free Gold Membership

    • The 3 Months Gold Membership can be used by anyone.
    • The 1 Year Gold Membership is free for existing Gold Members.
    • The 2 Years Gold Membership is free for everyone when purchasing John Jacobs & New Balance.
    • Anyone can purchase Vincent Chase sunglasses with the 2 Years Gold Membership.
    • Rs 59 will be applied as a convenience fee for just the membership.
    • There will be no convenience fee charged if Eyeglasses or Sunglasses are being purchased along with Membership.
    • Membership duration will be extended if the existing Gold Member avails of this offer. 

    Free Upgrade To 2 Years Gold Membership

    • 2 Years Gold Membership can be availed at the price of 1 Year, which is Rs.600 for Non-Gold Members, with the purchase of Vincent Chase & Lenskart Air.
    • 2 Years Gold Membership can be availed at the price of 1 Year for Rs.300 for Kids Prescription Glasses for Non-Gold Members.

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    Extra 50% Off 

    • Valid for Vincent Chase and Lenskart Air on online stores.
    • Discounts only via voucher.
    • If 1 product is from the Sale range and the other is a Buy 1 Get 1 eligible product, the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer will apply with the Gold Membership.
    • A voucher will need to be applied if both products are from the Sale range.
    • Only one offer can be applied at a time.

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free With Gold Membership

    • Valid on Vincent Chase, Lenskart Air, Vincent Chase Kids, Lenskart Junior, Hooper, John Jacobs, and New Balance.
    • After adding any 2 products to the cart, the cheaper product out of the two will be free.
    • 2 orders in a month and 12 orders in a year are permitted for the Buy 1 Get 1 free offer per mobile number.
    • Both products need to be added to the cart to avail of the Buy 1 Get 1 offer.
    • Buy 1 now product and claim the free product later is not possible.
    • Membership cannot be returned or refunded.

    Lenskart Gold Rush Offer

    The Gold Rush offer is a lucrative deal created to make users become a part of the Lenskart ecosystem. You will find various offers being provided with the Gold Rush sale that makes it too good to be true. the benefits that one can gain from are astronomical. Below you will find details on the different Gold Rush offers available.

    • Get 3 months of Free Gold Membership.
    • 50% off + Free Gold Membership on Classic eyewear.
    • Free 2 years Gold Membership + Buy 1 Get 1 Free with a Premium range of eyewear.

    Flipkart Lenskart Gold Membership Redeem

    To get the Flipkart offer where you can redeem Lenskart is a fairly easy process that can be done in just a few minutes. Use your Flipkart history to purchase a fabulous subscription on Lenskart that will greatly benefit your future purchases on eyewear. Below you will find the necessary criteria to be filled into avail of this offer.  Avail of Lenskart Shop Offers and coupons today only!

    • Your basic requirement would be to have Flipkart SuperCoins on your Flipkart account.
    • You will need a minimum of 25 SuperCoins to avail of this offer.
    • Cash in your Flipkart SuperCoins and get 3 months of Lenskart Gold Membership.
    • To earn SuperCoins, simply play games or purchase goods on the Flipkart app to earn them.


    If you are visually impaired or want to look trendy with the latest and stylish eyewear, accessorize yourself with Lenskart to stand out from the crowd. The alluring designs are sure to make you stand out in the crowd as well as offer benefits that you won’t find on your regular run-of-the-mill eyewear. Sunglasses, computer glasses, designer eyewear, and athleisure eyewear are just a few of the many options available on Lenskart. Make Lenskart your one-stop shop for all things related to eyewear be it practicality or a fashion statement.



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