1MgLab Test Packages | Check Out The Best Health Checkups That Are...

    Lab Test Packages | Check Out The Best Health Checkups That Are Available Right Now

    Initially, people used to visit the doctor only when they were sick, but today people have become more educated and aware of a healthy lifestyle and good health. However, unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle is a general term nowadays, and hence the chart of disease is rapidly growing. Because of this, these people seek medical advice to lower their risk, find potential health issues and recover from them before they become a problem. For this, doctors also suggest regular health check-ups to stay aware of their health. By getting regular health services with lab test packages and being aware of their health condition, anyone can live a healthier and longer life.

    Thyrocare Full Body Check-Up

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Rs. 2600
    Buy Now
    Rs. 2400
    Buy Now
    AAROGYAM BASIC 1Rs. 1399
    Rs. 799
    Buy Now
    AAROGYAM BASIC 2Rs. 1399
    Rs. 899
    Buy Now
    Rs. 1998
    Buy Now

    Thyrocare is India’s first automated laboratory, having a significant presence in more than 2000 cities globally. Thyrocare’s complete body check-up includes 75 tests and some basic tests for screening like Liver, Thyroid, Diabetic, Kidney, hemogram, and lipid. The check-up is for people five years and above. 

    This package includes the following number of tests:

    • 2 Diabetes
    • 10 Lipid 
    • 12 Liver
    • 5 Kidney
    • 1 Thyroid
    • 1 vitamin
    • 14 Routine urine analysis
    • 30 Complete hemogram

    For this, 10-12 hours of fasting is required, and water is allowed. For the samples, the agent will come and take the sample from your home, and this facility is with zero charges.

    Pharmeasy Blood Test Package

    Product NameOffer Pricebuying Link
    Comprehensive Full Body Checkup with Vitamin D & B12Rs. 2399
    Rs. 1549
    Buy Now
    Advanced Full Body CheckupRs. 1999
    Rs. 1049
    Buy Now
    Healthy 2022 Full Body CheckupRs. 1999
    Rs. 1049
    Buy Now
    Women’s Master Checkup with Cancer & Arthritis ScreeningRs. 2499
    Rs. 1999
    Buy Now
    Men’s Master Checkup with Cancer & Arthritis ScreeningRs. 2499
    Rs. 1999
    Buy Now

    The pharmacy blood test package includes 85 tests, and the panel of experts uses state-of-art diagnostics to analyze the error-free result. As a result, you can get the blood test done safely at home with zero charges. Results will be available within 24 hours.

    Pharmeasy’s  lab test package includes the following tests:

    • CBC
    • RBS
    • Average blood sugar
    • 5 Kidney function test
    • 8 Lipid profile
    • 11 Liver function test
    • 3 Thyroid profile
    • 24 Urine complete analysis
    • 3 Iron profile
    • HBA1c
    • Chloride
    • Sodium
    • Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
    • Calcium

    1mg Full Body Check-Up

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Comprehensive Gold Full Body CheckupRs. 4198
    Rs. 2099
    Buy Now
    Comprehensive Silver Full Body CheckupRs. 3398
    Rs. 1699
    Buy Now
    Women Wellness Advanced PackageRs. 2998
    Rs. 1499
    Buy Now
    Fitness PackageRs. 3500
    Rs. 2500
    Buy Now
    Allergy – Adult Comprehensive Panel, ImmunoCAPRs. 16499
    Rs. 10000
    Buy Now

    Tata 1mg is India’s largest healthcare platform with 260m+ visitors and 31m+ orders delivered, successfully established in 1800+ cities globally. Tata 1mg full body check-up has three comprehensive packages. 

    • Gold full-body check-up package
    • Platinum full-body check-up package
    • Silver full-body check-up package

    The Platinum lab test package provides a range of tests that check your Liver, Heart, Kidney, Thyroid, Digestive health, Immune system, Blood profile, Vitamins, Minerals, and urine. 

    The platinum full-body check-up lab test package consists of the following 91 tests:

    • Calcium
    • 11 Liver function test
    • Total IgE
    • 6 Kidney function test
    • Iron studies
    • Rheumatoid factor
    • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    • Peripheral smear examination
    • Rheumatoid factor
    • 12 Urine routine
    • 3 Thyroid profile
    • 2 Diabetes screening
    • 21 Complete blood count
    • 3 Urinary electrolytes 
    • C- reactive protein quantitative 
    • 3 Vitamin profile
    • 6 Advanced cardiac risk markers 

    Medibuddy Lab Test

    Product NameOffer priceBuying Link
    Medibuddy Smart Health CheckupRs. 999
    Rs. 299
    Buy Now
    Women’s Day Special Health Checkup PackageRs. 2999
    Rs. 1500
    Buy Now
    Comprehensive full body checkup with Vitamin D & B12Rs. 2999
    Rs. 1500
    Buy Now
    MediBuddy Young Male Health CheckupRs. 4949
    Rs. 2699
    Buy Now
    MediBuddy Elderly Male Health CheckupRs. 7799
    Rs. 4250
    Buy Now

    Medibuddy is an end-to-end digital healthcare platform with a vision to make high-quality healthcare accessible to billions of people. Medibuddy lab test package takes care of your diabetes, kidney, heart, liver, joint, cancer, allergy, infection, urine tests, blood tests, fever, anemia, and hepatitis.

    This package includes the following tests:

    • Vitamin B12
    • 25- Hydroxy Vitamin D
    • Thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH)
    • HBA1c
    • Glucose fasting
    • Lipid profile
    • Complete urine examination
    • Liver function test
    • Thyroid-stimulating hormone
    • Glucose post prandial
    • Complete blood count
    • Kidney function test
    • MRI of left knee joint
    • Haemogram
    • USG ultrasound abdomen
    • XRAY skyline view
    • Thread mill test
    • MRI lumbar spine
    • Pulmonary function test
    • Xray chest 
    • MRI Brain plain
    • Ultrasound whole abdomen
    • 2D Echo study
    • ECG
    • Ultrasound NT scan
    • Ultrasound abdomen pelvis
    • Xray chest PA view

    Netmeds Lab Test

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Netmeds SwasthyaRs. 3200
    Rs. 1100
    Buy Now
    Netmeds Shield PackRs. 3000
    Rs. 900
    Buy Now
    Netmeds Health PackRs. 1699
    Rs. 499
    Buy Now
    Netmeds HealthyRs. 3000
    Rs. 999
    Buy Now
    Netmeds Diabetic CheckupRs. 3450
    Rs. 899
    Buy Now

    Netmeds provide health and lab test packages from well-reputed and certified diagnostic labs across the country. Netmeds dispenses quality medicines at affordable prices to over 7 million satisfied consumers. 

    Following are the popular lab tests :

    • Complete Hemogram
    • Liver profile
    • Diabetes
    • Lipid profile
    • Thyroid profile
    • Iron deficiency
    • Testosterone
    • Kidney function test

    Netmeds has some top-selling packages tailored for you:

    • Netmeds Swasthya ( 59 tests included)
    • Netmeds shield pack ( 56 tests included)
    • Netmeds health pack ( 35 tests included)
    • Netmeds Diabetic check-up ( 49 tests included)
    • ECHO (Painless test that uses sound waves to create a moving picture of the heart)
    • ECG
    • PET Scan (To detect early onset disease )
    • Ultrasound whole abdomen (To study the development of an unborn baby)

    Netmeds facilitates home sample collection.


    Everyone should be aware of their health at any age, regardless of gender; hence, regular health check-ups are for everyone. 

    Generally, health check-ups should be performed at least once a year. It is readily available in lab test packages and other related options.

    Pre-heat check-up instructions:

    • 12-14 hours fasting.
    • No alcohol consumption 2-3 days before the health check-up.
    • Females should avoid check-ups during the menstruation period.
    • Notify the respective doctors about allergic reactions to drugs.

    Most tests are referred from hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. In addition, tests are performed in Diagnostic labs with specialized equipment types.

    It is always better to have boiled water before the lab test begins. I always prefer flowing water, not stagnant one. 


    We often take our health, be it physical or mental, for granted, which always turns out to be the worst phase of our life. So it’s high time to take charge of your health and start prioritizing it by adopting healthy habits and getting regular check-ups with the best resources like lab test packages, health kits, etc.

    This will help you to access various diseases you might be unaware of, and once you discover the illness, you can start medical treatments that will benefit your future life. Quality life with reasonable health investment is always a great decision. Use coupon codes that are available from Couponswala to get maximum discount offers on lab test packages.


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