blogGet All The Details On Ixigo Ticket Cancellation Policy, Refund, & More

    Get All The Details On Ixigo Ticket Cancellation Policy, Refund, & More

    Indian AI-based online travel platform Ixigo was established in 2007. With its headquarters in Gurgaon, Ixigo collects and compares real-time travel data, including costs and availability for hotels, buses, trains, and airplanes. It also offers ticketing through partner websites and mobile applications. Compared to other websites, ixigo is exclusive for its hassle-free cancellation policies and assured refunds. In this blog, we shall look at the Ixigo ticket cancellation policies in detail below. 

    Ixigo Cancellation Policy

    Canceling your tickets is very simple in ixigo. With a few steps, you can cancel your tickets. Also when purchasing your tickets on ixigo, be sure to select the “free cancellation” option. Request the cancellation of your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. Your refund will be started automatically. Within seven days, the money will be paid back to your account.

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    Ixigo Ticket Cancellation Charges

    With its promised rates, ixigo is giving free cancellation on all rail reservations. This will help travelers who are unclear about their trip plans in the future and want the freedom to change their arrangements if anything unexpected comes up. Other fees, such as the IRCTC convenience fee, the ixigo cost, payment gateway fees, and free cancellation fees, are not refundable. You may benefit from features like no cancellation fees, immediate refunds, no questions asked, premium customer service available around the clock, and no paperwork is necessary.

    Free Cancellation Charges In Ixigo

    Ixigo Assured does not apply in situations when the airline or the railways offers a full refund or grants a credit-free reschedule for the entire cost of the ticket because its goal is to compensate your financial loss in the event of a voluntary cancellation. If you decide to cancel your reservation, there is no maximum reimbursement per route. To take advantage of ixigo guaranteed, you must cancel your flight reservation at least 24 hours prior to the departure time. Know more about the Ixigo Ticket Cancellation now!

    • In the event of a canceled reservation, the booking convenience fee and the fees paid to use ixigo guaranteed are not refundable
    • It is applicable for departure dates that are 90 days or less from the date of booking

    Ixigo Reschedule

    A single change charge waiver will be made available. If a client changes a flight a second time, a change fee in accordance with customary conditions will be applied. Only reservations booked under the quoted rate are eligible for the Zero Change Fee Offer.

    Ixigo Ticket Refund

    Under the Free Cancellation policy, only the ticket fee will be returned. Non-refundable fees include the ixigo cost, the IRCTC convenience fee, payment gateway fees, and free cancellation fees. If the tariff or ticket status (AVL/WL/RAC) changes prior to the final payment, the “Free Cancellation” amount may also change. To receive a free cancellation, the reservation must be cancelled before the production of the chart. Calculating a refund depends on when a reservation was cancelled. For a complete refund, reservations must be cancelled at least 4 hours before the scheduled train departure or before the chart preparation, whichever comes first. Know more about the Ixigo Ticket Cancellation now!


    Travel post covid has become very uncertain. Ixigo helps in saving your wallets while booking tickets using this app. With their cancellation policies and refund, you can save your money and shed your worries about the cancellation. We hope this blog provided insights about Ixigo booking app and its cancellation policies. Use it to your best while claiming the benefits of ixigo money.    

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