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    Inside FPV Drone Company Shark Tank | Plug & Fly High

    January 9, 2024
    Inside FPV Drone Company

    Your dreams have no limits, and so does the Sky. Sky has no limit and you can actually fly. Inside FPV can make your dream come true. Everyone can fly with first point of view. Arth Chowdhary and their teammates have proved their innovative company called Inside FPV Drone company the first consumer-based company in India that provides Drones. With new international policies, and the banning of foreign-made drones in the country last year the sales of Inside FPV have increased exponentially. The policies leave a big market for Drones, and India has a huge opportunity in the market in the upcoming future. So, check Amazon Offers for more deals on drones.

    Founder, Business Idea, and Funding Details of Inside FPV

    Business NameInside FPV
    FoundersArth Chowdhary, Oshi Kumari & Deyvant Bhardwaj
    Business IdeaPlug & Fly First-Person View Drones
    Funding Details75 Lakhs for 15% Equity

    College is the birthplace of many start-ups, many businesses, and numerous ideas. Inside FPV started in the same way. Three people were enthusiastic about drones, flying, and piloting. Wanted to explore the world and market. Arth Chowdhary, Oshi Kumari & Deyvant Bhardwaj the founders of Inside FPV started with Rs.5000 and worked hard for 18 months kept on investing the revenue amount into the company and making this Indian Brand called Inside FPV Drone Company. The hard work eventually was made into success, Inside FPV got the funding and grant in Shark Tank. 

    Inside FPV Consumer Products | Plug & Fly

    Make in India, used in India. The Indian Drone company that is based in India is called Inside FPV. The Inside FPV consumer products are affordable and durable. They make Drones, frames, FPV Equipments, Motors, Electronics, Controller & Receiver, Propeller & Tools, Battery & Charger. Once you use the Inside FPV products you and the Indian people will change their respective about the Drone once and for all. The most interesting and important fact about Inside FPV is that you do not need a license to fly, it can be flown by anyone. The products manufactured by Inside FPV are approved by the Ministry of Science and technology. 

    Inside FPV Drones | Super Light Weight & For Beginners

    Inside FPV DronesOffer PriceBuying Link
    BIR – The Experience DroneRs. 5,436
    Rs. 3,289
    Buy Now
    QTWhoop – for BeginnersRs. 12,343
    Rs. 10,426
    Buy Now
    Citrya – for Films & MediaRs. 1,00,206
    Rs. 93,603
    Buy Now
    Vidyut – for Indoors & OutdoorsRs. 35,321
    Rs. 30,311
    Buy Now
    Dheer – for StabilityRs. 31,427
    Rs. 28,372
    Buy Now
    Advik – for 360° DynamicsRs. 29,979
    Rs. 26,294
    Buy Now

    The Drones are the one technology that is making an impact on many industries across the world now. Drones can be large as a helicopter and be small as the palm of your hand. Drones seem to be small but can do significant work from agricultural to military defense work. Drones have many advantages that are yet to be discovered. 

    • One Drone crash warranty.
    • Delivery within 7 – 15 days.
    • Accessible spares.
    • Experienced pilots to give complimentary consultation. 

    Inside FPV Frames | DIY Frame Kit

    Inside FPV FramesOffer PriceBuying Link
    Quad FramesRs. 3,500
    Rs. 2,511
    Buy Now
    Cinelifter FramesRs. 7,488
    Rs. 4,680
    Buy Now
    Cinewhoop FramesRs. 3,432
    Rs. 2,600
    Buy Now

    The drone frame is the same as the drone’s foundation. Frames serve as the framework that keeps the motors, propellers, and other equipment in place. It is like Fort for sensitive electronic items and other items. It keeps them safe and secure. There are different types of frames available for different needs at Inside FPV. 

    Inside FPV Equipments | Mini FPV Camera

    Inside FPV EquipmentsOffer PriceBuying Link
    FPV CameraRs. 3,232
    Rs. 2,692
    Buy Now
    Video TransmitterRs. 2,620
    Rs. 2,192
    Buy Now
    FPV AntennaRs. 2,246
    Rs. 1,352
    Buy Now
    FPV GogglesRs. 6,000
    Rs. 4,997
    Buy Now
    GPS & BuzzersRs. 3,120
    Rs. 1,870
    Buy Now

    FPV Equipment contains an FPV Camera, a Video Transmitter + Antenna, and a Video Receiver + Antenna connected to an FPV Monitor or FPV Goggles. FPV equipment now includes an HD video stream from the drone to the goggles or monitor, all due to the recent improvement in technology. 

    Inside FPV Motors | Brushless Motors For Drones

    Inside FPV MotorsOffer PriceBuying Link
    Micro MotorsRs. 1,878
    Rs. 1,404
    Buy Now
    Mini MotorsRs. 1,872
    Rs. 1,404
    Buy Now
    Long RangeRs. 2,496
    Rs. 1,676
    Buy Now

    The drone’s motor propellers and allows the drone to fly. In most cases, drones contain many motors one on each arm. These motors are brushless which is a superior kind of motor. Drone motors are more effective and durable compared to brushed motors. 

    Inside FPV Electronics | Brushless Flight Controller

    Inside FPV ElectronicsOffer PriceBuying Link
    Flight ControllersRs. 3,479
    Rs. 2,899
    Buy Now
    ESCRs. 4,744
    Rs. 2,999
    Buy Now
    StacksRs. 10,435
    Rs. 6,974
    Buy Now
    AIORs. 10,434
    Rs. 6,499
    Buy Now

    A drone uses a variety of sensors depending on the application. Sensors for position and movement provide data on the condition of the Drone. Laser, radar, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, barometer, and GPS receiver are examples of common electronics sensors that are used in Drone. 

    Inside FPV Controller & Receiver | BETAFPV ELRS

    Inside FPV Controller & ReceiverOffer PriceBuying Link
    Radio ModuleRs. 4,638
    Rs. 3,846
    Buy Now
    Radio ControllerRs. 4,160
    Rs. 3,244
    Buy Now
    Radio ReceiverRs. 3,500
    Rs. 2,216
    Buy Now

    A drone’s receiver is an electrical device that receives radio signals from the drone controller using built-in antennae. The receiver does more than merely take in signals from the drone controller. Receiver analyzes the signals and transforms them into pulses of alternating electricity.

    Inside FPV Propellor & Tools | Power Supply Adapter Cord

    Inside FPV Propellor & ToolsOffer PriceBuying Link
    PropellorRs. 285
    Rs. 237
    Buy Now
    ToolsRs. 599
    Rs. 414
    Buy Now
    LEDRs. 561
    Rs. 394
    Buy Now
    Cables and ConnectorsRs. 254
    Rs. 212
    Buy Now

    Drone and UAV propellers. Devices that convert rotary motion into linear propulsion are called propellers. By spinning and generating an airflow, drone propellers lift the drone by creating a differential in pressure between the top and bottom surfaces of the propeller.

    Inside FPV Battery & Charger | GENX Lithium Polymer Battery

    Inside FPV Battery & ChargerOffer PriceBuying Link
    LiPo BatteryRs. 2,600
    Rs. 1,768
    Buy Now
    Li-Ion BatteryRs. 5,999
    Rs. 4,458
    Buy Now
    ChargerRs. 988
    Rs. 832
    Buy Now

    The real energy needed by the motors for takeoff is provided by the drone battery system. There are three primary types of drone batteries: fuel cell, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, and lithium polymer. Inside FPV provides different types of batteries and chargers for drones. 

    Inside FPV Agriculture Drone | Krishi For The Kisans

    krishi 11
    Krishi 11

    Key Specifications:-

    • Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance 
    • 1.82- 3.3 Acres spraying capacity per flight
    • 2-3L/min nozzle spraying time 
    • Approximately 30 mins flight time of drone in ideal conditions 

    Price:- Rs. 7,10,000(Included Battery – Rs. 70,000)

    Shop Now

    Nowadays, people need to struggle and work in the sunny day in agriculture. Technology makes things easier and simple. You can simply buy an Inside FPV Agriculture Drone and do most of the agriculture work. Inside FPV agriculture Drone is an android system with powerful ground system with inbuilt battery with 6-20 hours of power longevity. It is light in weight, waterproof and has an HD camera. With the long range antenna you can operate with long distance. Without any experience you can easily take off and land the drones. 

    Where to Buy?

    Inside FPV company manufactures every part of Dorne in India. You can buy Drones, frames, FPV Equipments, Motors, Electronics, Controller & Receiver, Propeller & Tools, Battery & Charger. It is exclusively available only on Inside FPV Drone Company official website. You can build your own drone with the help of Inside FPV drone parts. The company produces premium quality products. Inside FPV products are low and at affordable prices. They are special offers in the official website of Inside FPV for Drone and its product. 

    Telecast Details on Shark Tank

    The founder and the Co- founder of Inside FPV pitched the Idea of the company to the judges in Shark Tank reality show. The Sharks were impressed and everyone loved the idea. However the member of the team asked for a huge amount for every small equity. A judge got irritated and explored emotions in the show. Arth Chowdhary, Oshi Kumari & Deyvant Bhardwaj cracked one of the good deals from the sharks. Everyone was on board with the decision except one. Also Arth gave some advice to the young entrepreneurs.

    Inside FPV Social Media Details

    If you like flying and have interest in Drones. Wanna experience some of the best flying experience in First person view Inside FPV drone Company is your answer. Inside FPV gives drones and drone parts for cheap and low prices. You can get a regular checkup on coupons, discounts on Inside FPV on social media platforms. Inside FPV Social Media Details are given below,


    Drone has a wider market in this generation. Drone is used in military, agriculture, film industry, disaster response, wildlife monitoring, healthcare, search and rescue, communication reply, and firefighting. Amazon has the most advanced drone technology in the world. Now with help of Shark Tank’s investment Inside FPV Drone Company has the potential to increase the production and add some new inventions. Small steps can lead you into success, so Inside FPV can take those small steps now. 



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