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    Indigo Diwali Offers | Save Upto 40% Off With 6E Treats | Festive Holiday Deals

    January 9, 2024
    indigo diwali offers

    Growing up in a middle-class household, travelling always meant a long train ride with an estimated 15-16 hours of travelling one way. That meant all the exhaustion, wasted time and it felt like nothing because if we had to go that far, we had to spend all those hours on the way. The concept of flights was alien to us. Planes were only boarded when someone was going outside the country and that was pretty rare in middle-class households. A lot has changed since then. So many different airline companies and such different prices from what it was while we were growing up. Indigo Diwali Offers are something I’m going to elaborate on.

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    Indigo Diwali flight offers

    During our childhood, we could bunk school and spend those hours travelling to our native places. But as we grew up, and started to travel for work, for college, and to reach our houses in different cities away from home, we realised that we couldn’t always spend all those hours on a train or bus, especially when we were alone.

    Indigo Domestic Flight Diwali Offers

    In a 3-day leave for Diwali, it is just insane to spend 23 hours on a two-way journey. Indigo Diwali Flight Offers has got you covered so you can take that 2-way flight ticket to and from home so you can be with your family during the festive season and also don’t have to spend your entire Diwali bonus on it. After all, we can buy houses and create families but home is always where the mom is, right? (No offence to dad, haha)

     Indigo International Flights Diwali Offers

    When we live in a different city but in the same country, that seems like a huge distance, until you move out of the country. And then you realise that home, now, is not just a few hours and a short train ride away. And we Indians take our family culture very seriously. Especially during the festivities. This is your sign to book a flight ticket home to see your family this Diwali with the help of the Indigo International Flights Diwali Offers because what better time to see everyone and share hugs than the auspicious Diwali days?

    Indigo Food and Beverages Diwali Offers

    While middle-class people can barely afford the two-way ticket to places, food is always an issue.  Our Desi selves reach the airport hours before the boarding time and after all the formalities to be performed, and up till the time to board the flight, we’re bound to be hungry. But the price of food at the airport can make a healthy man lose consciousness. If flights had food on them at cheaper costs, it’d be a dream come true, right? Well, the dream has come true. Indigo Diwali Offers come with really convenient Indigo food and beverages Diwali offers so your trip is happy and fulfilling.

    Indigo Trip Assurance Diwali Offers

    While we can agree that trips by flight are most convenient especially when we’re travelling to cities that take longer than 10-15 hours to reach by train or bus, it is equally true that train and bus tickets can be booked last minute and the cost may not vary so much. On the other hand, booking a flight ticket last minute is quite expensive and at the same time cancelling a flight ticket is expensive as well. Indigo Trip Assurance Diwali offers allow you to make cancellations at the cheapest rate possible along with all the assistance needed so your procedure is convenient and easy.

    Indigo 6E Rewards Diwali Offers

    If you’re anything like me, you’d take your snacks and meals very seriously. Indigo respects people like us and hence, with the Indigo 6E Rewards Diwali Offers, you get to pick your seat and eat easily a few hours before your flight you are all set for your trip and conveniently through the website, and highly discounted rates for both domestic and international flights.


    Q1. Is there a book now pay later option on Indigo during Diwali?

    Ans:- Yes, there is a book now pay later option available on Indigo during the Indigo Diwali Sale. This is convenient for when you are trying to book your ticket a few months before, but don’t have money on hand at that very moment.

    Q2. What is the maximum discount available on flight bookings on Indigo during Diwali?

    Ans:- You can claim from INR 1500-2000 discount on your international as well as domestic flight bookings. You can also claim benefits like reward points, lounge access, upgradation at lower prices and even free meals on the trip.


    While we can go on and on about flights being convenient, it can be a little scary if you’re a first-timer. If you are, the Indigo Diwali Sale is a great time to experience your first flight as there will be many just like you there, so nothing to be embarrassed about, when I tell you, travelling by flight is an experience that everyone should get at least once in their lifetime, if not more times. It’s also actually a lovely time to have your parents board a flight if they haven’t before. Nothing better than watching faces light up after their first flight experience. 



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