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    Holiday Package Under 10000 | 10 Amazing Places That You Can’t Miss To Visit

    January 9, 2024
    holiday package under 10000

    India is a vast country with many different cultures, places to go, languages, arts, and cuisines. While exploring it all at once is challenging, So, one can always start from the locations you can visit for no more than with these exclusive offers on holiday packages under 10,000 rupees. You can anticipate unending fun, whether traveling alone, with friends, or with your family, while planning the best trip to India. Whether you love the beach or the mountains, you can choose from various options at reasonable prices. You would have different experiences and stories depending on where you went. The choice of how to experience the vastness of this stunning country is entirely up to the traveler. You can have a vacation that is memorable by choosing the best Holiday Package Under 10000!


    coonoor 1
    coonoor 1

    No other hill station in the nation compares to Coonoor. After Ooty, it is the second-most popular hill station, and it has a unique charm that will make you fall in love with it as time passes. If you want to experience beauty in its purest form, you must book Coonoor tour packages encircled by the Nilgiris’ lush green hills. 

    For everyone who has ever imagined living in a place where time has stood still, and simplicity is the norm, this place is like their dream come true. 

    The pleasures of Coonoor 

    • Its breathtaking views that are difficult to find in any other region of the world will undoubtedly inspire the artist in you. 
    • The Nilgiri Hills, panoramic views, straightforward and hospitable locals, and of course, the renowned Nilgiri tea plantation are just a few of the things that make this second-largest hill station famous.



    Ooty is a popular tourist destination in South India and needs no introduction to travelers. This place receives frequent visits from people from various cities. Ooty is a hill town encircled by numerous lovely gardens, tea plantations, and bodies of water. Visits to stunning tourist destinations can be a blast. Find the top Ooty tour packages for your trip below; we searched for the best deals within your price range. 

    Yes, you will be able to locate the best Ooty Tour Packages in terms of price. You can easily find any required details about the packages and choose one that fits your preferences and budget using the options below. 

    The names of a few stores where you can find some genuine goods are listed below:

    • Green Shop: Known for gourmet cheeses like halloumi, cheddar, and Monterey jack, as well as bee wax, bee honey, and handicrafts.
    • For traditionally made biscuits from Ooty, visit Taj Bakers.
    • C-Store: Well-known for its homemade chocolates, tea, honey, and herbal oils.

    Kozhikode (Calicut)

    Holiday Package Under 10000,family holiday packages

    Five hundred years ago, the capital of Malabar was this magnificent location. Kozhikode, a charming coastal land, is known for its tranquility, lakes, and beaches, where visitors can find peace. It is the ideal vacation destination because of the verdant countryside, wildlife sanctuaries, and regional cuisines. 

    You can organize your trip to this paradise with the Kozhikode tour packages provided. Kozhikode should be on your travel itinerary for its historic streets and the luxury of tranquility and panoramic views it offers. It is a commercial and touristic colonial city. 


    • One of Kerala’s other backwaters, Kozhikode, is arguably the most relaxed. 
    • The straightforward way of life of the people of Calicut will steal your heart. 
    • The mouthwatering seafood and rural rhythm are therapeutic. 
    • The falls are regarded as safe for swimming and hiking.



    The majority of journeys to Kerala’s renowned backwaters center on Alleppey. Alleppey (nullAlappuzha in Malayalam), known as the “Venice of the East,” is a backwater paradise with a distinctive crisscrossing network of canals and lagoons that spread across the center of the town. The houseboats made of coir that cruise along leisurely on the backwaters add to Alleppey’s authentically Venetian atmosphere. 


    • This understated seaside resort has character thanks to the abundance of temples and churches.
    • Another highlight is Alleppey Beach, a pristine stretch of sand that borders the choppy Arabian Sea and has a roughly 140-year-old pier full of character. 
    • In Alleppey, there are numerous reputable hotels and resorts where tourists can experience home comforts.

    Check out these Best Sundarbans Tour Packages that are available for you at a greater discount.



    Your Weekend getaways, vacations, and holidays by visiting Madurai will take you away from your daily lives and get you connected with some fabulous historical background stories. Visiting Madurai will assist you in reviving, recharging, and re-energizing your mind, body, and soul, which become overburdened by the hectic schedules we all have to contend with daily. Want to know about some of those Madurai soul-reviving packages? 

    Here are some incredible locations for tour packages from Madurai that will revive and renew you. Ensure you visit Madurai during the ideal period from December to March. 

    • Meenakshi Amman Temple is the main attraction in Madurai that you must visit for a spiritual and mind-blowing experience. 
    • Azhagar Kovil is another religious temple with ruins of an ancient fort situated in a natural location. 
    • Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal is a fabulous monument full of rich history that you would want to explore. 



    You can experience Karnataka’s true beauty with Chikmagalur tour packages. Karnataka’s cities and hill stations are what give it its beauty. However, the one with the most followers is Chikmagalur. The South Indians’ unique coffee culture was birthed in this small town in the state. The small town is also one of the best places to spend a relaxing vacation because it is green throughout. This is one of the best Holiday Package Under 10000.


    • The city is best, with the weather supporting its beauty in all aspects from March to May when the temperature stays between 32 and 35 degrees. 
    • So don’t hesitate any longer and get yourself a package of Chikmagalur for a fabulous vacation. 
    • The renowned companies are available to assist you in selecting the ideal travel arrangement to ensure that you have a hassle-free trip.

    Mesmerizing Manali Trip Package From Chandigarh


    Manali is one of the most popular hill resorts in the Himachal Pradesh state of northern India and a top choice for tourists of all stripes. You could save time and have a stress-free vacation if you pre-book a Manali tour package from Chandigarh and other nearby major cities. An outing to these hills with our all-inclusive offers on Chandigarh to Manali vacation packages is there to cater interests of adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 


    • It is full of green valleys, snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and serene lakes. 
    • Manali is also a religious center because it has long been home to numerous temples. 
    • A large number of pilgrims travel to Manali every year. 
    • The Chandigarh to Manali trip package will take you to all the top tourist destinations in Manali.

    Tirupati Package From Tanjore


    In Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor District, Tirupati is a popular pilgrimage site. Numerous temples and the vaishnavite shrine of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple are well known in this area. It is also referred to as Andhra Pradesh’s spiritual capital. Tirupati was named the best heritage city in India by the Ministry of Tourism. Our tour package from Thanjavur to Tirupati aids your exploration of and education about this historic location. Tirupati is a center for higher learning with many prestigious universities. This is one of the best family holiday packages.

    The following are some of the tour’s highlights:

    • Visit the Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Temple.
    • Travel to Silathoranam.
    • Spend time at Akasaganga Teertham waterfalls.
    • Discover the village of Nagalapuram.
    • Enjoy the waterfall at Talakona.

    So, this is what our 1-night, 2-day trip to Tirupati entails. But, with a private vehicle, you can see the best of Tirupati in two days. So, immediately arrange a meaningful vacation for you and your loved ones to Tirupati for a cultural experience. 

    Best 2 Days Ooty Tour Packages For A Bracing Escape In Nature

    best 2 days ooty tour packages for a bracing escape in nature
    best 2 days ooty tour packages for a bracing escape in nature

    Book fantastic Ooty packages from TravelTriangle to kick off your vacation. Travelers can explore Hindu temples in Ooty with lovely gardens that blend well with bungalows from the Raj era. Some greener areas are close to Ooty, where tall pines stand over dirt roads outside the hill station’s busy center. After visiting popular tourist attractions in Ooty like Wax World, Deer Park, and Mudumalai National Park, these Ooty vacation packages have a lot to offer visitors hoping to take in the Western Ghats’ natural splendor. The 2 days Ooty tour package also includes visits to popular attractions close to Ooty, like Sim’s Park, Ketty Valley, and Tea Factory.


    • Visit Mudumalai National Park’s jungle safaris to see wildlife.
    • View the sky from the Doddabetta Peak observatory.
    • Visit Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint to see Catherine Falls.
    • At Coonoor’s Sim’s Park, pause to enjoy the flowers.

    Jim Corbett Wilderness Tour Package

    jim corbett wilderness tour package
    jim corbett wilderness tour package

    Consider spending your vacation time in an Indian national park’s breathtaking surroundings. With these thoughtfully designed tour packages, you can organize your memorable getaway to Jim Corbett National Park. The Jim Corbett National Park, one of India’s most visited national parks, receives many visitors yearly. Therefore, a variety of Jim Corbett tour packages are offered in the market to meet the needs of tourists. These Jim Corbett excursions include visits to well-known locations close to the national park and the park itself.

    Both lovers of the natural world and wildlife should visit Corbett National Park. It is about 260 kilometers from Delhi, in Uttarakhand, at Ramnagar. The best ways to get to Jim Corbett are by train and road.

    Via Road

    Ramnagar is well connected to India’s major cities by a good road network. Numerous government-run buses travel between Delhi and Haldwani, stopping at Ramnagar on their way. Only 15 kilometers separate this location from Corbett. It takes six hours to drive there from Delhi.

    Via Train

    Ramnagar is the station that is the closest to Corbett National Park. The Ranikhet Express is the only direct train that departs from Delhi and is thought to be the most effective way to get to Ramnagar. At these taxi stands, you can choose from various taxis to get to Corbett National Park.


    You don’t have to worry much about your stay when the money is tight. Explore the finest Holiday Package Under 10000 by booking a fantastic trip today. You’ll be surprised at how much you can discover on that budget. In other words, spending less money is not a big issue if you only visit a few places.  A low-cost vacation where you can visit the mountains, see historical sites, or relax in a small cottage is everyone’s dream. Now that we discussed how you can have a fantastic trip within the allocated budget, overthinking your trip is a past problem.



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