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    Flipkart Health Plus App – Get Medicines & Healthcare Products Delivered To Your Home

    Flipkart is the very first brand in the country that has made a difference in the way Indians shop for products. Before Flipkart, individuals usually had to rely on purchasing all their essentials by visiting supermarkets and individual stores. With the way the world was changing and entering a new era of shopping, it was clear that the country needed to enter a new technological era, something that other countries already had. Online shopping. When Flipkart as a company was launched, it garnered the attention of many millennials and their fathers alike. The ability to purchase anything from the comfort of one’s home was revolutionary, to say the least. Know everything about Flipkart Health Plus App.

    Flipkart Health Plus

    With the ever-growing need of consumers as well as the advent of technology it is only fair for companies to adopt new strategies to stay in the industry they are involved with. You will find that there are multiple apps like Pharmeasy that provide home delivery of all medicines that you need. You even have TataNeu Health which is basically 1mg that provides the same facilities.

    In the light of these brands providing such services, Flipkart has recently announced that it will make a Flipkart Health Plus app where users can avail of the same services. You will be able to order all forms of health-related products like medicines, supplements and much more once the app is launched. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled as they provide initial launch offers that may help you save some money. Do check out these 10 Best Online Medicine App now.

    Aim Of Health Plus

    There has been a lack of accessibility to medicines and healthcare services in the nation, especially around rural areas. The covid stricken 2 years has exposed this problem on a global scale. Enter Flipkart Health Plus. Aiming to solve the problem of access of healthcare to people, especially in the rural areas, the app has put in various verification protocols and quality checks to make sure it delivers genuine products.

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    Features Of Health Plus

    Did you know that the Flipkart Health Plus app offers service to over 20,000 pin codes? It will also integrate over 500 independent companies with licensed pharmacists proper medication. As it is with anything related to Flipkart, the Health plus app also comes with a wide range of features:

    • Delivery to over 20,000 pin codes throughout the country
    • 500+ independent companies with licensed pharmacists
    • Accessibility to genuine medicines and health care
    • Other healthcare services like teleconsultation and e-diagnostics


    In this time and age, more services are entering the digital space as it is easier to reach individuals far and wide. You can find that there is a multitude of services that you can avail of. Flipkart Health Plus is sure to help you acquire all the medicine you might need to function and lead a healthy life. So stay tuned to get the full dose of Flipkart health Plus when it releases.


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