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Best Ways To Earn Money On Fiverr | All The Ways You Can Make More Money


FiverrBest Ways To Earn Money On Fiverr | All The Ways You...

Best Ways To Earn Money On Fiverr | All The Ways You Can Make More Money

Everyone wants to make money online. While sitting at our homes during lockdown everyone is trying to learn some new skills, many for passion, others for need. Well, learning a skill is a great thing but if you monetize it, it just adds the cherry on top. In fact, during the lockdown, we have seen the rise of a new kind of economy, a freelance economy where everyone is trying to make a career out of their profession. 

If you are one of those who wants to be a part of the freelance economy then welcome to Fiverr. You may be wondering “does Fiverr work in India?” if questions like these are going through your mind then you have come to the right place. Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancers and buyers meet and exchange takes place. In this blog, we will tell you all about how you can use Fiverr to earn money in India in 2021. 

Fiverr Earn Money 2021

To earn money through Fiverr in India you first need to create a gig. A gig is basically a description of the kind of service you will provide and the money you will charge for it. You can charge any amount of money for your services but usually, it’s recommended to charge a lower amount of money in the beginning so that more buyers will purchase your gig which will give your gigs better ratings. This will favor your gigs more and you can then raise your charges. Fiverr charges a 20% fee on each gig you sell, so you’ll get 80% of the money you make on every sale. If we roughly try to breakdown the Fiverr working scheme then these are the steps you need to follow to make a successful Fiverr gig:

  • Determine your abilities.
  • Look through the categories to see what services you can provide. Then select a category to see gigs that others have posted in that category. 
  • Consider a service that includes one of the following: something no one has provided yet, or something that already exists but you believe you can improve on it.
  • Create a Gig for yourself. Create your gig once you’ve decided what you want to do. This is where you need to get creative in order to set your gig apart from the rest.
  • Create a catchy title for your gig first.
  • Make your gig appealing. If 50 people are offering the same service, make yours the most appealing of the bunch. 
  • Upload photos or videos of your work to show potential purchasers what they may anticipate. 
  • If you can, give away gifts to entice additional clients.

How To Earn Consistently Using Fiverr? 

Although Fiverr provides you with work only on a one-time basis. Once a job is finished you need to start looking for other offers to earn money. So in a way, this creates uncertainty when earning but if you take care of these few things then Fiverr can provide you with enormous earning potential. They are:

  • After deducting the 20% charge from Fiverr, you get 80%. Calculate if the amount of time and effort you’re putting in it is worthwhile or not. Offer gigs that you can complete faster based on your skills and interests
  • Maintain customer satisfaction. This is a very important part to make a long-lasting impact on your clients so that they will purchase again from you.
  • You must deliver your gig after it has been purchased. Always make an effort to deliver on time. If it isn’t possible, keep your customers satisfied by delivering gigs on schedule. Keep in mind that if someone enjoys your service, they might buy from you again. They also leave positive comments, which boosts new buyer confidence and enhances your sales.
  • Quick communication is very important as it maintains transparency between you and your customers.
  • A buyer may contact you before placing an order for your gig. To acquire their trust, you must respond to them fast. You will appear more professional with excellent customer service and communication abilities, and more people will trust you.
  • After you’ve created a new gig, promote it on social media sites like Facebook. Request your friends and family members to post your gig on their social media profiles. Also, leave thoughtful comments on pertinent websites, letting people know about the service you’re providing.


Fiverr Refer and Earn

Simply go to your profile and select the refer a friend option. After that, you’ll be given a referral code. Copy that code and give it to a friend or share it with anyone. Whenever they click on your link and they sign up, they must use the referral code. Once they do that, they become eligible for getting a referral advantage. Now, whenever a friend makes money on Fiverr, you get a 20% bonus up to $100 in your Fiverr account. This is how you use Fiverr to earn money in India.


Finding a job that you love doing takes persistence and hard work. This may be hard to accomplish in the beginning but with enough dedication, it is surely possible. In case you don’t have a passion, there are always some set of skills that you can monetize by providing that skill set to others. Hopefully, this article has helped you find a way to outsource your skills to make money.


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