Fat To Slim Shikha AggarwalFat To Slim Shikha Aggarwal Shark Tank | Weight Loss Without Exercising

    Fat To Slim Shikha Aggarwal Shark Tank | Weight Loss Without Exercising

    Fat To Slim Shikha Aggarwal is popularly known as ‘The Magic Dietitian’. She has a rapid growth in the field from the moment she turned into a fit person, from being fat. This has made her help out people like her reduce significant weight. There are thousands of customers all around the world who have gained results using her methods of her. The concept of losing weight without having to train is the main thing that got her to reach heights. The positive results made her a popular figure in the country. And she has come up with the brand Fat to Slim, to help people reduce weight in a different way.

    Founder, Business Idea, And Funding Details Of Fat To Slim

    Business NameFat To Slim
    FoundersShikha Aggarwal
    Business IdeaFitness
    Funding DetailNo Funding

    The founder of Fat to Slim, Shikha Agarwal, is a well-known in the country who became slim from being fat. The thing that makes her stand out from the others is the weight loss without exercising. This method involves just eating proper foods and getting proper sleep. This has attracted people all over the country to fall in love with this method. Looking to make the brand bigger, Shikha Aggarwal went on Shark Tank to raise funding. But this Fat to Slim model proposed by her did not get her any funding from the investors in Shark Tank. 

    Fat To Slim Service

    Shikha Aggarwal has been a great deal when it comes to diet and nutrition for a long time. To make things bigger and to help many longing people all over the country, she decided to come up with Fat to Slim. This business has been booming ever since it was started. More people approached and started their diet here. The Fat to Slim Shikha Aggarwal service is the one that can work wonders on your body without you having to work your head off. 

    Why Fat To Slim

    Fat To Slim is the key to reducing your weight and burning your fat without any weights needing to be lifted. The results that this concept of dieting gives you are well-known among the people of the country. Making it far better is the fact that these are followed by many celebrities in the film industry. And Shikha Aggarwal is a living example of the result along with many other customers. 

    Fat To Slim Courses & Diet Plan

    The Fat to Slim Shikha Aggarwal courses & diet plan is carefully curated to give you the best results in reducing your and maintaining them. The diet plans you get from here are more Indian food based. No fancy salads and brown bread are required anymore to lose some kilos. You can easily get what you want with the Indian home-based dishes with this diet plan from Fat to Slim. 

    Where to Buy?

    You can get your hands on any special diet plans you want from weight loss, travel diet, to detox diet from their official site. All you have to do is to book an appointment on the site and get going with your diet plan. These can work wonders for you. You can simply reduce your weight by getting on a diet and following it regularly with proper sleep. Even this comes with hard work. You can get a hold of the diet by clicking the below link. 

    Fat to Slim – Check Now

    Telecast Details on Shark tank

    Shark Tank has been ruling hearts ever since the 1st season aired in the country. And the 2nd season comes back with a bang. Many young entrepreneurs from all over the country come on the show with great ideas and get great funding for their businesses. This way, Shikha Aggarwal, a well-renowned dietician and nutritionist in the country made an appearance on the show to take her business Fat to Slim Shikha Aggarwal to greater heights. But, her idea of reducing weight without exercise made judges like Namita Thapar unhappy. You can watch the heated conversation between these two by clicking the link below. 

    Watch Full Episode – See Here

    Fat To Slim Social Media Details

    Shikha Aggarwal is one of the well-known nutritionists in the country. The concept of eating, Sleep, No exercise, and Loose weight was the main reason behind her growth. And the most interesting about this is that the concept has been working great for many people. The Fat to Slim brand focuses significantly on this, ensuring you get the perfect body you want in a certain amount of time. You can always keep up with the work of the brand by following them on social media. 


    Fat To Slim Shikha Aggarwal is being the talk of the town now. After the appearance of the brand on the famous reality show, Shark Tank, it has been gaining popularity in the country. But, there are people who are not okay with this concept of reducing weight. One of the Sharks in the show, Namita Thapar, suggested that this can be harmful to people with Diabetes. This has its own benefits and disadvantages. Explore all the things this brand offers you and choose the best one that suits you. 


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