Eyenic EyewearEyenic Eyewear Shark Tank | Flat 25% Off on Eyeglasses

    Eyenic Eyewear Shark Tank | Flat 25% Off on Eyeglasses

    35% of people in India require eyesight correction. Every age group wants a variety of fashions and colours. In India, there are more than 40.000 optical eye stores. Every person who wears glasses purchases from their local, permanent optician. People no longer think about these physical stores in this age of digital technology. Affordable, unique, and long-lasting spectacles are produced by the company Eyenic. Eyenic Eyewear is emerging king as the market is big and has numerous scopes to grow.  See some exciting deals by Lenskart Offers to save up to 60% on glasses.

    Founder, Business Idea, and Funding Details of Eyenic

    Business NameEyenic
    FoundersPiyuesh Kalra & Sunil Chhabra
    Business IdeaEyewear
    Funding DetailsNo Funding

    The founders of the company Eyenic are Piyuesh Kalra & Sunil Chhabra. The founders are cousins. Their family heritage is that the business has been part of the family for over 50 years. The company was established in the year 2017 to 2018. It has three hundred-plus retail stores in five states in India. This brand makes long-lasting glasses. The founder’s pitch was Rs.75 lakhs for 6% equity in the company. After explaining the sales, product, and whole business structure. 

    Eyenic Eyewear Products | Cheap & Affordable

    There are no shortcuts to quality. Eyenic glasses are made with perfection with more than forty operations that are mostly done manually by hand. Eyenic aim is to create premium-class optics at a cheap and affordable rate. The company believes luxury is not only expensive but also about class. With Eyenic you can see 1080p pictures through your eyes without any stress to your eyes or body.

    Eyenic Eyeglasses | Flat 25% Off on Eyeglasses

    Eyenic EyeglassesOffer PriceBuying Link
    Buy Now
    AIRMAN 50Rs. 1110
    Buy Now
    AIRMAN 50BRs. 1190
    Buy Now
    EYENIC DUO 2Rs. 2175
    Buy Now
    AIRMAN 55B MediumRs. 1110
    Buy Now

    Eyeglasses are material that corrects your eye vision. There is a wide selection of trendy frames and high-quality lenses available for reading glasses. They come in square, oval, circular, and geometrical forms. Many people choose the rimless version, while others favour the ones with thin rims. Eyenic provides a wide range of collections. 

    Eyenic Sunglasses | Polarised & Night Vision Glasses

    Eyenic SunglassesOffer PriceBuying Link
    Buy Now
    Buy Now
    Buy Now
    Buy Now

    Sunglasses are chosen by people for several reasons other than fashion. Additionally, you select them depending on the degree of protection sunglasses offer, particularly how well they protect your eyes from the sun. After all, you require excellent sunglasses by Eyenic Eyewear for UV protection during the summer months.

    Eyenic Contact Lenses | Flat 20% Off on Contact Lens

    Eyenic Contact LensesOffer PriceBuying Link
    Alcon Air Optix ColorsRs. 1550
    Buy Now
    CooperVision Aspire ProRs. 1450
    Buy Now
    CooperVision Aspire AirRs. 1095
    Buy Now
    CooperVision Aspire AirRs. 1895
    Buy Now
    CooperVision BiomedicsRs. 1550
    Buy Now

    Contact lenses are thin and clear plastic sheets that you wear in your eye to improve your vision. Contact Lenses are better than eyeglasses. You will not get any nose pad marks or get uncomfortable while wearing them. This does not affect your look and style. These are easy and simple to wear. 

    Where to Buy?

    You can buy any glasses at stores nearby or online platforms. But you can not buy world class glasses for affordable and reasonable prices everywhere. It brings you the luxury of wearing world class glass at a good rate. Eyenic has stores at exclusive locations. You can buy products from stores or on the official website of Eyenic. You can find some amazing offers and discounts on the online platform. Order the glass you need from Eyenic to experience the quality of life. 

    Eyenic Eyewear – Check Now

    Telecast Details on Shark Tank

    The founders of the company pitched their idea to judges of Shark tank reality show that is streaming on Sonyliv. This shows air on Shark Tank season 2 episode 17. The Sharks were shocked and enjoyed seeing a rival and competitor brand for Bansal’s brand Lenskart. Namita even said that Eyenic products are better looking than kenkart’s products. Sadly, the investment deal requested by Piyuesh Kalra and Sunil Chhabra, founder of the company was rejected. The shark did not see any unique trademark in the company. Eyenic makes the same brand of glass like lenskart. 

    Eyenic Social Media Details

    You have to stay at the top of your game and your fashion style. Eyenic provides a platform to buy sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses at a reasonable rate. You can buy a bunch of glasses and still have a lot of money to save. One does not need to spend thousands of rupees to get good looking and trendy glasses. They need to find the right store to buy the eyewear. To get regular updates on new models and shapes of eyeswear, make sure you follow Eyenic social media networks.


    Eyenic Eyewear sold around 125000 units of products across five states in India. Eyenic vision is to create glass that affordable with exquisite quality. The young entrepreneurs aim to accomplish a mission where Eyenic is the leading in innovation, quality, quantity in aesthetics of optics. Every company has equal opportunities to grow in the market. 


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