EconitureEconiture Plastic Recycled Products Shark Tank | Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Econiture Plastic Recycled Products Shark Tank | Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Plastic is no longer considered trash, it has turned into a resource that gives over thousands of dollars of revenue. Globally, countries are worried about waste management and the ways to control waste and reliance on fossil fuels. Over the centuries many countries have been working on how to deal with waste plastic products. India now has Econiture which makes furniture from waste and leftover plastic materials. Ecointiure successfully turned the start-up into a brand for recycling products company. Econiture Plastic Recycled Products company has stepped into Shark Tank for investment.

    Founder, Business Idea, and Funding Details of Econiture

    CompanyOffer Details
    Business NameEconiture
    FoundersAshish Modak, Bhushan Boob, Madhur Rathi, & Roshan Pidiyar
    Business IdeaFurniture
    Funding DetailsNo funding

    Madhur never knew that the waste management subject in his masters degree will help him to turn over 100 lakhs over a year as revenue. Madhur Rathi and his 3 friends & the co-founder Roshan Pidiyar, Bhushan Boob, and Ashish Modak established the company that makes furniture that is made from post-consumer plastic. That company is now called Econiture. Madhur made a fortune from plastic waste. Many businesses and NGO organisations are working hard to deal with plastic issues, but Econiture Plastic made it possible to make money and clear plastic waste. 

    Econiture Furniture | 10% Discount on All Products.

    Econiture has addressed and found an interesting way to one of the largest problems on planet earth. Econiture furniture makes furniture from plastic garbage. Econiture does not use any other plastics, chemicals, dyes or additional things. It is 100% eco-friendly furniture. Econiture furniture is made from plastic waste so that natural resources are saved a lot like electricity, wood, oil, water and other natural resources. It mainly helps in reducing deforestation. The word waste has had different definitions over the time. Waste is no longer useless material, it is an asset that generates new things. 

    Econiture Chairs & Stools | Eco Chairs & Stools

    Econiture Chairs & StoolsOffer PriceBuying Link
    Eco Azure Folding StoolRs. 3,500
    Rs. 2,200
    Buy Now
    Eco Coffee Table StoolRs. 3,500
    Rs. 2,300
    Buy Now
    Eco Two Step StoolRs. 8,000
    Rs. 5,500
    Buy Now
    Eco Belle Bar StoolRs. 5,000
    Rs. 3,200
    Buy Now
    Eco Azure Folding ChairRs. 6,000
    Rs. 3,800
    Buy Now

    Just imagine chairs and stools that are more durable than regular wooden and steel ones. Econiture plastic recycled products chairs and stools are long-lasting and it is merely maintenance free. You can simply wash it with water and soap. These chairs and stools do not need any extra liquid or extra care. 

    Econiture Racks & Stand | Decorative Pot Stand

    Econiture Racks & StandOffer PriceBuying Link
    Eco Pot Straight StandRs. 3,000
    Rs. 1,700
    Buy Now
    Eco Wall Hanging ShelfRs. 1,000
    Rs. 800
    Buy Now
    Eco Triangular Multipurpose ShelfRs. 10,000
    Rs. 7,000
    Buy Now
    Eco Decorative Pot StandRs. 4,000
    Rs. 2,500
    Buy Now

    Econiture racks and stands have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it is durable for a very long time. These racks and stands made by Econiture are designed in such a way that they can withstand weights beyond imagination. These stands and racks do not break, or crack under any conditions. 

    Econiture Benches | Eco 2 & 3 Seater Benches

    Econiture Benches Offer PriceBuying Link
    Eco 3 Seater Bench With BackrestRs. 20,000
    Rs. 15,000
    Buy Now
    Eco 3 Seater Bench Without BackrestRs. 13,000
    Rs. 9,000
    Buy Now
    Eco 2 Seater Bench With Backrest With ArmrestRs. 18,000
    Rs. 14,000
    Buy Now
    Eco Pool BenchRs. 25,000
    Rs. 8,000
    Buy Now

    Econiture benches are perfect for outdoors and indoors. Econiture benches will not fade colour if it stays too long in sunlight. The benches are waterproof so that they will not get soaked due to rain. You don’t need any liquid to clean the benches. It is cost-efficient so you can buy different colours and types of benches. 

    Econiture Furniture Sets | Belle Sets

    Econiture Furniture Sets Offer PriceBuying Link
    Eco Azure Folding SetRs. 14,000
    Rs. 9,500
    Buy Now
    Eco Belle Bar Chair SetRs. 25,000
    Rs. 17,000
    Buy Now
    Eco Belle Bar Stool SetRs. 20,000
    Rs. 14,000
    Buy Now
    Eco Cross Coffee Table Set With 4 StoolsRs. 23,000
    Rs. 25,000
    Buy Now

    After the consumer’s use, the plastic waste is sorted, washed and transformed into Econiture plastic recycled products. The Econiture lumber is then used for constructing outdoor furniture sets. Econiture furniture has numerous designs and colours. 

    Econiture Kids Furniture | Armrest Chair

    Econiture Kids FurnitureOffer PriceBuying Link
    Eco Kids Armrest ChairRs. 5,000
    Rs. 3,500
    Buy Now
    Eco 2 in 1 Kids BenchRs. 6,000
    Rs. 4,500
    Buy Now
    Eco Kids Adirondack ChairRs. 5,000
    Rs. 3,500
    Buy Now

    Econiture makes cute small kids furniture. Econiture furniture are 100% toxic and chemical free products. Econiture produces kids loving coloured furniture. No need to worry about cleaning the furniture, just water and soap is more than enough. It is waterproof and stainproof. The colour will not fade away soon.  

    Econiture Econiture Home Decor Items

    Econiture provides a new way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Econiture has Introduced a line of post-consumer plastic waste made into indoor planter stands. Econiture Home Decor Items is a chic and original green decoration that may be used for your bookshelf, cafe, office desk, garden area, and other places. You can give it as a gift to friends, relatives, and loved ones. Live plants or fake flowers can be planted in the products. Econiture adds extra beauty to your home and your living area. Home Decor items have many varieties according to your home style. 

    Where to Buy?

    Econiture provides products with class and quality. You can buy Econiture products on their official website and in Thetealthread. There are Republic day offers that are on trend in Thetealthread. Using post consumers plastic waste reproduced goods will make a good impact on the environment. With more business growing with rapid speed aiming to find other cost-cutting elements of production, recycled products have equal demand in the market. Econiture has a unique market value that tends to grow in huge in the upcoming future. 

    Econiture Product AvailabilityBuying Link
    ThetealthreadCheck Now
    Amazon Check Now
    Econiture Check Now

    Telecast Details on Shark Tank

    Shark Tank India season 2 has been a big hit. Young entrepreneurs and startups, unique in their industries are knocking the door of the Shark Tank for investments. However, Madhur Rathi and his co-founders have surprised the Shark Tank judges. Econiture Plastic Recycled Products recently pitched their idea to judges and won the hearts of judges and people. Though the investment deal did not end in a good way, they won the respect of Sharks. The Econiture is the talk of K town with totally different ideas which directly have a good impact on the environment. 

    Econiture Social Media Details

    Social media platforms, directly and indirectly, have affected protests, revolutions, judgements in court, and money bills of parliaments. Social media has power which no other medium has now. Econiture maintains colourful pages which make you use eco-friendly products. To get regular updates on the offers, discounts and new products you should follow the social media pages of Econiture. Econiture Social Media Details are given below. 


    Even though the Ecoiture company’s proposal was declined by Shark Tank, they achieved something which even NGOs can’t achieve at earlier stages. The environmental impact created by Econtiure is far greater than you imagine. Over 20000 plus Kg of post-consumer plastic waste is recycled. The CO2 equivalent mitigated is 24000 plus Kg. The biggest achievement is 2100 plus cubic feet of wood saved by making recycled plastic furniture. 


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