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Sustainable Eco Friendly Diwali Ideas 2021 | Best Ways To Celebrate This Year


diwaliSustainable Eco Friendly Diwali Ideas 2021 | Best Ways To Celebrate This...

Sustainable Eco Friendly Diwali Ideas 2021 | Best Ways To Celebrate This Year

Diwali is known to be one of the major festivals in India, which has primary mythological and other importance. As per the mythology, the reason behind celebrating Diwali is the return of Lord Rama from the major 14 years of Vanvaas. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. The major trend and the rituals followed in Diwali are lightening up the Diyas and firecrackers, which exhibits a great feeling of joy and happiness among all.

As per the studies, it is concluded that the major population (around 80% in India) spends money, about 78% only on firecrackers during Diwali.

Why Celebrate Diwali – Reasons Explained

It is not only about Diwali in India, but many small festivals are celebrated around Diwali like Laxmi Puja, Dhanteras, Bhai Dooj, Gujarati new year, and many more.

The normal rituals to celebrate these bunch of major festivals start with cleaning the house and offices as it is believed that during these pious days, Goddess Laxmi enters our clean houses and blesses us with lots of happiness and prosperity. On the other hand, other rituals like celebrating Bhai Dooj is solely a brother-sister festival where a sister invites her brother to have a lunch or dinner specifically cooked by her. On New Year Day, as per the Gujarati calendar, people wish each other by meeting and greetings to celebrate and offer sweets and blessings.

Diwali with New Trend – More Celebrations

Don’t think way too much, the trend is simple. As per the normal trend, Diwali and New Year festival is usually celebrated by burning the firecrackers and spreading the feeling of joy and happiness. For a couple of years amid the Covid-19 and increased rate of global warming due to major pollution, people should change the trend to greener and eco-friendly Diwali without firecrackers. Due to Covid-19 majority of the people faced health and breathing issues which are basically caused by the smoke and fog produced by the firecrackers. Also, firecrackers are majorly responsible for the increased rate of air pollution, which is mainly affecting the atmosphere. People face discomfort in breathing, and also it can be risky to some people.

Eco-Friendly Green Diwali Celebration Reasons

  • Harmless to the environment and society
  • Saves money
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can spend money on a noble cause

Best Ways To Celebrate Green Diwali

The major reason for the air pollution due to firecracker is sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide production. This hampers the atmosphere layer. So better an Eco-friendly rather than polluting atmosphere. Here are some ways one can celebrate this Diwali 2021 without the firecrackers in greener and new ways:

Green Diwali-Safe Diwali With Organic Lamps 

The eco-friendly lamp is in a new trend. The major meaning of eco-friendly lamps is that they are made from natural clay and are harmless to the environment and society. The people should encourage others and prefer this kind of lamp more than using the other Chinese-based lights and readymade series lights. Such an idea can also be helpful in saving some amount of money too.

green diwali celebration

Eco Friendly Diwali Decoration

Decorate your house in a more eco-friendly way with the help of recycled decorating items and many more. One can decorate with paper ribbons, simple balloons, and other recycled and paper-based decorating items. Children can also make a paper-based graphical drawing representing the festival.

Check these ideas below.

Eco-freindly diwali decoration ideas

Green Diwali Rangoli – Need of the Hour

Rangoli is also known as the major ritual in the bunch of festivals. Rangoli is a basic design filled with different colors specifically crafted at the entrance of the house to add a tinge of ethnic way to celebrate Diwali. Usually, the colors available in the market are full of chemicals and other toxic materials. One can celebrate this Diwali in a new trending way to craft a rangoli with natural colors which are free of chemicals and are eco-friendly.

Now the question is what we can use for this eco-friendly Diwali? Here is a list of things you can try out.

  • Petals
  • Diya
  • Colored Stones
  • Herbal Colors
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Colored Rice
  • Colored Paper

Green Diwali With House Party In A New Trend

The house party can be a cool idea to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. People can invite their friends and relatives and throw a house party with snacks and food cooked and prepared at home. From such an idea, one can also save money and time. It feels great when all our loved ones are around us enjoying and dancing with music and having fun.Look out for the Dominos diwali offer and other food-related offers to have a great party at home with music and food.

Diwali Homemade Sweets And Celebration

Homemade sweets are in a new trend for a couple of years. People usually offer and prefer homemade sweets and chocolates gift them to the relatives and offer them in this festival. Homemade sweets add a ting of love and purity to the sweets. It resembles the love and effort of the maker towards their loved ones and relatives.

Diwali Homemade Sweet ideas

Eco Diwali With Homemade Gifts

A new trend of homemade gift articles and sweets is preferred more these days. The newly prepared and assembled homemade gift articles can be a new idea to celebrate this Diwali in a new greener way and avoid pollution and harm to the environment. The newly handmade crafted gifts can add a ting of love towards the relatives.

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Celebrate Green Diwali And Donate For A Noble Cause

Donation is not always bad, you must try sometime..!!

Diwali is not only meant for the extra spending on the firecrackers and other stuff. We can save money by not buying firecrackers and making this an eco-friendly Diwali celebration. This money can be utilized for a noble cause like donating sweets and gifts to needy people, in the orphanage, donating it in the old age home, and others.


“Go green this Diwali” should be the sole mantra to celebrate this Diwali without firecrackers. Celebrate this Diwali in this way and put an effort towards saving our environment from pollution. Stay safe amid Covid-19 and celebrate Diwali in a greener way.


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