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    Sustainable Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas 2024 | 7 Best Ways To Celebrate This Year

    January 9, 2024
    Eco Friendly Diwali Ideas

    Diwali is a festival that is widely celebrated throughout the nation. A lot of people across the country look forward to the Diwali days as it is filled with enjoyment and happiness. People get to meet their families and friends and celebrate the festival with them. However, throughout the years, Diwali has been quite harmful to the environment due to a lot of factors. In this list, we will be taking a look at some of the factors that can be avoided in order to have a safe Diwali that is healthy for you as well as for the environment. Read down further to check out 7 eco friendly Diwali ideas this year.

    Diyas Can Be Used As An Alternative To Candles

    Use regular earthen oil diyas rather than candles to light up your home during Diwali. However, stay away from the painted ones because they contain artificial colors that are bad for us. Candles contain petroleum, which burns toxic and poses a risk to both human health and the environment. Additionally, always use LED lights because they use less energy than regular ones.

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    Reducing The Usage Of Plastics

    During Diwali there will be a lot of purchases going, be it clothes or crackers or sweets, or anything else. The problem with these purchases is people start to use more and more plastic bags which are harmful to the environment. This Diwali try to use more cloth and paper bags compared to plastic bags that are non biodegradable and are harsh on the environment.

    Try To Recycle Stuff At Home

    Use eco-friendly paint to paint your homes instead of regular paint because it doesn’t contain hazardous VOCs. Additionally, you may utilise these suggestions to decorate your homes without painting them at all. Twist bright dupattas and sarees to make streamers. Alternatively, you may paint old newspapers and display them as wall art. Instead of going on a shopping binge, you may utilise drapes and curtains made from brocade saris or gold-embroidered dupattas. To make paper lanterns, use your child’s leftover art supplies, including tissues, sandwiches, or rice paper. Choose eco-friendly Diwali decorations instead of single-use ones to spread goodwill.

    Try To Not Use Too Much Wrapping

    While we’re talking about presents, please make sure that they are not wrapped in standard wrapping paper. If you must wrap them (for the sense of surprise! ), use the newspaper creatively. Avoid using metallic or plastic coverings. Reusable muslin bags are a wonderful substitute as well.

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    BioDegradable Rangolis

    Instead of artificial colored powder, rice powder may be used to make rangolis that are both biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Using flowers like marigolds and jasmine, which have a nice aroma and enhance the celebratory atmosphere, you can also build gorgeous ornamental rangolis.

    LED lighting Can Be Used As An Alternative To Conventional Lighting

    Strings of lights are frequently draped across the windows and balconies of practically every house during Diwali. Try to limit your use of electricity, or even better, use solar energy to power these lights for a more environmentally friendly Diwali. Use LED lights wherever feasible since they consume a lot less energy than conventional bulbs. Use used cooking oil to light diyas to conserve gasoline. Verify the wick’s clean burning and that it is not releasing smoke into the atmosphere. This is one of the best Eco Friendly Diwali Ideas.

    Say No To Crackers

    On Diwali night, just glance up at the sky to observe how obscured the stars are by the smoke and dust. Everyone who has asthma experiences symptoms around Diwali. It has been shown that the contaminants from fireworks significantly lower the air quality each year. Fireworks contribute to noise pollution as well. Additionally, many youngsters get severe burns from firecrackers, and others suffer dreadful mishaps that cause them to lose their eyesight. That’s not all, either. Burning firecrackers produces harmful waste that contaminates our landfills and water supplies. There is absolutely no question that selecting not to purchase firecrackers this year is the finest way to celebrate Diwali.


    This Diwali we can all try to make the country a better place by trying out the tips given above. Whilst some of these tips may seem hard at first, we assure you that they are for the best and do not take too much effort as well. Let us all come together to make the most of this Diwali season and celebrate in peace and prosperity. This is everything about Eco Friendly Diwali Ideas and we Wish all of you a safe and wonderful Ecofriendly Diwali.



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