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Top 5 Alternatives Of Dunzo – Top Apps with Same-Day Delivery and Reliable Sources


DunzoTop 5 Alternatives Of Dunzo - Top Apps with Same-Day Delivery and...

Top 5 Alternatives Of Dunzo – Top Apps with Same-Day Delivery and Reliable Sources

Coronavirus infection has forced people to stay at home; they cannot even go out to get the goods they need in such a situation. At such a time, the biggest problem is how to get the goods; then, the home delivery option comes to the fore. The Government of India has also allowed all companies to start the home delivery service by taking online orders. So many companies work same-day couriers in India. Its benefits for Indian people some companies give delivery in immediate areas near to your destination and not far from away they offer extremely local services in your city with so many restaurants, Medical shop, personal care products, and goods partners and so many shops and e-commerce website or shops, etc. on your demands with rapidly delivering service. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 alternatives to Dunzo so you won’t have a problem if their services are not present or temporarily unavailable in your city.

We have so many companies working in this field, but we got some information about companies to offer (consumers), who gives the best offer for consumers with….FEEL THE SPEED WITH YOUR COURIER TRUSTED PARTNER….

Top 5 Alternatives Of Dunzo

We choose the best offer with the best delivery services of same-day delivery of parcels and groceries items, medicine items, restaurants, hotels foods, beverages items, etc. Below is the list of top apps like Dunzo that you can rely on with our package being picked or delivered as per your wish.


Wefast is a courier delivery services company in India. The fast partnership with restaurants, online shopping malls, and shops helps to reach customers’ needs and demand product delivery. It can also buy customer-demanded products for consumers from consumers selected shops and malls and get them delivered. These apps similar to Dunzo help greatly in times where you cannot travel to deliver or receive a particular item.

We fast the best Subscription plans available with the best price in the market.

This app has the best and local area plan in RS 40for e extremely local delivery at RS 8 per km. You can try WeFast’s service from their smartphone app and through the website.

Dunzo Alternative App OffersDetails Link
20% OFF We fast DealAlmost 20% OFF On Your PurchaseGrab Now
Dunzo Free Delivery OfferDunzo is providing Free Delivery for the First 3 KM
Grab Now
Same Day Delivery OfferGet Same Day Delivery From PidgeGrab Now
Swiggy Genie Food OfferSave up to 60% on Food Orders Grab Now


Same Day Intra-City Courier Delivery. Saral was started by one of India’s leading eCommerce shipping companies, Sprocket.. It can ship locally within 50 km.

WeFast, Dunzo & SARAL offer their services in India’s 12 cities. The list is Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Faridabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, and Noida.


Instant Delivery & Courier Service. Pidge offers safe, reliable, and complete safety pick up and delivery in the city. It comes with high-security tamper-proof packing with a unique security OTP verification system. Reliable delivery in 60 minutes and give services 24*7 and reduce free delivery within Delhi NCR.

Lalamove India

Lalamove offers same-day delivery services on-demand and bulk deliveries for businesses to individual consumer product deliveries. Medical equipment, wholesale goods to hardware, electrical products are also conducted for heavy metal and goods delivery and urgent documents, food beverage, flowers, etc. Multi-stop deliveries within 20 locations.

Swiggy Genie

When a Swiggy user taps on any of these options, this feature directs the user to Swiggy Genie for a service like Dunzo as its the best Swiggy Genie alternative. Users can get multiple tasks (sending and receiving deliveries) done by Swiggy executives with a fixed delivery fee. In such a situation, for the person who is a quarantine, this service is beneficial. Through this, he can get his essential work done efficiently. The pickup address, delivery address, and package details or list of items need to be picked up from the pickup address and the delivery address. This is quite decent and is calculated as per base fair plus a per kilometer cost.

“If you don’t value your time no one else will” – Donna Brazile


Dunzo is a great service as it helps with getting anything delivered to someone who needs something and who is very distant from you. It makes life a lot easier and hence many other companies have imitated this business model. Now you have many other options apart from Dunzo to avail of these servoces.


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