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Dream 11 is an online Indian platform that allows users to play fantasy leagues. It is a game of skill and involves real money. One can earn cash with victories involving their skills in games like cricket and football. You can enter top online leagues in your country with a minimum entry fee and earn maximum paybacks on winning. They also provide a refer and earn program for users so that you can refer and earn some money. So check out the Dream11 Referral Code and how to use it. This will help you in shopping for some more products.

Dream11 Referral Program

Dream 11 referral program offers Rs 100 on referral and sign-ups. To earn cash to join the contests, you can be a part of the referral program by inviting your friends to join the app. To get this Dream11 Referral Code you can follow these steps–

  1. Download and install the app from their website.
  2. Sign up to generate the referral code.
  3. Invite your friends via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other networking sites.
  4. Earn Rs. 100 on every signup using your referral code.

Dream11 Referral Code

A unique Dream11 Referral Code is generated on every signup. The code can be shared with your friends to instantly earn Rs. 100 on every new sign up using your referral code. The referral program will offer both you and your friend Rs 100 as a bonus. The cash can be used to enter contests to earn more.

Dream 11 ‘Invite a friend’ terms and conditions

The Dream11 Invite Friends Program lets you invite friends to join Dream11 (“Program”). In the event that you and your referred friend meet the criteria and complete all the steps specified in these terms, you and your friend can earn a Cash Bonus from Dream11 of up to Rs. 100 (“Bonus Amount”) under this Dream11 Referral Code program, which Bonus Amount will be redeemable to join cash contests and contests through the Dream11’s mobile application for iOS and/or Android mobile devices (“Dream11 Application”). To participate in the Program, please note our terms and conditions (“Terms”) in this respect, as they govern your participation in the Program:

  • Eligibility – All users who: (i) have an account registered with Dream11’s fantasy gaming platform (“Platform”) which account has been verified by Dream11; and (ii) are eligible to participate in pay-to-play Dream11 fantasy cricket, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, fantasy kabbadi or football game (as per the Dream11’s terms and conditions, accessible at https://fantasycricket.dream11.com/in/termsandconditions); and (iii) have downloaded and installed the Dream11 Application on their respective mobile devices, will be eligible to participate in the Program. Participation in the Program by proxy is not permitted.
    Participation in the Program is voluntary. A user shall not register or operate more than one user account with Dream11 and shall not participate in the Program with more than one user account with Dream11.
  • The Dream11 Referral Code Program will be open for participation from Indian Standard Time 18:00:00 hours on 25th January 2017 till IST 23:59:59 hours on 30th November 2019.
  • By participating in the Program, you agree to and accept these Terms.
  • For participation in the Program, you are required to have the Dream11 Application downloaded and installed on your mobile device.
  • Through the Dream11 Application, you will be provided with a unique link or code which you will get through Dream11 Referral Code and can be shared by you (“Inviter”) with friends (each an “Invitee”) to invite such friends to create and register an account with Dream11 and download the Dream11 Application.
  • On receiving the link or code from the Inviter, the Invitee may either: (i) Click on the link, consequent to which such Invitee will be directed to a registration page and will be provided with the option to register an account with Dream11 and download and install the Dream11 Application on his/her device; or (ii) download and install the Dream11 Application on his/her device independently, register for a Dream11 account through the Dream11 Application and enter the unique code-shared by the Inviter where prompted in the Dream11 Application.
  • The Inviter and the Invitee will be eligible to earn the Bonus Amount subject to (amongst other terms specified in these Terms): (i) the Invitee not being an existing user of Dream11; and (ii) the Inviter and Invitee being eligible to participate in the pay-to-play Dream11 fantasy cricket, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, fantasy kabbadi or football game; and (iii) the Invitee successfully registering for an account with Dream11 through the unique link or by using the unique code-shared by the Inviter; and (iv) the Inviter and Invitee agreeing to the license agreement for the Dream11
  • Application and downloading and installing the Dream11 Application as available for the Inviter’s and Invitee’s respective mobile devices; and (v) the Inviter and Invitee verifying the Inviter’s and the Invitee’s respective mobile number as provided at the time of registration within thirty (30) days from the date on which Invitee registers for an account with Dream11 (“Verification Period”). For these Terms, an ‘existing user of Dream11’ shall mean a user who presently operates an account with the Platform or operated an account with the Platform at any point in time.
  • An Invitee who is an existing user of Dream11 is not permitted to register a new account with the Platform for availing of the Bonus Amount. Dream11 will determine in its sole discretion whether an Invitee is an existing user of Dream11 or not and take appropriate action.
  • The verification process may require an Inviter/Invitee to submit personal information about the user (Inviter/Invitee) and documents identifying the Inviter/Invitee. The Inviter agrees to receive communication from Dream11 and to allow Dream11 to communicate with Invitees referred by you about the Inviter’s participation in the Program. Any information collected in respect of the Inviter/Invitee as part of the Program or otherwise in the course of such person’s use of the Website shall be subject to Dream11’s Privacy Policy (available here: https://fantasycricket.dream11.com/in/privacypolicy for Indian users)
  • The verification of an Inviter/Invitee shall be completed at the time of first withdrawal by the Inviter/Invitee from the Inviter’s/Invitee’s ‘Your Winnings’ account or ‘Your Deposits’ account with the Platform. An Inviter/Invitee may voluntarily seek verification of the Inviter/Invitee by clicking on the ‘Verify Now’ tab of the Account Balance page of the Inviter/Invitee’s account with the Platform. If the Invitee opts to register for a Dream11 account through the Dream11 Application, the Invitee can verify his/her contact information at the time of registration.
  • The Invitee will be eligible to earn a Bonus of Rs.100 (“Invitee Bonus”) upon a) successful verification of the Invitee’s mobile number. b) Provided that the Invitee completes the step mentioned in a) above within the Verification Period, the applicable Invitee Bonus shall be credited to the Invitee’s Cash Bonus Account with the Platform, within fifteen (15) days of completion of successful verification of the Invitee’s mobile number. If the Invitee fails to verify the Invitee’s mobile number within the Verification Period or omits to provide documents requested for such verification, the Invitee shall not receive the applicable Invitee Bonus specified above due to the Invitee for completing such verification process.
    Inviter Bonus a) For an Inviter to be eligible to earn the Bonus Amount due to him/her (“Inviter Bonus”), the Inviter must also download and install the Dream11 Application on his/her mobile device verify his/her mobile number and email address before the completion of the Verification Period. b) The credit of the Inviter Bonus is contingent on the Invitee’s participation in cash contests on the Platform. For every Rs. 1 spent by the Invitee to join cash contests on the Platform, the Inviter will be eligible to earn a bonus amount of Rs. 0.50 subject to a maximum of Rs. 100. As an example, if the invitee uses Rs. 100 from his Cash Bonus Account or Unutilized Account to join a cash contest or contest through a Dream11 Application, the Inviter shall be eligible to receive Rs. 50 as Inviter Bonus upon the successful completion of such contest or contest, provided that the Inviter has successfully completed the requisite steps detailed in a) above that make him/her eligible to receive such amount. c) Subject to the provisions of a) and b) above, the applicable Inviter Bonus earned by the Inviter shall be credited to the Inviter’s Cash Bonus Account within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the cash contest or contest in which Invitee has used the Invitee Bonus or within fifteen (15) days of the Inviter completing the relevant step verification process, as the case may be. If the Inviter fails to complete any of the verification steps within the Verification Period or omits to provide documents requested for such verification, the Inviter shall not be eligible to earn the applicable Inviter Bonus. d) It is clarified that the Inviter will be eligible to receive the Inviter Bonus with respect to any contests or contests only in the event the winners are declared for such contests or contests only. If the entry fee paid by the Invitee is refunded to the Invitee to any cash contest or contest, for any reason, the Inviter shall not be eligible to receive any Inviter Bonus for such contest or contest.
  • The Bonus Amounts credited to the Inviter/Invitee can be used by the Inviter/Invitee to join cash contests and contests offered by Dream11 through the Platform. No part of the Bonus Amount may be used to join private contests or be withdrawn or transferred to any other cash balance account held by the Inviter/Invitee with Dream11 or to a third-party account or any bank/payment instrument account. THE BONUS AMOUNT SHALL EXPIRE AND BE WITHOUT EFFECT AT THE END OF FOURTEEN DAYS FROM THE DATE OF CREDIT OF THE BONUS AMOUNT.
  • The deposit of the Bonus Amount shall be at the sole discretion of Dream11 and shall be subject to the Inviter’s/Invitee’s compliance with these Terms. Dream11 may substitute or change the Bonus Amount offered under the Program at any time without notice. An Inviter/Invitee may not substitute the amount of Bonus Amount or substitute offers for other items or exchange for cash.
    Dream11 reserves the right to:
    withhold the deposit of the Bonus Amount; and/or
    forfeit any deposited Bonus Amount to an Inviter/Invitee or any prizes/winnings earned by the participant by using such Bonus Amount; and/or
    deactivate the accounts of the Inviter/Invitee, if it determines or reasonably believes that such Inviter/Invitee has violated these
  • Terms or the terms and conditions of the Dream11 fantasy games.
  • Mere participation in the Program does not entitle the Inviter/Invitee to receive any Bonus Amount.
    Dream11 may, at its sole and absolute discretion, disqualify any Inviter/Invitee if such Inviter/Invitee engages in or it is found that such Inviter/Invitee has engaged in any illegal, unlawful, or improper conduct (about the Program or otherwise).
  • The decision of Dream11 will be final and binding about the Dream11 Referral Code, and the deposit of the Bonus Amount and no correspondence, objection, complaints, etc. will be entertained in this regard.
  • This Program cannot be clubbed with any other contests/promotions/programs that are running simultaneously and organized or conducted by Dream11.
    Dream11 reserves the right to change/modify/or withdraw the Program and/or change these terms and conditions without any prior notice of the same at its sole discretion.
  • The Terms and Conditions for Dream11 Referral Code, as applicable to the Dream11’s fantasy games and services, will apply to and govern the Program.
    Dream11 does not make any commitment, express or implied, to respond to any feedback, suggestion and, or, queries of the participants (Inventor/Invitee) of the Program.
    Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the aggregate liability of Dream11 to a participating Inviter/Invitee about the Program for any reason whatsoever shall not exceed Rs.100.

Dream11 FAQs

  1. Can I create multiple accounts for the referral?

> Dream 11 mandates the authenticity of every account. Creating multiple accounts under the same or different names is considered illegal and liable to punishment.

  1. Is there an age restriction for the referral program as well?

> Yes, to sign up, the user must be 18 years or over.


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