DominosDominos Pizza Delivery | Timings, Home Delivery Details & More

    Dominos Pizza Delivery | Timings, Home Delivery Details & More

    Domino’s pizzas are one of the cheesiest and delicious pizzas one can get. Sometimes people don’t have the luxury of going to places because they are either swamped with work or can’t leave the house for various reasons. What can one do if they are craving pizza but stuck in a predicament as frustrating as this? Simple, just sit back, put your feet up and order your pizza online. With the advancement in technology, this is an extremely easy feat. Now you no longer have to go through arduous lengths to get the cheesy delight to your house. In this article, we will discuss Domino’s delivery time, delivery number, Dominos online order, and late-night orders.

    Dominos Delivery Time

    Domino’s delivery time policy in simple terms says Domino’s will deliver the order in less than 30 mins, otherwise, the order is free. Domino’s delivery time is 30 mins but the service guarantee is withdrawn temporarily on days of the New Year, Diwali, and days where the delivery conditions are difficult. Domino’s also reserved the right to withdraw this service without any prior notice. 

    Domino’s Home Delivery

    Dominos Pizza order online has been a godsend, with many people ordering delicious Domino’s pizzas. Watching sports together in a friends house, house parties and to just satiate pizza cravings, Domino’s has hit the mark with its online delivery service. Domino’s does not have a minimum order for home delivery, all it takes is a few simple steps where you order from Domino’s through their website or app until your hot Pizza, fresh from the oven, is at your doorstep. Just choose from the plethora of options from the site or app and set the location where you want it delivered and you will have your cheesy pizza before you know it.  

    “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy pizza”

    Domino’s Timings

    Have late-night cravings for some mouth-watering pizza? Or just looking for a cheesy early afternoon brunch? Or worried about Domino’s last order time in case you want a really late-night snack? Here we will provide you with all the Domino’s Pizza order timing details you might need. Be it early in the mornings or late at night, Dominos timings are pretty standard and are followed by all of its outlets across the country. 

    • Domino’s outlets are open from 10 am to midnight from Sunday till Thursday for delivery and take away’s.
    • On Friday and Saturday however, they are open from 10 am to 1 am.

    Although the best way to know the exact timings is to Google the outlets in your location and the time will be specified according to the specific outlets. 

    Dominos Online Delivery Number

    Domino’s online delivery started in the USA. Now, with the expansion of both the internet and Dominos, they have grown together exponentially to reach customers far and wide. Dominos has expanded and moved to many countries, India being one of them, where you can order Domino’s through the app or website. You can contact your nearest Dominos here. Check the Domino’s Pizza Delivery number.

    Dominos Free Delivery

    Domino’s Pizza’s free delivery is a much sought-after offer by anyone and everyone. Domino’s delivery time under 30 minutes is a delivery policy followed by Domino’s in which they guarantee the delivery of your order in under 30 mins or else it’s free. But this policy is temporarily shut down on days such as New Year, Diwali, basically any day where the delivery conditions are very difficult to make the delivery. Also, Dominos can withdraw the service without any notice when they feel like it’s appropriate. 

    • DID YOU KNOW: Tom Monaghan traded his car to become the sole owner of Domino’s.

    Domino’s Minimum Order 

    Dominos minimum delivery does not exist per se. Be it the lowest-priced pizza, as long as it’s there on the website, you can place an order for it to be delivered to your home. Domino’s delivery time will be standard no matter the size of the order that is placed, with regards to the minimum delivery time, the details are mentioned above.

    • Dominos delivery hours do not go up to 24 hours. However, their extended hours mean you can satisfy any late-night food cravings past midnight. Each location will have a different time for closing timings. So, check out your local Dominos.


    With the rise in tech and the lazy generation making its way into the virtual way of life, pizzas have also found a way to enter our homes with easy-to-follow deliveries. When you’re feeling like you need some pizzas, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Domino’s in your life. So pick up your phone and start ordering now as your delicious pizza is just a couple of minutes away.


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