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    Diabexy Diabetes Friendly Food Product Shark Tank | 40% Off + Easy & Fast Delivery

    January 9, 2024
    Diabexy Diabetes Friendly Food Products

    Diabetes is all about insulin levels, sugar levels and what you put in your body. You have to work yourself up to keep your health stable. A proper intake of food always helps you to have more control over Diabetes. And you have to look out for the best to be the best. Life has no remote, you gotta get up and change it. This is where the Diabexy diabetes friendly food products comes in. These are food products that are carefully curated to help pre-diabetic and diabetic people to have more contol over blood sugar levels.These are combination of healthy fats and vegan proteins.

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    Founder, Business Idea, and Funding Details of Diabexy

    Business NameDiabexy
    FoundersLokendra Tomar & Nishu Tomar
    Business IdeaDiabetes Friendly Food products 
    Funding DetailsNo Funding

    To reduce the risk of diabetic people getting heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease, the founders of  Diabexy, Lokendra Tomar & Nishu Tomar, have come up with food products with 90% lower glycemic load to normalize blood sugar levels. And the best thing about these is that all these are possible without any medication. Thanks to the idea and innovation of Diabexy for making normal blood sugar levels possible without any medicines. Diabexy has participated in the famous show Shark Tank to raise funds for its future. But, in the end, the founders were not happy with the offers made by the investors, resulting in no funding for the brand. 

    Diabexy Products | Up to 40% Off On Grocery Product

    Diabexy products are growing up to be very significant for diabetic people. It has grown in popularity and gained loyal customers all over the country in a short span of time. The various products they produce have many good effects in making your blood sugar levels normal. Products like flour, cookies, sweets, sweeteners, and salts that are specially made are waiting for you here. All the diabetic-friendly healthy food items you need are available here. 

    Diabexy Flours & Mixes | Starting From Rs. 340

    Diabexy Flours & MixesOffer PriceBuying Link
    Diabexy Atta 1kgRs. 495
    Rs. 485
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Dosa Mix- 350 gmRs. 449
    Rs. 389
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Sugar Control Atta Gluten Free – 1 kgRs. 495
    Rs. 479
    Buy Now
    Nutro Active Keto Atta Net Carb 4% 1kgRs. 599
    Rs. 579
    Buy Now
    NutroActive BrownXatta Atta High Protein & Low Carb 1kgRs. 396
    Rs. 359
    Buy Now

    The flours and mixes from Diabexy are specially designed for diabetic people. These prodcuts have a relatively low glycemic load. Intake of these products has less impact on your blood sugar levels and helps in good diabetic management. They also do a great job in reducing hunger. Sugar control atta, brown atta, dosa mix, breakfast pancake mix, keto atta and many more are available for you. 

    Diabexy Cookies Snacks & Sweets | Easy & Fast Delivery

    Diabexy Cookies Snacks & Sweets Offer PriceBuying Link
    Diabexy Almond CookiesRs. 495
    Rs. 449
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Breakfast BarRs. 499
    Rs. 389
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Jeera Cookies SaltedRs. 349
    Rs. 315
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Coconut CookiesRs. 495
    Rs. 389
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Desi Ghee Sugar Free Coconut BarfiRs. 495
    Rs. 388
    Buy Now

    Diabexy diabetes friendly food products are the ones you have been looking for. A safer health routine is what you get from these products. And something even more interesting comes up with Diabexy. You can now lift the ban on cookies and snacks off of diabetic people with the pop up of cookies and snacks from Diabexy that are specially made for diabetic people.

    Diabexy Charts & Books | Save Up to Rs. 199

    Diabexy Charts & BooksOffer PriceBuying Link
    Gluco Data Log BookRs. 399
    Rs. 488
    Buy Now
    Glycemic Load ChartRs. 299
    Rs. 238
    Buy Now
    New Theory of DiabetesRs. 400
    Rs. 349
    Buy Now
    Glycemic Load ChartRs. 199
    Rs. 99
    Buy Now
    Carbohydrate ChartRs. 399
    Rs. 199
    Buy Now

    Glycemic load chart, Diabexy 15 day diet plan, new theory of diabetes, carbohydrate chart, Gluco data log book and many such charts and books are available for you at Diabexy. Having these amazing things with you can help you keep a track of your food intakes and body health without any hassle. Also, you can monitor your sugar levels and have a good knowledge of what is happening. 

    Diabexy Kits & Combos | For Beginners

    Diabexy Kits & CombosOffer PriceBuying Link
    Diabexy Cookies ComboRs. 1,485
    Rs. 1,155
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Atta, Diabexy Sugar & Diabexy Sugar DropsRs. 1,164
    Rs. 999
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Snacks – Combo PackRs. 1,347
    Rs. 1,115
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Kit for BeginnersRs. 1,982
    Rs. 1,584
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Keto BarfiRs. 1,485
    Rs. 1,155
    Buy Now

    Combos are always the best things. You can buy your favourite products from Diabexy at the best prices with these combos. Kits like Diabexy kits for beginners can help you save time shopping. These are already put into a kit for a similar cause. These kits & combos can help you big time.

    Diabexy Supplements | Powerflo Tablets

    Diabexy SupplementsOffer PriceBuying Link
    Diabexy Reversol TabletRs. 1,188
    Rs. 1,059
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Anteflame TabletsRs. 1,107
    Rs. 989
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Basics Vitamins & AntioxidantsRs. 450
    Rs. 389
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Powerflo TabletsRs. 1,296
    Rs. 1,115
    Buy Now
    Nutroactive Lipolyzer Tummy Fat BurnerRs. 1,107
    Rs. 949
    Buy Now

    Supplements like Reversol tablets, anteflame tablets, powermon tablets, powerflo tablets, Lipolyzer hips and thighs weight and many more can help you keep diabetics in check. There are plenty of supplements available for you which can make wonders work out for you. Explore them and get your hands on the ones you need here. 

    Diabexy Sweetener & Salt | Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

    Diabexy Sweetener & SaltOffer PriceBuying Link
    Diabexy Sugar Free SweetenerRs. 499
    Rs. 438
    Buy Now
    Diabexy Sugar DropsRs. 340
    Rs. 299
    Buy Now
    NutroActive Baking SODARs. 349
    Rs. 283
    Buy Now
    NutroActive MineralSalt Himalayan Pink Rock SaltRs. 999
    Rs. 330
    Buy Now
    NutroActive Keto SugarRs. 599
    Rs. 438
    Buy Now

    Diabetic people can have a taste of sweetener & salt any time of the day with Diabexy. The products are carefully curated to let them have what they want without any effects. The intake of these products can also help you in maintaining your blood sugar levels normal. Health and taste can always be yours here. 

    Where to Buy?

    The popping up of Diabexy and its healthy products have lit up the faces of people with diabetics. These products makes you feel good because of the wonderful positive effects it has on your body. The customers of Diabexy have made their blood sugar level normal in just 90 days. This has made people looking out for Diabexy products all over the country. You can always get your hands on these products on their official site and on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. 

    Diabexy Product AvailabilityBuying Link
    Amazon Check Now
    FlipkartCheck Now
    JiomartCheck Now 
    DiabexyCheck Now

    Telecast Details on Shark Tank

    Diabexy and its founders are the talk of the town now. By rejecting an offer made to them by the investors on Shark Tank, Diabexy has rise to fame in no time. The reason for the rejection of the offer made to them was, the funding was relatively low to what they wanted. The founders later went on to say that they would come back on the show when they make their brand worth more than 100 crores. You can watch this steaming conversations between the founders and the investors here. 

    Watch the full episode – See Here

    Diabexy Social Media Details

    The diabetes friendly food products that you get from Diabexy are some of the best in the country. The healthy items that are used in these products make them worth trying. And the results you get will leave you startled. You can get your blood sugar level to normal and maintain it without any hassle with these products. Also, you can keep up with Diabexy on social media. 


    Slow progress is better than no progress. Once you get results, you will get addicted to the process. This is what is required to stabilize your Diabetes, a slow and steady health, and food routine. And this is where the Diabexy diabetes friendly food products comes in. These can help stabilise the blood sugar levels of diabetic people in the best way. Jumping into the various products from Diabexy will leave you wanting for more. The quality of the product is what made it reach heights.



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