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    Cleartrip Ticket Cancellation | Find Policies, Refund Details, Charges & More To Stay Updated

    January 9, 2024

    Booked the wrong flight? Unforeseen circumstances led to a change of plans? Either way, having to cancel flight tickets is an ordeal that nobody looks forward to. All the planning and searching for a good offer seems a little complicated. However, having to cancel your flight ticket also seems like a burden that nobody wants to go through. Cleartrip’s flight ticket cancellation makes it easy for you so that you are not troubled with the grueling task of having to cancel your flight tickets. Read on to find out more about Cleartrip Ticket Cancellation.

    Cleartrip Cancellation

    Ticket Cancellations are often made when people book a ticket by accident, cancel flights excessively late, etc. Travel Companies, as well as flight or hotel management, ensure that they take care of everything beforehand. There are times when people have to face situations like this. Almost every company provides flight ticket cancellation services to its customers. Cleartrip manage booking helps with ticket cancellation and refund policies. Every company’s policy is different so you have to check these policies before booking your flight tickets. There are specific pages you can refer to for these instructions and guidelines. Once you read these instructions, it will be easier to make decisions while doing any transaction or booking.

    Cleartrip Cancellation Charges

    Suppose you have decided to cancel a booking, but are unsure about the amount you will be charged with as a cancellation fee. Cleartrip ticket cancellation levies a cancellation processing fee of Rs 250 Cleartrip flight cancellation refund per passenger per segment. Remember that this is in addition to the airline’s cancellation charges. If you amend your booking, they will charge an amendment processing fee of Rs 250 per passenger per sector. Cleartrip ticket cancellation is significantly easy to perform. Further down we will mention the steps to take when you go on Cleartrip to cancel tickets.

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    “A good travel has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” – Lao Tzu

    Cleartrip Cancellation Policy

    With Cleartrip, you can cancel your flight no later than 3 hours before the time of departure. If you need to cancel your reservation within 3 hours of the departure you need to contact the airline directly for cancellation and only then contact Cleartrip ticket cancellation for cancelling your reservation in the Cleartrip system. Make sure to check the policy before you start the process of booking a flight on Cleartrip.

    Cleartrip Flight Cancellation And Refund

    “How to cancel flight tickets in Cleartrip?” is a question that is asked quite often, believe it or not. Individuals find themselves asking this question most of the time and think that this is an arduous process. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take to cancel your flight ticket on Cleartrip and begin the refund process. Read on to find the detailed steps to cancel your flight tickets and to know about the Cleartrip cancellation policy and refund status.

    • Sign in to your Cleartrip Account using the email address you used while booking your tickets on Cleartrip.
    • In the “Upcoming Trips” section, select the trip you want to cancel by clicking the Trip ID.
    • On the trip details page, click the “Cancellations” link that appears in red.
    • Now, select the passengers you wish to cancel the booking for, and hit the “Review Cancellation” button at the bottom.
    • Once you’re on the next screen, run through the passengers selected to cancel the booking for and the refund amount. The refund amount takes into account Cleartrip cancellation charges in addition to the airline cancellation charges.
    • After checking if everything is in order, hit “Yes, cancel now” to immediately cancel the booking for the selected passenger.
    • Depending upon your mode of payment and your bank, it may take anywhere from 3 to 14 working days to show up on your account statement.
    • DID YOU KNOW: 8% of travelers surveyed cancel and re-book their trip after completing a booking.


    While making important decisions when booking expensive tickets, it is imperative that you first thoroughly make plans. Make sure that no work or other occasions coincide with your trip. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to cancel tickets on Cleartrip, hopefully this article has helped you.



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