MakeMyTripCheck Out These Cheapest International Tour Packages That Are In Your Budget 

    Check Out These Cheapest International Tour Packages That Are In Your Budget 

    Tourism is a major recreational activity. The requirement of a tourist to satisfy a large number of terms and conditions for the normal outcome of his/her vacation prompted tourist agencies to take on the procurement of various components of such trips and integrate them into a single tourism package. The fundamental advantage of a planned holiday package trip is that it is well-defined and full, ready to be marketed on the tourist market primarily as a mass-consumption commodity. The package’s unified price is paid in full ahead of time, saving the traveler from having to divide the overall cost among its numerous components. International trips are always interesting but when they are affordable, it is an added delight. In this blog, we are going to look at the cheapest international tour packages. 

    Krabi and Phuket Getaway

    Cheapest International Tour Packages

    This is located in Thailand and is a perfect tourist spot for everyone. Phuket is the place to go if you want a well-developed area with all the amenities. Krabi, on the other side, is the finest choice if you want to appreciate the bucolic countryside and lounge around in a natural atmosphere. These two places are best to be visited in the months of April and May. This tour package starts from an unbelievable range of Rs. 28990 the cheapest international tour package. Take a look at this now and plan your trip right away in this never-again deal.

      • This flexible getaway is for 6 days. 
      • One day Phi Phi Island tour in a standard class Royal Jet Cruiser.
      • Includes leisure hotel stays. 

      Velana Beach Maldives Short Vacation

      Cheapest International Tour Packages

      The Maldives is one of the best tourist spots in the world and also stands on almost everyone’s favorite vacation spot list. The Maldives’ unique topography provides resorts and their visitors with unparalleled solitude. With its white sandy beaches, turquoise blue oceans, coral reefs teeming with marine life, and, most importantly, you taking it all in, the Velana beach Maldives short vacation is a dream come true. The tour package starts at Rs.49990. Book your package right away. 

      • Enjoy 3 nights in the Maldives. 
      • You can easily customize these travel packages based on your interests. 
      • Enjoy your arrival and departure in speedboats. 

      Dubai Vacation 4N

      Cheapest International Tour Packages

      Dubai is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. The area is well-known for its luxurious shopping, expensive hotels and resorts, bustling nightlife, stunning architecture, and beautiful beaches. This place can be visited every season of the year and still gives a whole new experience every time. The tour package starts from Rs. 32990. This is a never-again deal and it is unfair to let this go. Book your package now and enjoy an amazing vacation. 

      • Comes with a stay in an authentic Indian hotel.
      • Includes a Marina Dhow cruise to view the city’s beauty from the water. 
      • Enjoy a good dessert safari. 

      Short Break In Kathmandu

      Cheapest International Tour Packages

      Kathmandu is well-known for its holy monuments. The city’s terrain is dotted with temples, monasteries, and stupas, notably the Pashupatinath Temple and the Changu Narayan, both of which are known for their gorgeous, detailed religious artworks. This is an attractive tourist spot that catches the attention of many. Because of the vistas of pristine glaciers and local festivities, the great time to visit Kathmandu is from late September to December. The area remains dry and appropriate for sightseeing and trekking throughout these months. The tour package starts from Rs. 10999. Book your package now. 

      • It is a 3 nights package. 
      • Stay in a luxurious boutique hotel.
      • It is a flight and hotel-only package. 

      Bhutan Holidays

      Cheapest International Tour Packages

      Bhutan vacations are like going back in time. Bhutan is best visited between October and December when the air is clean and bright. The environment remains dry and comfortable in April, and the famed rhododendrons blossom gloriously in late spring, filling the hillsides with color. Bhutan is a nation worth visiting. It has the potential to become Asia’s Switzerland. This is a tiny country with outstanding natural beauty, a rich national past, and profound Buddhist culture. This holiday package starts from Rs. 32990. Pack your bags and take off to enjoy your Bhutan days. This is one of the best Cheapest International Tour Packages.

      • Set to explore Thimphu and Paro with this package.
      • Includes a visit to Tiger’s nest monastery.
      • A government-approved licensed guide will accompany you throughout the tour.

      Amazing Da Nang

      Cheapest International Tour Packages

      Da Nang is recognized as the tourism capital of South-Central Vietnam, and its west coast location allows for stunning sunsets against a backdrop of green mountains. This is among the major port cities in Vietnam. Da Nang’s beauty lies not only in its beaches but also in its geographical location, which leans on the spectacular Truong Son mountains (or the Annamite Range) and has Son Tra Peninsula encircling the sea. Visit this beautiful place with the cheapest International tour package deals starting from Rs.14999. Enjoy this vacation at the best never-again rates.   

      • Enjoy 3 nights in Da Nang with this package. 
      • Includes a half-day Hoi An tour.
      • Come with a stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel.

      Discover Spain

      Cheapest International Tour Packages

      Spain is famous for its cuisine, Flamenco song and culture, repose, bullfights, horses, literature and art, architecture, a Moorish legacy, beaches, Mediterranean coastlines, wines, fruits and vegetables, and football. Spain is known for its beaches and warm climates, but it also has a diverse environment. Explore the beauty of Spain with the cheapest international tour packages starting from Rs. 22990. 

      • Discover Barcelona and Madrid to the fullest with this package. 
      • Enjoy 3 nights in Barcelona and 3 nights in Madrid.
      • Includes a tour around Madrid’s El Rastro market and Retiro Park in Madrid.


      Traveling allows individuals to learn about culture, cuisine, new places, music, and how people live their daily lives in other regions of the world. Traveling has several health advantages, ranging from stress reduction to reduced risk of developing heart disease. You may sit in a chair all day at work adding some strolling to your vacation will help your body feel good. Travel at the cheapest rates and enjoy your vacation in the places you love.      


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