MakeMyTripWhich Are The Cheapest Char Dham Yatra Packages? Get All The Details...

    Which Are The Cheapest Char Dham Yatra Packages? Get All The Details here

    The beliefs and the thoughts about supernatural and spiritual things are always one step higher in Hinduism. The principles and ideologies put forward by people and ancient books are proving to be right all the time. Likewise, one of the most popular rituals in Indian families is the Char Dham yatra. This is a pilgrimage to the four holy sites of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. It is believed that taking up this yatra opens up the gates of salvation by washing away all your sins. One is known to attain peace of mind when he completes this pilgrimage. If you are planning to go on a Char Dham yatra, there are many travel packages that you can take to have a safe and comfortable journey. Here are some of the cheapest Char Dham yatra packages available for you. 

    Do Dham – Ex Haridwar

    The two revered holy sites known as DoDham are Kedarnath and Badrinath. The Do Dham yatra from Hardiwar is one of the most popular pilgrimages among people. This package ensures you see all the beautiful views from snow capped mountains to attractive waterfalls all through the way to the holy sites. The picturesque town of Kedarnath and Badrinath is where divinity meets with the serenity of nature. Enjoy this amazing experience at an affordable price by taking up this Do Dham Ex Haridwar package. 

    • This is a 4 night stay package.
    • It includes 2 nights in Guptkashi, 1 night in Badrinath and 1 night in Rudraprayag joshimath. 
    • Stay in luxury hotels, meals, transfers and sightseeings are included in the package. 

    PRICE – Rs 27,999 Rs 23,000 | Check now

    Chardham – Ex Haridwar

    The one pilgrimage yatra that has the highest significance among the people of India is the Char Dham yatra. It is the most important pilgrimage in India. People from all over the world come to take up this yatra every year. The Char Dham yatra includes travelling to the four holy sites of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. Located in the mountainous state of Uttarakhand, these are sights for sore eyes. To have a safe and smooth journey to all the sites at a cheaper price, take up this Char Dham Ex Haridwar package and enjoy a delightful journey.

    • It is a 9 day/8 night package. 
    • It includes 2 nights in Barkot, 2 nights in Uttarkashi, 2 nights in Guptkashi Rampur, 1 night in Badrinath Govind Ghat and 1 night in Rudraprayag Joshimath. 
    • All transfers, excursions, sightseeings are included in the itinerary.

      PRICE – Rs 55,999 Rs 40,999 | Check now

      Chardham Ex Delhi

      This package is preferred by most of the people wanting a long journey to explore all the four holy sites of the Char Dham pilgrimage. This is a complete package that brings all the beauty and spirituality in the world before your eyes. Stop spending plenty from your pocket to go on spiritual trips and pilgrimages. Take up your yatras at cheapest prices with packages like these. These amazing packages show you wonderful things in the best way at best prices. Get your hands on this Char Dham Ex Delhi package at an affordable price while you still can. 

      • This is a 10 night package.
      • This is a family friendly package. 
      • Includes stay in 6 different places during the tour. 

        PRICE – Rs 70,000 Rs 50,999 | Check now

        Char Dham Yatra – Group Tour 

        Almost everyone in the country knows the significance of Char Dham yatra and the good things it brings along with it. Taking this pilgrimage trip makes you stronger spiritually and meantally. The picturesque views of the valleys and snow-clad mountains are a sight for sore eyes. Everything in this tour will make butterflies in your stomach. When you are looking forward to going on this trip with your family and friends, this Cheapest Char Dham Yatra Package can be the perfect one for you. The itinerary is properly planned to give you and your family all the comfort in the world throughout the trip. 

        • Enjoy a 11 day/10 night Char Dham yatra with this package. 
        • Includes stay in well maintained hotels.
        • Free transfers all through the trip. 

        PRICE – Rs 41,675 Rs 36,751 | Check now

        Group Char Dham Yatra

        • This is an 8 night package. 
        • Includes breakfast and dinner at hotels all day. 
        • Amazing sightseeings are included in the package. 

        PRICE – Rs 51,314 Rs 45,251 | Check now

        Char Dham Yatra – Group Tour 

        The best time to undertake the Char Dham trip is between the months of April and June. This is when the summer welcomes everyone with warm hands. The paths are also safe enough for everyone during this time. If you want to take your whole family on a trip along with your kids , the summer holidays is the best time of the year to go on a tour. This Char Dham yatra group tour package combines beauty with spirituality to satisfy everyone in your family by giving the best tour experience. 

        • This is a 12 day long trip package specially curated for families. 
        • Includes stay in luxury hotels along with breakfast and dinner. 
        • All excursions and transfers are included in the package. 

        PRICE – Rs 62,229 Rs 54,876 | Check now

        Soulful Char Dham Yatra Package

        Get your hands on this soulful Char Dham yatra package and enjoy a captivating 12 day yatra with an illuminating experience. You will have a great time discovering the tranquillity of all the places with this well-planned Char Dham itinerary. Enjoy a nourishing spiritual encounter as you travel to these carefully selected holy places. Along with an indulgent experience, this Char Dham vacation package treats you with leisurely days in Sitapur and Srinagar. This package has everything you will need during a trip. Getting this with a discount makes it even more special. 

        • Includes private cab transfers and sightseeings. 
        • Enjoy a Yamunotri trek and all the serene surroundings throughout the trip. 
        • All night stays are in 2 star hotels.

        PRICE – Rs 25,108 Rs 23,099 | Check now


        Char Dham yatra is believed to relieve you from the cycle of life and death by giving you peace. This is why it is seen as one the most important pilgrimages by many across the world. Apart from all the spirituality that this trip can give you, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains and whatnot. Plan your Char Dham yatra in the cheapest way possible by choosing your favourite one from the cheapest Char Dham yatra package available for you here. Go through all these amazing packages to have a serene experience at cheaper prices.


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