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    boAt Smart Watch Under 2000 – 3000 | We Have Selected The Most Popular Ones To Buy Under The Budget

    January 9, 2024
    boat smart watch under 3000

    Can’t keep track of time? Don’t know where your whole day goes, and you still haven’t progressed in any way? Well, get yourself a boat smart watch under 2000 – 3000 to keep track of time and manage the whole day. Now you may wonder, what type of magic will these watches do to make your day better? Smartwatches are made to help you keep tabs on your work and make a schedule. It is always on your wrist as a companion to push you towards work by showing you actual time and works that are pending. Smartwatches are absolutely worth the money if you love them and never want to waste a minute of your life. So without further ado, let’s not waste any sec and look at some boAt smartwatches you can consider buying. 

    Boat Wave Lite Smartwatch

    Undoubtedly, boAt has an excellent reputation in the electronics market; their product has always met customer expectations in a lower price range. Similarly, Boat Smartwatches under 3000 are nonetheless. The first one on our list is Boat Wave Lite Smartwatch, a lighter and more convenient watch that adds to your attire and won’t create any discomfort in your life, weighing around 44.8GMS. It has a 1.69-inch display with a 160-degree viewing angle that will let you use it seamlessly. 

    smartwatch under 2000 boat,boat smart watch under 2000

    Top Highlight of boAt Wave Lite:

    • Health monitoring 
    • 100+ watch faces 
    • Ten sports mode 
    • Sleep tracker
    • Real SpO2 Sensor 

    Price:- Rs. 1,399 / Buy Now

    Boat Wave Call Smart Watch

    Having a Bluetooth-calling watch will step up your game. There are multiple calls most of us have to attend to daily, and sometimes we even miss some due to phones we forgot in our rooms. So, bring home Boat Wave Call Smart Watch today to experience some lucrative features that will make your life easy. The 1.69 HD curved display with ten days of battery backup will help you stay focused on your work rather than charging it daily. This is a top calling smart watch under 2000 – 3000 by Boat.

    It has accurate health tracking features with SpO2 monitoring and heart rate tracking. You can sync your google fit or Apple health to the watch and expect a healthier lifestyle with the boat best smartwatch under 2000.

    smartwatch under 2000 boat,boat smart watch under 2000
    Boat Wave Call Smart Watch

    Top Specifications of Boat Wave Call Smart Watch:

    • Multiple sports mode 
    • Bluetooth calling 
    • 150+ watch faces 
    • 220mAh Battery 
    • V.51 bluetooth support 

    Price:- Rs. 1,699 / Buy Now

    Boat Wave Elevate

    The boAt Wave Elevate is a versatile smartwatch that combines style and functionality. Its sleek design and lightweight build make it perfect for fitness enthusiasts and those who value aesthetics. With a battery that lasts up to seven days and an IP68 certification for durability, this watch offers long-lasting performance, making this one of the best smart watch under 2000 – 3000 by Boat. Stay on top of your fitness goals and track time with this impressive wearable that delivers both form and function.

    boat wave elevate
    boat wave elevate

    Top Specifications of Boat Wave Call Smart Watch:

    • Smartwatch with 1.96″ HD Display
    • BT Calling
    • 100+ Sports Modes
    • 15 Days Battery
    • Premium Metal Body

    Price:- Rs. 2,299 / Buy Now

    Boat Wave Neo

    Want to track time, or is fitness your priority? Well, worry not, you can get them both in one smartwatch boAt Wave Neo. With its impressive stylish design, slim and slay; look, and lightweight, this watch is incredible for anyone who wants some extensive features with aesthetic design. Seven days of battery backup with IP68 certification ensure you a long-lasting use with durability.

    Boat Wave Neo has a 1.69 standard display with a peak brightness of 500 units. In addition, you will get 10 Active sports modes and several accurate health tracking sensors, eventually leading you to fitness. 

    boat wave neo
    boat wave neo

    Top specifications:

    • Sleep Tracking 
    • Play Music 
    • Get important notifications 
    • 100+ watch faces 
    • 220mAh battery 
    • BLE 5.1 Connectivity 
    • 35 gms weight 
    • Track Heart rate and Blood oxygen level

    Price:- Rs. 1,399 / Buy Now

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    Boat Wave Pro

    Cricket lovers are definitely going to buy boAt Wave Pro. Are you also a cricket lover? This boat watch under 2000 can show live scores of cricket matches and can allow you to see scores of sports even in a busy schedule. That’s not all you will get in this smartwatch; there is 30-minute fast charging that will give the worth of your money. This is one of the best smartwatch under 2000 boat.

    Apart from that, there is an IP67 rating with 1.69 inches 500 units HD Display. Moreover, there is a 200mAh battery capacity with health-tracking features. 

    smartwatch under 2000 boat,boat smart watch under 2000
    Boat Wave Pro

    Key highlights:

    • 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity 
    • Seven days of working time 
    • 100+ Custom Watch faces
    • Camera Control 
    • Music play and pause

    Price:- Rs. 1,099 / Buy Now

    Wave Pro 47 M Smart Watch

    Wave Pro 47 M Smart Watch is one of the boat best watch under 2000 – 3000 and is a great deal that you would not want to slide from your hand. It has a cultural vibe and is made in India. This boat smartwatch offers some mind-blowing features you may not get in the budget segment. It is equipped with a 1.69inch Hd display with crisp image quality. In addition, the watch display has 500 units of peak brightness so that you can use it in sunlight without hassle. 

    smartwatch under 2000 boat,boat smart watch under 2000
    Wave Pro 47 M Smart Watch

    Top specifications and highlights of Wave Pro 47M smartwatch:

    • Fast 30 min charging 
    • Seven days of power backup 
    • IP67 Rating 
    • Multiple sports mode
    • Support custom watch space

    Price:- Rs. 3,499 / Buy Now

    Boat Storm Pro

    Want some lucrative features other than basic ones in the budget? Look no further. Boat Storm Pro with Bluetooth calling smartwatch is for you. Equipped with a 1.78-inches AMOLED display, this smartwatch has a 230mAh battery capacity. The AMOLED screen has a 60 hertz frame rate with vivid colours that elevate your user experience. This boat smartwatch under 2000 – 3000 has metal built, making it rough and tough. Plus, its IP68 rating ensures safety from dust and water splash so you can use it in any weather. 

    boat storm pro
    boat storm pro

    Top key highlights of Boat Strom Pro:

    • Bluetooth calling
    • V5.0 Bluetooth connectivity 
    • 700+ sports mode 
    • SPO2 monitoring 
    • Smart notifications 
    • Health and fitness tracker 
    • 100+ watch faces 

    Price:- Rs. 1,599 / Buy Now


    Yes, most smartwatches provide notification support; you can easily see text messages, calls, alerts, etc. However, it would be best to check the specification to ensure the watch has notification support.

    The boat provides an ASAP fast charging feature that they use in smartwatches. It can charge your smartwatch in under 30 mins. But this function is only available in a few boat smartwatches.

    Yes, a few Boat smartwatches come with an in-built GPS, like the Boat Xplorer smartwatch. However, you may not get GPS in every watch so ensure to read the specification before buying.

    Most boat smartwatches under 2000 have a 1.68 inches Hd display, and a few also come with AMOLED. Moreover, the brightness and size of the display of boat smartwatches may vary from model to model.

    Yes, almost every smartwatch has the option of controlling music. Still, you should check it before buying if you don’t want to gamble on your luck.

    Final Verdict 

    By now, you would have the idea of what smartwatch from the boat will be best for you. We have mentioned some of our top picks of Boat smartwatches under 2000 – 3000, so you can easily decide to single read this blog. Most watches we have mentioned are the best boat smartwatch under 2000 under 2000 – 3000, but if you still find it out of your budget, then we also got your back through the offers we provide at our platform CouponsWala; ensure to give it a visit and see how much you can save on your several purchases. 



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