AmazonBest Refurbished Laptop Under 20000 | Top Budget-Friendly Laptops To Buy

    Best Refurbished Laptop Under 20000 | Top Budget-Friendly Laptops To Buy

    Ever wanted a laptop really badly but you wounded up too tight on budget? Worry not, we have compiled a list of some of the best-refurbished laptops on a good budget for you. Throw away your budget woes and purchase away. We assure you, that even though these are refurbished products, you will never compromise on quality. Check out this blog on best refurbished laptop under 20000 and 30000.

    Why A Refurbished Laptop?

    The best reason to buy a refurbished laptop is the money-saving part of it. You can also contribute to the environment by sending one less electronic gadget to the dump. Also unlike original products that may be out of stock and would need time to be delivered, refurbished products do not take any time since they are put on sale only if they are available.

    Things To Look Out For Before Buying A Refurbished Laptop

    While buying a refurbished laptop is good on many levels, one should not go blindly into it. There are a lot of things to look out for before buying a refurbished laptop. Also, check out the best refurbished laptop under 20000. We have listed some of the most important ones below.

    • The product can be of 2 types – refurbished or open – box. The open box laptop is one that has been opened but never been used due to the customer not liking the color aesthetics or something else. The refurbished ones are the laptops that would have undergone some repairs and are hence being returned.
    • It is also of utmost importance to note if all the stuff is there in the box, namely the chargers and other items.
    • The condition of the laptop should also be taken into consideration. Do examine the laptop in front of your eyes, if you have the chance, to check for defects and imperfections.
    • The warranty on the laptop can still be there for some of the refurbished ones. This will increase its value and should be looked out for
    • The last one is the return policy, the laptops you buy should be returnable for at least 2 weeks or so for you to find out any issues with them. If they do not have any return policies, do not bother buying cause there will usually be some issues with them.

    Best Refurbished Laptops Under 20000

    You are extremely tight on budget and are now looking to buy the best laptops available. If you can compromise the refurbishing and want the best piece of hardware look down for the best deals. Here is a list of the best refurbished laptop under 20000.

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    (Refurbished) Dell Latitude Intel 2nd Gen Core i5 14 inches 1366×768 Business LaptopRs.89990 Rs.19490Buy Now
    (Renewed) HP ChromeBook AMD A4 11.6 inches HD LaptopRs.89999 Rs.17999Buy Now
    (Refurbished) HP Chromebook 14a-na0003TU Intel N4020
    14 inches Thin & Light Touchscreen Laptop
    Rs.24990 Rs.19192Buy Now
    (Refurbished) Dell Latitude E6410-i5-4 GB-240 GB 14-inch
    Rs.40000 Rs.18610Buy Now
    (Renewed) HP ChromeBook AMD A4 11.6 inches HD Thin and
    Light Business Laptop
    Rs.89999 Rs.15999Buy Now
    (Renewed) HP Chromebook 11A G6 EE 11.6 inches
    HD Chromebook
    Rs.89999 Rs.15999Buy Now
    (Renewed) Dell 3340 Latitude 13 Inch Screen LaptopRs.272000 Rs.19999Buy Now
    (Renewed) HP ChromeBook 11.6 inch (29.46 cm) HD
    Rs.89999 Rs.16999Buy Now
    (Renewed) HP Chromebook MediaTek MT8183 11.6 inches
    Thin and Light Touchscreen Laptop
    Rs.20490 Rs.17416Buy Now

    Best Refurbished Laptops Under 30000

    Still on a tight budget but want better hardware? Refurbishing might not sound too good for many people but if you want to save money these deals might be it for you. This is a list of the best-refurbished laptops deals on the internet right now.

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    (Refurbished) Lenovo Intel 6th Gen Core i5 6300HQ
    14-Inch (35.56 cms) 1920×1080 Laptop
    Buy Now
    (Refurbished) Lenovo Thinkpad T460 14-inch Laptop
    (I5-6300U/16GB/256GB/Dos/Integrated Graphics), Black
    Buy Now
    (Refurbished) Lenovo Thinkpad Intel Core i5 14-Inch
    (35.56 cms) 1366×768 Laptop
    Buy Now
    (Refurbished) DELL Latitude E5440-i5-8 GB-120 GB
    14-inch Laptop
    Buy Now
    (Renewed) Dell Latitude Laptop E5430 Intel Core i5 –
    3340 Processor, 4 GB Ram & 128 GB SSD, 14 inches
    Notebook Computer
    Buy Now
    (Refurbished) Dell Latitude E5440 14 Inch
    (35.56 cms) Laptop
    Buy Now
    (Renewed) Dell Latitude E5470 Intel Core i5 6th
    Gen.6200u Processor 14.1 Inches HD Screen
    Notebook Computer
    Buy Now
    (Renewed) HP Chromebook x360 AMD 3015CE 14
    inches Thin and Light Touchscreen Laptop
    Buy Now
    (Refurbished) Dell Latitude E6430 14 inches LaptopRs.89999
    Buy Now
    (Renewed) Dell Lattitude E5270 Intel Core I5 6th Gen
    12.5 inches HD Laptop
    Buy Now


    It is really hard to find good quality laptops under 30,000. There will always be some drawback, be it in speed, storage or something else. The best alternative to this is getting a refurbished one. Even though it’s mentioned as refurbished, these are high-quality laptops that are usually returned to the seller after one or 2 days of use due to the user not liking the color or design aesthetic of the laptop. They are usually a bargain for their price compared to other laptops at the same price point, offering much more in nearly every single category.


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