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Best 5 Series On ZEE5 To Binge Watch | Details On All The 5 Amazing Series


Zee5Best 5 Series On ZEE5 To Binge Watch | Details On All...

Best 5 Series On ZEE5 To Binge Watch | Details On All The 5 Amazing Series

Several brands have launched an original Indian web series on video streaming platforms that are highly popular. The ZEE5 original web series platform is India’s second-largest OTT platform. It provides a diverse range of content in 12 languages under a variety of genres. Check this blog for Best 5 Series On ZEE5 to make your weekend more exciting.

The platform has a diverse selection of content available across all genres such as comedy, drama, suspense, thriller, horror, and more. It has stories for any whim and fancies you might have. Whether it’s heartwarming family stories, tender friendship stories, suspenseful thrillers based on true events, passionate love stories, or anything you’d want to watch for a good laugh. Here are some of the 5 best series you can binge-watch on ZEE5.

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Best 5 Series on ZEE5 to Binge-Watch 

With the variety of shows available on OTT platforms, it becomes hard to choose a particular show to watch right then and there. Of course, there are those shows recommended by your friends and family but they might not exactly be to your taste. Here is a list of the best ZEE5 web series that you can try which might just catch your interest.

Forbidden Love 

  • Genre – Romantic thriller 
  • Cast – Ali Faisal, Pooja Kumar, Raima Sen, Ahana Kumra, Omkar Kapoor, Pooja Kumar, and others 
  • Direction – Pradeep Sarkar and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary, Manish Manjrekar, Priyadarshan

Forbidden Love is a Hindi-language Indian mini-series directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Priyadarshan that premiered on ZEE5. It’s a collection of four short romantic movies. Each film explores a dark side of love, such as jealousy and infidelity, which are trapped in the relationship.

The first part of this series consists of two short films, Arranged Marriage, and Anamika. The series challenged the stereotype of the conventional love story that our Indian cinema industry portrays. The primary cast and the unspoken side of love tales that are beautifully presented in the series are popular with viewers. You may also watch the series with ease if you have subscribed to ZEE5 every month. For even more savings on the ZEE5, check out our ZEE5 specials, which can assist you in a subscription with significant savings.

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  • Genre – Comic Crime thriller
  • Director – Vikas Bahl
  • Cast – Sunil Grover, Mukul Chadda, and Ashish Vidyarthi 

Sunflower is a show about a group of amusing people who live in an urban housing society. Sonu, on the other hand, is the most bumbling and uncomfortable of them all. He walks straight into the middle of a murder investigation involving a member of society, quickly becoming the main suspect. The alleged attackers, a Sunflower resident couple, move cautiously near him. Will they be able to flee while Sonu continues to dig his grave?

As the investigation progresses. Members of the hypocritical society are anxious that their cherished society will lose its charm. However, the problem is that future generations’ techniques are neither good nor ancient. They claim that Sunflower will wither as a result of late-night parties, suspected homosexuals, and tattooed renters.

Sunflower is a whimsical murder mystery set in a comedy of errors, with Sonu putting the nose around his neck, killers living on the edge, and a society striving to raise its values. 

Friends: The Reunion  

  • Genre – Comedy Biography
  • Director – Ben Winston
  • Hosted by – James Corden
  • Cast – Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc

This is an unscripted reunion show with the original cast of NBC’s popular sitcom “Friends.” The show’s main cast feels perfectly at home on the iconic Friends sets for the first time in 17 years. 17 years since their final episode on Friends, taking a trip down memory lane while lounging on Central Perk’s couch and watch your favourite group of friends relive their fondest memories.


  • Genre – Drama
  • No. of episodes – 600+
  • Casting – Abhishek Das, Rakshit Gowda, Nisha Ravikrishanan, Sudha Narsimharaju

You can also watch your favourite Kannada series on Zee Kannada on ZEE5. The main benefit of watching these shows on ZEE5 is that you can experience continuous streaming, as well as enjoy HD resolution and multi-device support.

Gattimela is a Kannada-language Indian television show that airs on Zee Kannada and ZEE5. The show debuted in 2019 and has been successful to date. With a ZEE5 subscription, you may watch this series directed by Koramangala Anil and produced by Joni Harsha on ZEE5 even before it premieres. The show is a wonderful remake of the Telugu serial Varudhini which you will find on Zee Telugu. Gattimela is one of the top Kannada soap operas to watch if you’re looking for a popular Kannada show.

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Broken But Beautiful 

  • Genre – Romance web series
  • Director – Priyanka Ghose
  • Cast –  Vikrant Massey, Harleen Sethi and Sidharth Shukla, Sonia Rathee

Broken but beautiful is a Hindi romance web series that has famous actors who play distraught lovers who find their way through life with only the comfort of their loved ones. It is a series that shows the daily turmoil of love which isn’t just butterflies and rainbows. The show manages to capture the different ways two people who fall in love discover the emotional journey the emotions of trust, care and betrayal take them through.


ZEE5 features content for every type of fan, from streaming star-studded content like Forbidden love and Sunflower to releasing hard-hitting content like Broken but Beautiful and Friends: The reunion. Download the ZEE5 app and start your binge-watching session.



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