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    Autodesk AEC Collection Sale | All Offers & Benefits Included – Claim Now

    The Autodesk AEC Collection sale provides a range of BIM and CAD tools, as well as a cloud-based shared data environment, to enable designers, engineers, and contractors to deliver projects from idea to completion. Using conceptual and detailed design tools, create high-quality, high-performing building and infrastructure designs. Integrate analysis, generative design, visualization, and simulation techniques to improve projects. With tools that maximize constructability and project coordination, you can improve predictability in the field.

    Benefits Of Autodesk AEC Collection

    Integrate workflows for document management, conceptual design, modeling, coordination, and documentation to speed up design processes and enhance quality. Investigate industry-specific workflows:

    • Designing a structure
    • Infrastructure planning
    • Construction

    How the AEC collection can benefit you?

    • Obtain additional work: Get access to tools that will help you earn more business by bidding on it, winning it, and delivering it.
    • Enhance operational effectiveness: Reduce design time and optimize handoff with faster data interchange by automating tasks.
    • Deliver more long-term projects: Deliver high-quality construction and infrastructure projects that meet or exceed client expectations.
    • Reduce the possibility of danger: Stakeholder buy-in and project predictability will improve, while errors and rework will be reduced.

    Try it out for free

    For 30 days, you may try AutoCAD for free. When you subscribe, you can try AutoCAD and/or any of the industry-specific toolsets that come with it. See how adopting a specialized toolkit can help you get more done in less time. Please bear in mind that you must download each trial individually.

    When you subscribe now, you’ll have access to:

    • WIN/MAC AutoCAD
    • Architecture toolset
    • Electrical toolset
    • Map 3D toolset
    • Set of mechanical tools
    • MEP Toolset
    • 3D plant toolkit
    • Raster Design Toolset
    • App for AutoCAD on the go
    • Web-based AutoCAD application

    Autodesk AEC Collection Sale Offers

    Do you want to learn how to use AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD Revit LT Suite? Take the opportunity now! From today and until May 21st (Friday), you get a 15% discount when subscribing to the mentioned software. New one-year and three-year memberships are eligible for the discount. Renewals are not allowed. Sale Dates: 10th Jan – 14th Jan 2023

    What exactly is AutoCAD?

    Architects, engineers, and construction professionals use AutoCAD computer-aided design (CAD) software to create exact 2D and 3D drawings. Using solids, surfaces, and mesh objects, draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models. Tasks like comparing drawings, counting, adding blocks, establishing schedules, and more can be automated.

    Add-on apps and APIs allow you to personalize your experience.

    With the specialized toolkits, you can save time.

    The average productivity improvement for tasks accomplished utilizing specialized tools in AutoCAD was 63% across seven trials. Now with the ongoing sale offer, you can save up to 15% on this deal that means ₹79,237 in total only. How great is that?

    Architects, engineers, construction professionals, and designers use AutoCAD LT, a capable 2D computer-aided design (CAD) software, too:

    • With exact 2D geometry, you can design, draft, and document.
    • A variety of editing, design and annotation tools are available.
    • Work more efficiently with a user-friendly, customizable interface.

    With the bundled AutoCAD web app, you can work from anywhere.

    • On any computer, design and draw a draft on a web browser.
    • In a simplified user interface, you may view, edit, annotate and share CAD designs.
    • Sign in and get to work — there’s no need to install any software.

    With the bundled AutoCAD mobile app, you can use AutoCAD LT on the go.

    • Take the power of AutoCAD with you wherever you go – even when you’re not connected to the internet.
    • In real-time, you may view, edit, annotate and create CAD drawings. 
    • It is possible to utilize any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

    And now you can get all of these things with up to a 15% discount. New one-year and three-year memberships are eligible for the discount. Renewals are not allowed.

    What exactly is AutoCad Revit LT & BIM Collaborate Pro?

    You can create high-quality 3D architectural designs and documentation with Revit LTTM software, their most cost-effective BIM (Building Information Modelling) solution. 

    BIM workflows that are standardized can help you save time and money.

    • Standardize on BIM workflows to streamline project operations.
    • Improve design quality and decrease risk by automating workflows.
    • With extensive planning and project scheduling, you’ll be able to stay on track more easily.

    With BIM, you’ll be able to get more jobs.

    • Meet the requirements for projects that require BIM outputs.
    • With 3D modelling and visualization technologies, you can give your clients a glimpse inside your creations.
    • Users of Revit and AutoCAD software can collaborate on designs.

    AutoCAD has been a valuable tool for design and engineering teams for decades. And, as the program has improved over time, you have as well! So, why would you want to make a change?

    The requirement for greater adaptability and flexibility in the development process as product designs get more sophisticated necessitates a new, more linked modeling approach from conception to completion. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use 3d Parametric Design and the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to improve your models.

    • Make your design process more responsive.
    • Improve your design’s communication
    • Automate the product setup process.
    • Streamline the design-to-manufacturing process.
    • Early on, test and assess designs.

    And now you can have all of these things for just Rs. 22,066. That’s a 15% discount on the original price.

    Autodesk AEC Collection FAQ’s

    Q1) What is the definition of AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)?

    Ans: The construction industry sector specializes in architectural design, engineering design, and construction services.

    Q2) Is Plant 3D part of AEC’s collection?

    Ans: For spec-driven design, analysis, and construction-ready isometrics, use Plant 3D from the AEC Collection.

    Q3) Is HVAC included in MEP?

    Ans: Yes it does include HVAC installation and also maintenance.

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