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    Alibaba Singles Day Sale | Sale Dates, Details, Offers & More


    AlibabaAlibaba Singles Day Sale | Sale Dates, Details, Offers & More

    Alibaba Singles Day Sale | Sale Dates, Details, Offers & More

    It is, without a doubt, the best shopping day on the planet. The Alibaba 11.11 worldwide shopping event, dubbed “Alibaba Singles Day Sale” by many, is nothing short of a circus. The real star of the great tent of e-commerce, amidst all the song and dance, bargains and discounts, is online shopping itself.

    Alibaba Group Holding Limited reported on the night of the annual celebration, which is held every year on November 11, that more than 64 brands had achieved over RMB 100 million in pre-order GMV in sales, which is double the number of brands compared to the previous year. 

    The 11.11 event, which is billed as the world’s greatest 24-hour online shopping event in terms of GMV, has over 200,000 brands and over a million new products. This year’s festival is expected to attract around 500 million users, which is about 100 million more than the previous year. 

    In 2018, the company had record sales in terms of GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) generating $30.8 billion (RMB 213.5 billion). As the annual celebration heads into its second decade, the focus this year is on “new consumption,” “new business” and green action.

    About Alibaba Singles Day

    Only 27 merchants participated in the initial Singles Day event; this year’s event will feature 180,000 brands and 200,000 offline smart stores from Alibaba’s ecosystem in China and around the world. 

    The corporation is keeping quiet about what to expect, but it has announced its “New Retail and interactive projects,” which will see brick-and-mortar establishments equipped with digital capabilities so they can participate. This includes smartphone “games” based on augmented and virtual reality.

    “Over the previous two years, they pioneered the concept of New Retail to accelerate the digital transformation of the offline,” Zhang stated. “They’re overjoyed with the fantastic results they’ve achieved so far, and they plan to keep improving for merchants and customers in the coming decades.”

    Alibaba has also partnered with Alibaba’s Ling Shou Tong to power 200,000 “mom-and-pop stores” to offer online sales promotions, as well as augmented reality-based initiatives that essentially give customers discounts at 3,000 “Tmall Corner Stores.” 

    Rural Taobao will offer vouchers for its services in 800 counties across 29 Chinese provinces, according to Alibaba.

    Hema supermarket will also designate 11.11 signature stores with a variety of discounts. Robot waitresses will deliver dishes directly to the table at Hema’s robotic restaurant in Shanghai. Seafood will also be kept cold in a robot-controlled refrigerator.

    Brands in the apparel, consumer goods, beauty, handset, and home decor industries have upgraded their physical stores to the Smart Store format, which uses artificial intelligence to provide shoppers with personalized items; a “magic mirror” feature will allow customers to try on makeup using facial recognition and augmented reality. 

    Customers may purchase early this year because the firm has made 500,000 items available for pre-order on Tmall, as well as coupons on Mobile Taobao and Mobile Tmall.

    Benefits & Features Of The Alibaba 11:11 Sale

    The possibility for companies is immense this year, with more than 800 million people participating in Alibaba Singles Day Sale 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Due to the region’s reputation for ‘clean and green’ production, buyers tend to seek out products in a few key categories, such as health and wellness, mother and baby, and food and wine. Pet food and home & living are two new categories that are gaining popularity.

    Tmall Fresh is a marketplace for fresh food brands, and Lazada is Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping platform. Overseas brands are more likely to start on one platform and then spread to others over time.

    Collaboration with Brands

    According to Alibaba Group Vice President Liu Bo, the Global Shopping Festival, now in its 12th year, has developed alongside Alibaba’s shifting relationship with brand partners over the years. The event’s initial focus was on trades. Today, 11.11 has evolved into a hub for multifaceted cooperation ranging from product development to brand building and marketing.

    “Shoppers anticipate this moment because they want to be shocked and excited by brands,” said Fabrice Megarbane, CEO and President of L’Oréal China. “Brands must reinvent themselves every year, and in China, virtually every month,” he said. “As a result, I feel this event is an excellent opportunity to question ourselves: Are they relevant enough, and do they adequately communicate our innovation?”


    Alibaba 11:11 Festival Sale Date

    As Chinese shoppers rushed to indigenous and international companies, the 11-day campaign – the world’s largest shopping event – surpassed many records. This year’s event featured two shopping windows. The 2 window periods for the Alibaba Singles Day Sale are as below :

    • The first is from November 1-3 
    • Second for 24 hours on November 11 to provide brands and merchants more possibilities to offer discounts to customers.

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    Top Brands To Look Out During This Great 11:11 Sale

    International luxury labels took advantage of the opportunity to engage more closely with the three-year-old Tmall Luxury Pavilion this year, as foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores decreased due to the epidemic. 

    “Covid-19 transformed the world, and they all became more digital as a result.” As a result, what was already a strong digitalization has merely expedited another source of customer convenience,” stated Yann Bozec, President and CEO of Coach China.

    This year’s 11.11 featured around 200 premium and designer labels on Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion, more than doubling the number of businesses from the previous year. Prada, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Balenciaga, Kenzo, and Chloe are among the major luxury brands that have joined for the first time.

    According to Alibaba’s latest numbers, over 90% of the participating brands’ GMV beat their 11.11 full-day sales records from the previous year, including Net-a-Porter, Bottega Veneta, Qeelin, Coach, and Michael Kors, who all did so within the first hour of the event.

    Jewelry category

    The jewelry category, in particular, experienced the quickest rise, surpassing the category’s total sales from the previous year in less than half an hour, on both the pavilion and other Alibaba platforms.

    At 11.11, over 70% of paying customers purchasing luxury products on Tmall Luxury Pavilion were making their first luxury purchase there. And during 11.11, this group of new luxury buyers accounted for roughly 70% of the total luxury-goods sales on the Pavilion.

    Initially wary of tarnishing brand equity, luxury businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of partnering with Alibaba’s online luxury platform, which allows them to keep their own look, feel, and caché while reaching a completely new audience online. Luxury businesses also value the insights gained from the platform’s data, and they no longer have to worry about online disrupting their physical retail operations.

    • DID YOU KNOW: Jack Ma began Alibaba with a total sum of $60,000.

    Alibaba 11:11 Sale Live Streaming

    Livestreaming to educate consumers and sell items, which was formerly new and “nice to have,” has taken center stage in China’s online shopping, as consumers desire a totally immersive experience. 

    “Shopping is both a sport and a form of entertainment,” Tsai explained. “It’s not as simple as visiting a website and looking through the product catalog.”

    Save Money During This Great Sale

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