Akasa AirAll About The New Akasa Air Set To Launch Flights From June...

    All About The New Akasa Air Set To Launch Flights From June 2022

    Travelling by air is gaining popularity with more affinity to travel thanks to the various tourist locations that are advertised in the form of social media posts. This makes an individual take note of their friend’s or colleague’s latest endeavor and wishes to pursue them just as much. You will find that a majority of people have the urge to travel these days as the pandemic put a stop to any traveling plans for more than a year. Keeping all this in mind, Akasa Air is the brainchild of Billionaire stocks trader Rakesh Jhunjhunwalla and former CEO of Jet Airways Vinay Dube. 

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    About Akasa Air

    Akasa Air is a new entrant to the world of aviation that will make its mark official in the coming months. After acquiring 72 Boeing 737’s, Akasa Air has received its clearance for operations from India’s Civil Aviation Ministry to begin operations. It is said that the founder’s vision of the airline emanates from its design. The colour tone is to exude a feeling of warmth like the rising sun and the overall design of the logo is set to show different elements of the air such as a bird soaring through the air, the wing of a plane and the vision of the company to reach new heights and constantly improve by providing quality flight travel to everyone.


    If you visit the Akasa Air website, it won’t be too long before you realise the goals of the company as it is evidently mentioned around every corner. Akasa Air is a plane company that wants to be the most trusted airline that is also affordable. It is clear that the company wants to cater to its customers’ hearts and not just to their travel needs. With Akasa Air ticking all the right boxes when it comes to customer satisfaction, time will tell if they will make a difference in the aviation industry.

    Latest News

    Rakesh Jhunjhunwalla and Vinay Dube have come together to create a truly remarkable experience in the world of aviation. With the inception of Akasa Air, we will see the flight of the company starting in the summer of 2022. In a bid to be the top competitor in the ultra-low-cost airline segment Akasa Air has acquired 72 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes which are valued at 9 billion dollars. These planes from Boeing are said to provide the lowest seat per mile costs for an airplane that has a single aisle which also includes an enhanced passenger experience. All these factors point towards a truly remarkable experience. 

    Akasa Air Features

    A plane ride is made quintessential by providing the most comfortable travel experience to customers. The feeling of knowing that the plane you’re on is keen on providing everything that a customer wants is a bonus while travelling. Akasa Air wants to make that a reality by providing its customers with the knowledge that they are flying on a more eco-friendly plane that offers a quieter cabin making the overall ride fairly pleasant and one to look forward to in the future.

    Akasa Air Flight Booking 

    Affordable flight reservations are only a click away with Akasa Air. You are now one step closer to your next flight thanks to simple internet booking. Visit Akasa Air to browse and enjoy the benefits of attractive deals when booking flights. Long sign-up forms are a thing of the past with Akasa Air. Booking with them is very simple, quick, and straightforward. Create an account on their website or in their app to quickly book tickets for your next trip. For flight reservations with them, Visit the Akasa Air website or use their mobile app to access your account. Type in your travel and departure information. On your screen, there will be flight and ticket options. Select from a variety of our add-ons. Select your preferred method of payment, and you’re ready. Thus flight booking is made easy with Akasa Air.  

    Hotel Booking 

    You can easily book the best hotels with the help of “VeTravel,” a unique, comprehensive, and exclusive travel platform that was created by Akasa Air and Vernost. You will undoubtedly locate one hotel that best suits you among the more than five lakh properties now on the market. Depending on your needs and interests, you can choose from a variety of hotels, bed & breakfasts, villas, apartments, and more. Vernost provides these hotel services, which are made available on the Akasa Air website. Click on the Akasa Air website and make your hotel booking right away. Enjoy the hospitality with Akasa Air now.

    Car Rental 

    Your travel demands will be met by an opulent and secure option provided by Akasa Air in collaboration with AVIS. Use AVIS’s distinctive point-to-point transfer services in India, which guarantee that you’ll arrive at your destination on time and feel relaxed. This includes car hire services and access to high-end and luxurious automobiles based on preference and budget This is a one-stop shop for managing transportation with chauffeurs who have received professional training. To enjoy a simple and hassle-free vacation, pick the appropriate self-drive vehicle. Book them now based on your preference and shed your travel worries.  

    • An SOS button, round-the-clock customer service, and the Call-In Lady Traveler Service are all included in the vehicles to ensure a safe trip for everyone.   
    • The freedom to go at your own speed is provided by self-drive vehicles. 
    • There are affordable, well-kept hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and MUVs offered here with Akasa Air.

    Additional Features 

    You may access the world of excursions and activities offered by TripAdmit, a partner of Akasa Air. They provide you with hundreds of custom experiences with TripAdmit from all the locations on their route network. Shop and reserve with complete confidence. In addition to these extra services, Akasa offers some additional features like Cafe Akasa, seat selection, priority bag check-in, the board first, pre-book excess luggage, pre-flight covid test, baggage delivery, and Akasa VIP. Take advantage of these services and enjoy a hassle-free journey with Akasa Air.   

    Akasa Air Cancel Booking

    Leave your worries about flight cancellations with Akasa Air. we shall now look at how to cancel the booking and the cancellation policies in Akasa Air. By getting in touch with the Akasa Care Center, going to the “Manage Booking” area of our website, or using the Akasa Air mobile app, you can cancel your flight reservation. At Akasa Air, you have one hour before departure to cancel your domestic flight reservations. Check out the Akasa Air cancellation policy. With 4 simple steps, you can cancel your booking and they are as follows; 

    • In the manage booking section choose ‘Cancel flight’
    • Enter your PNR number along with your mail Id 
    • Select cancel flight 
    • Check the details of your reservation and schedule, then choose the option for a total cancellation.

    Akasa Air Date Change

    In Akasa Air, changing your flight date is simple. We’ll now examine how to modify the flight date accordingly. All you need is your PNR or booking reference on hand to edit your booking, change the date of your journey, or alter the time of your departure. To access your booking, go to the Manage Booking area, click on “Change Flight,” and then enter your name and the PNR, or booking reference number, in the appropriate fields. Once you’ve entered the information, you may proceed to make the necessary changes, such as changing the flight date or schedule. Your account will be credited with any appropriate return sum.

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    Now that you are all set with the information you need about Akasa Air’s booking processes, features, and more on their platform, it’s time to try out this new travel booking platform. Get all the requirements you need when you travel on one platform, to stay hassle-free.


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