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    Want to Cancel Your Booking? Check AbhiBus Ticket Cancellation Policies & More

    January 9, 2024

    Booked an AbhiBus ticket and want to cancel? We have got your back. Founded in the year 2008, AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited is a pioneer in providing end-to-end software and other value-added solutions such as e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking systems, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by 24×7 customer support center. The company also provides technology solutions to more than 300 large private bus operators in India, 5 state transport corporations and 2 international operators. In this article, we will detail out AbhiBus cancellation charges, AbhiBus ticket cancellation, and a little about APSRTC.

    AbhiBus Ticket Cancellation Charges

    If you are wondering how much it would cost you to cancel your bus ticket and you are hesitating to go through with it, we will help you out. AbhiBus will charge Rs 15 as a cancellation fee, other than what the bus operator charges for every seat cancelled. Cancellation charges apply to the original fare but not to the discounted fare. The cancellation charges are deducted from the collected/discounted fare and the balance is refunded. The TSRTC cancellation charges is subject to change at the very last minute. Check out all the abhibus online ticket booking cancellation details.

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    AbhiBus Ticket Cancellation Refund Status

    Booked the wrong Bus or the wrong destination? No problem at all as it is human nature to make mistakes from time to time. And if you are wondering, yes, tickets booked through AbhiBus can be cancelled before the cutoff time on the day of the journey which is the start of the bus at the first boarding point. Although, cancellation terms vary from bus operator to bus operator. 

    • DID YOU KNOW: Public bus sector operates 170,000 buses carrying roughly 70 million people per day.

    How to Cancel AbhiBus Ticket?

    Does the thought of how to cancel bus ticket in Abhibus cross your mind? Read further to know how. The procedure to cancel your tickets is not a long and gruelling task as you might make it out to be. We will guide you through the fairly easy process of your AbhiBus ticket cancellation. Just follow the steps below to get started on Abhibus refund status.

    • To cancel your ticket, visit the website.
    • On your top right you will find the “My Bookings” option.
    • Once you click on it you will get two more options in the drop-down box, namely “Print Booking” and “Cancel Booking”.
    • If you aren’t logged in then you will be prompted to log in.
    • Enter your PNR details to proceed with the cancellation. 
    • Check the refund terms before cancellation. 

    These terms are also shown at the time of booking while you are selecting the bus you want to take. These terms are also available on the ticket printout. Please check these terms before you confirm your cancellation.

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    “Life is a journey, not a destination”

    AbhiBus Ticket Cancellation Policy

    Not sure about the terms and conditions needed to be followed to get a proper and smooth cancellation process underway? AbhiBus provides a very candid and easy to follow set of rules that you can go through to clear any doubts you may have. It is needed to know that Partial Ticket Cancellation is accepted by a few operators only. When you start the process please check the cancellation terms of the bus operator that is provided while booking the ticket. Partial cancellation of a ticket is currently allowed through AbhiBus’s portal. You can visit AbhiBus Cancellation to cancel your tickets and to know about your abhibus cancellation refund status.

    AbhiBus APSRTC

    Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is the state-owned road transport corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation was established in 1932. APSRTC has a fleet of over 22596 buses including Multi-axle Volvo(Amaravati, Garuda Plus) and Sleeper(Vennela) and Semi-Sleeper buses(Indra, Super Luxury, Deluxe, Express) in both A/c and Non-A/c Category. APSRTC buses operate in all the major routes in several states including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

    APSRTC Online Bus Booking can be done on using online payment (Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Net banking). Customers can carry the mobile ticket (SMS confirmation) that they receive from after the booking. Customers can call’s 24/7 customer support for any queries that they have. All transactions on are safe and secure (encrypted using VeriSign SSL Security). The Abhibus apsrtc cancellation charges will be Rs 15 by Abhibus and whatever the Bus partner charges the person for every seat cancelled.


    Next time you find yourself in the urgent need of having to book your bus tickets, AbhiBus is a platform that will surely help you get the job done with ease. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you have to, unfortunately, cancel your bus tickets. Abhibus makes it a fairly easy process.  



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