1Mg1mg Payday Sale | Avail Of Exclusive Offers On Medicines, Lab Tests...

    1mg Payday Sale | Avail Of Exclusive Offers On Medicines, Lab Tests & More

    Tata 1mg is an online healthcare platform dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare treatment across the nation. With their fantastic and helpful offers, they are able to deliver healthcare treatment to their customers’ doorsteps at a very reasonable price. Every year they put out a payday sale, which is sure to turn heads across the country. With offers in a wide range of categories such as medicines, lab tests, and much more, you are sure to be satisfied with their quality as well as their price range. Let us dive deeper into their pay day sale and look at some of the beneficial offers provided by them on Tata 1mg payday sale.

    1mg Lab Test Offers

    Lab tests have been rising in popularity throughout the years, and they will continue to do so as well. Nowadays, you can get your tests done in the comfort of your home, whereas before, you would have to take a trip to the lab. With Tata 1mgs payday sale discounts, it has become incredibly easy to take tests right at the comfort of your home with a click on the phone. Moreover, their incredible offers on the payday sale are sure to captivate you as well.

    1mg announces significant money and time-saving offers, allowing consumers to meet their medical needs for a very low cost on their pay day.

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Comprehensive Silver Full Body CheckupRs 3398
    Rs 1669
    Buy Now
    Good Health Gold PackageRs 1898
    Rs 949
    Buy Now
    Comprehensive Gold Full Body CheckupRs 4198
    Rs 2099
    Buy Now
    Covid Home Care Essential PackageRs 2400
    Rs 1599
    Buy Now
    Good Health Silver Package + COVID Antibody IgG QuantitativeRs 1998
    Rs 1029
    Buy Now

    1mg Payment Offers

    For their payday sale, Tata 1mg has a variety of payment alternatives, each offering their own special deals at the time of payment. Let us look into the various offers and deals they have put out.

    1mg Bank Offers

    To make purchasing easier for their clients, On payday sale, 1mg has partnered with many banks and gives cashback and reward points on payments made from these major banks, including SBI, Axis, and ICICI banks, and much more. Get numerous money-saving deals based on your payment amount and save up to 40% on payments made through these banks.

    1mg Visa Offers

    On this payday sale, you can avail a lot of offers from Tata 1 mg by using a Visa credit or debit card. You can get upto 10% cashback with these cards with a minimum transaction of Rs.100. There are many visa offers available that will obtain you medical services at a lower cost.

    • You can avail exciting offers on the payday sale using a visa credit or debit card.
    • You can avail upto 10% cashback with these cards-minimum transaction of Rs.100.

    1mg Credit Card Offers 

    Apart from the visa and bank offers, Tata 1 mg has put up exciting credit card offers on this payday sale as well. 1mg has partnered with credit card companies to bring you deals, discounts, no-cost EMIs, and more. You can save more money on your medical bills if you take advantage of these incentives. You can get a 20% discount or Rs 200 off on your purchases if you use these cards.

    1mg Medicine Offers

    With the 1 mg payday sale offers on medicines going on right now, you won’t have to worry about excessive prices. You can find the best discount prices on medicines online while staying in the comfort of your own home and can get medical assistance at the lowest prices possible. Let us look at some of the offers on medicines they have put up on the Tata 1mg payday sale.

    • If you buy medicines worth more than Rs. 1000, you will get Rs. 100 off.
    • You will also receive a 60% discount on your first purchase of 1 mg.
    • You can avail a 20% discount on any future orders of medications after the first 5 orders.

    1mg Cashback Offers

    Users of online payment apps, your time has finally arrived. With the Tata 1mg payday sale, they have put up various cashback offers when payment is done through online payment apps such as Paytm and Mobikwik. Get the 1 mg Payday Offers and begin browsing the various possibilities that meet your requirements. The following are some of the cashback options available.

    • Avail up to Rs.500 cashback with Paytm minimum transaction of Rs.500.
    • Avail flat 15% cashback with Mobikwik-maximum cashback is Rs.350.
    • Avail up to Rs. 500 cashback with a minimum transaction of Rs. 100 on Amazon Pay.


    This Tata 1mg pay sale is the right time to cash in on some of the best deals you will ever see when it comes to healthcare treatment. There are offers in a variety of categories, ranging from medicine to lab tests. There are multiple ways to avail these offers, be it bank offers, or cashback through online payment platforms, or plain offers on their websites. We assure you, there will be no disappointment from your side if you shop at Tata 1 Mg during their payday sale.


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