Learn More About Wowfas Return Policy And Shipping Policy Details | All Information Included


    Online OrderLearn More About Wowfas Return Policy And Shipping Policy Details | All...

    Learn More About Wowfas Return Policy And Shipping Policy Details | All Information Included

    Wowfas return policy allows you to return or exchange any item purchased on Wowfas within the stipulated return/exchange term for any reason (7 Days). they ask that their customers do not utilize the product and instead keep it in its original state, including tags and packing. You are welcome to try on a product, however, Wowfas requests that buyers take reasonable precautions to avoid damage. There are two options for returning the item to them: Pick-up: they provide free pick-up service in most places when you submit a return request. Self-Ship: If they don’t have a pick-up site available, they’ll repay the shipping expenses in Wowfas credits if the goods fulfill the return policy. they received a scanned copy of the courier receipt from you.

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    Wowfas Refund Policy

    Their delivery agent may conduct a quality check on the return during pick-up. 

    • They will commence a doorstep refund for the return money into the refund option provided at the time of initiating the return request if the pickup service is successful. 
    • Some pin codes may not be eligible for a doorstep refund, in which case a refund will be issued once the goods have arrived at their warehouse and passed a quality check. 
    • They will mail the picked-up merchandise back to you if it fails the quality inspection. 
    • If you opt to exchange an item due to a size mismatch or the arrival of a damaged item, you will receive a replacement item at no charge. 
    • All exchanges, however, are contingent on stock availability and your address being functional for an exchange. 
    • If you opt to exchange an item, their delivery agent will deliver the new item to you while also collecting the old one. 
    • Please keep in mind that they can only provide size swaps. If you want to exchange your item for something else, they recommend returning it for a refund and buying the new item separately.

    Return exceptions as part of policy

    Shapewear Bottoms, any Lingerie Set that includes a Brief, Swimwear, Mittens, and Wrist-Bands are not returnable or exchangeable. Only a limited number of days can be returned/exchanged on some items that are subject to damage. Sherwanis, for example, may only be exchanged, not returned. To find out how many days after delivery a product may be returned or exchanged, call or email their customer service department. 

    • All products being returned or exchanged must be unopened and in their original packing, including all tags and packaging. 
    • Only size exchanges are permitted under Exchange Policy. Items can be exchanged for a size that is comparable or different. 
    • Only if your address is used for exchange by their Logistics staff are exchanges permitted. If you want to return an item that came with a gift/offer and you want to return the primary item, you’ll have to return the free item as well. 
    • Shapewear Bottoms, any Lingerie Set that includes a Brief, Swimwear, Mittens, and Wrist-Bands are not returnable or exchangeable. 
    • Wowfas is not responsible for any items that are returned by mistake. In the event that an extra or different product is returned by mistake, Wowfas is not liable for the product’s misplacement or replacement, nor for its delivery back to the User. 
    • If you’re self-shipping your returns, please make sure they’re well packaged to avoid loss or damage during transit. they recommend using a reputable courier provider for any self-shipped returns.

    Wowfas Shipping Policy

    Wowfas is an online store that sells a variety of products. On their website, they provide a diverse selection of items. You will find information about the delivery method in this shipping policy. 

    • The time frame and total shipping price will be applied to orders for items that you will place through their wowfas. 
    • No legal rights or responsibilities arise as a result of their policy. 
    • That has something to do with the products they’re delivering. 
    • Order processing time: Orders received before 2:00 p.m. are processed and sent the same day. If you place an order after 2 p.m., your order will be processed and shipped the next day in the early morning. 
    • The estimated delivery time ranges from 2 to 7 days, depending on the distance between the vendor and the customer. 
    • After your goods have been sent from the warehouse, you may track them. they’ll send you a confirmation letter along with tracking information. 
    • You will be able to monitor your package in real-time. 
    • Returns, refunds, and exchanges: If you acquire any goods from them, they will make you entirely satisfied. Because we have a no-questions-asked return policy. 
    • Their Return & Refund policy website will provide you with more thorough information.


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