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    TataNeu Luxury With TataCliq | Explore The Best With The Ultra Premium Segment

    There’s surviving and then there’s living. When people like to spend a little extra on quality products from a trusted brand, dopamine aka the happy hormones get released. This release of dopamine makes it ever so satisfying when you buy products from a luxury brand. Tata Cliq Luxury has its inventory filled with dopamine inducing items that will leave a very big smile on your face every time you use them. Read further to know all the luxury offerings catered by Tata. Check out the TataNeu Luxury Section now!

    Tata Group’s super app Tata Neu will launch on April 7. A teaser image was posted on the app’s Google Play Store page to announce the news. Along with the ongoing Indian Premier League tournament, it began advertising the super app publicly for the first time.

    TataNeu Luxury: Indiluxe On TataCliq Luxury

    Under this section, you will find various homegrown luxury brands that add an essence of elegance with cultural cues taken from ancestral designs from Indian heritage. You will not be short of options under this section as you will find an ever-growing list of categories consisting of various Indian brands that provide luxury products. Below is a list of all the categories. 

    New in 

    Everybody likes to have their hands on something new. Tata Cliq has taken the “luxury” of finding new Indian brands that customers will be delighted to own a product from. With brands such as Fab India, Mason Home etc. making their way to the app you can find more exquisite goods on the luxury side of the TataNeu app. With brands being welcomed into the Tata home you will find yourself placed among new collections and new styles that will elicit your Indian roots. Avail of various offers with TataNeu Luxury.


    Meditate to find your inner beauty and to add a genteel touch to the exterior aura that radiates from women, shop on Tata Cliq Luxury. You will not be short of extravagant products that will leave you ticking all the boxes when considering haute couture that is mixed with the flair of Indian heritage designs.

    • Shop for elusive traditional clothes from Designers like Ritu Kumar or add a touch of modernity to designs that evoke Indian culture from Shantnu Nikhil.
    • Look fashionably graceful with Suit sets from Kaanchie Nanggia that make people you cross do a double-take.
    • Casual dresses from Rishi and Vibuthi that look more than just casual.
    • Kurta and Kurtis by Rohit Bal that add a touch of elegance.
    • Deepika Govind’s collection under Tops and t-shirts that you can wear both to the airport or brunch.
    • Get ready to tackle any eventful or professional look with Footwear from Oceedee.
    • Carry all your essentials while looking stunning with Handbags from Outhouse.
    • Joules by Radhika make you the centre of attraction with their collection of Jewellery.
    • Choose your style of Masks from Masaba to protect yourself and others until you are clear of the pandemic.


    Looking suave and adding the debonair touch to create your authentic persona through luxury products has never been easier. Portray your ancestral heritage that is hidden within your soul through various luxury attires and accessories. 

    • Casual aesthetics are the new thing and Casual shirts from Andamen make it seem easy.
    • Want to go out but still look trendy? Choose from an array of T-shirts and jackets from Ayurganic.
    • Meticulously crafted Designer clothes from Rohit Bal that tells a story with every look.
    • Formal shirts from Minizmo that make you look as professional as one can get.
    • Ethnic Bottomwear that keeps you event-ready with styles from Antar Agni.
    • Finish off with a cultural bang with Footwear from SKO.
    • Choose from a selection of Bags from Nappa Dori that add style to travel.  
    • Accessories from various brands add the final touch to any attire.

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    A home is a place that encapsulates the type of person that you are and your environment chooses the type of person you will be. To feel luxurious one must be and feel luxurious. Fill your home with quality luxury products that don’t just ooze opulence but feels grandeur. Get amazing offers with TataNeu Luxury.

    • Curtains, chairs sofas and carpets from various brands add a cultural vibe to your Living area. 
    • Cook and eat like its fine dining with reminiscent Dining and Kitchen products that consist of dinner and serve ware.
    • Cleanse your body and your mind with luxury Bed and bath products that rest your weary soul after a long day.
    • Decor that adds a sense of richness to every inch of your home.
    • Light up your home with Lighting products makes all the difference to how a home feels.


    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Although, confidence in yourself is the most attractive trait in the world. To boost your confidence, purchase luxury essentials that will leave you rejuvenated and bring back some vigour in your soul. 

    • It is pivotal to look after yourself with Earth rhythm Skincare products in this time and age as there are pollutants everywhere.
    • Leave an everlasting impression of you through aromas in people’s minds with Fragrances from Naso.


    Where fashion meets function. Take the same steps as your ancestors but with a modern touch. Footwear for individuals with different fashion senses and needs is all catered to by Indian luxury brands. Claim the latest offers with TataNeu Luxury.

    • Kohlapuris, Juttis, heels and flats For her from a plethora of brands that meet all your footwear needs for different occasions.
    • Casual shoes and loafers for everyday wear, Juttis and Kohlapuris for occasions that need some cultural flair For him.
    • Select from various Featured brands such as OceeDee, Aprajita Toor, Monkstory and many more. 


    It’s all in the details when you are ready to throw on some show-stopping outfits. Add some extra cultural flair to your already existing style as you purchase accessories from luxury brands on Tata Cliq Luxury.

    • Clutches from Duet Luxury and Potlis from Purple Sack are the perfect accompaniment for dresses worn to weddings, receptions and other cultural festivities.
    • Strap on quality Bags to carry your essentials and look good while doing so.
    • Cufflinks from Cosa Nostraa that have historic vibes add a certain level of ancient style to modern clothing.


    Gifting is the language of love whether you are in India or some other country. To find the perfect gift that doesn’t just feel ordinary and has an essence of opulence for your loved ones, check out Tata Cliq now.  

    • Curated boxes filled with many small items like assorted sweets, gold platters and diya’s make the perfect gifts for special occasions.
    • Deliver the taste of joy with Hampers found on Tata Cliq.
    • Add a touch of visual aroma to your loved one’s home with Flowers from Interflora.
    • Gift Jewellery for ornament loving friends or family so their arsenal of visual adornments is updated.
    • Candles not only light up homes but also joyful events spent around loved ones.
    • Gift Perfumes so that your friends remember you through every whiff. 


    Luxury isn’t just reserved for adults. Kids can now get quality made products that offer refined comfort levels that are also gentle on the skin. Drape your young ones in one of a kind refined materials that keep them happy and smiling. 

    • Home essentials to provide your young one with the type of quality treatment that they need.
    • Dress your kids and turn them into models at a young age with Apparel from Love of the world today.
    • Children’s skin is fragile and hence can easily be damaged by pollutants, so look after their skin with Skincare from various children’s brands.


    Adorn jewellery that adds a pre-modern Indian aesthetic to your ethnic or even modern clothes. You will not be short of designs that stand out and make you the talk of the even when purchasing jewellery from Tata Cliq.

    • Wear jewellery that matches your soul as the Pendants will be close to your heart.
    • Look stylish while listening to people with Ear studs that match your pendant.
    • Ear cuffs that make you look like you are ready for the Met gala.
    • Let aesthetic designs descend from your earlobe with stylish Danglers.
    • Wear Noserings and Nosepins that look anything but casual.
    • Let your fingers adorn Rings that are a cut above the ordinary.
    • Get ready for any event with matching Sets of jewellery that wasn’t just made for each other but also made to make you look beautiful.

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    Categories that are brought together under one roof makes it easy for everyone to find what they looking for. Even luxury stores themselves only cater to certain types of products, however,  that’s not the case with Tata Cliq luxury. 

    • Be wedding-ready with traditional attires and necessities from the Wedding store that may almost steal the spotlight from the bride and groom.
    • The Festive store keeps you updated with products that keep you ready for any festival. 
    • Find all things designer from the Designer store on Tata Cliq.
    • Accessorise yourself with the right luxury products to aid you in your fashionable endeavours.
    • Conscious edits are curated packages by designers that you can purchase to give the world a taste of the entire art form that was in the designer’s mind.
    • Shop for luxury products in the Kids store to fix your kids up with aesthetic attires.
    • The Women’s store caters to everything that will add to the serene beauty that women already are.
    • Make your living space as luxurious as your thoughts with products from the Home Store.
    • Men’s store is filled with products that will make any man bring about a debonair aura.
    • Find the right bling to finish off with a bang when you adorn Jewellery that will make the whole world stop and stare for a while.

    I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right. – Ratan tata

    Luxe On TataCliq Luxury

    Luxury can be found all over the globe. They can also be found on the Tata Cliq Luxury site. With products from various luxury brands all present in one place, you will not be required to look elsewhere to find quality items that resonate with your soul. Read further to find all the various products that you can acquire to make more than just a statement. Check out all the offers with TataNeu Luxury.

    New in

    There are truly no limits to human imagination as there’s always something new to be found in the world. That being said, luxury products are no compromise when it comes to getting outdated. Tata Cliq has however made sure that isn’t the case for its customers. By introducing new brands like Rado and M.A.C to the site, Tata Cliq customers can find new collections that they can purchase. With an upgrade to your existing wardrobe and other items you also get new styles that you can exhibit.


    Get geared up with international luxury brands to stand out in the crowd. With different brands offering various designs, you can be sure to find a style befitting all your needs on Tata Cliq. Speak your soul as you walk with the confidence of being draped in branded products that make you look fabulous.

    • Dress to kill with Clothing from Armani Exchange.
    • Carry what’s most important to you with Bags and Wallets from Lapis Bard
    • Go for casual with the Steve Madden collection of Shoes. If you are looking for even more casual then maybe some Adidas originals are more your taste.
    • When at the office or meeting potential clients, luxury Stationery from Pennline will help seal the deal.
    • Grooming and fragrances help you bring out the version of you that the world needs to see.
    • Accessories from Boss will add the final touch to your suave or casual look.
    • See how the world looks at you with fashionable Eyewear from Tom Ford.
    • Be reminded how precious time really is as you take a glance at the Versace Watch adorned by your hand.
    • Travel with style with Tumi accompanying you on your grand adventures.


    Styles that cross continents are here to be enwrapped around the embodiment of confidence that is a woman. Luxury styles that add a global finesse to make you stand out of the crowd at luxury events. Find all the products that can make you visually appealing with the same presence that greek goddesses used to portray.

    • Envelope yourself with different Clothing styles from Scotch and Soda.
    • Strut with elegance with Dune London and Steve Madden Footwear.
    • Michael Kors Bags will not just help you carry your essentials but also your sense of style.
    • Accessories from Coach will be the final touch to your desired attire.
    • Shine bright like a crystal with Jewellery from Swarovski.
    • Beauty and fragrance products from M.A.C and Paco Rabanne provide an illustrious look and aroma when you walk by.
    • Look stunning and catch the glances of passersby with Eyewear from Givenchy.
    • Watches from Gucci will remind you of how valuable both time and your watch is. 
    • Travel light and elegant with bags from Love Moschino.
    • Elegantly take down important notes, schedules or reminders with Mont Blanc Stationery.


    Kids all over the world should be treated to a taste of luxury so that they know that there is much to be achieved in this world. Get your kids aspired to aim for the skies with luxury products that feel so good that they will know to go all out when it’s required.

    • Trendy clothes from Jordan For Him.
    • Styles from Choupette to bring out the young fashionista For her.
    • Mayoral providing Clothing that makes your infant look oh so adorable.
    • Find everything that you will need for your kids from different brands in the Kids store section.


    We can find beauty in almost everything but to truly get the real taste of beauty, a mixture of effort, quality and confidence is required. Find all of the above under the Beauty and Grooming section on the Tata app. 

    • All things glamorous to make you look aesthetic as God intended in the Beauty store.
    • Leave a lasting impression with aromas that will leave people yearning for a whiff with products from the Fragrance store.
    • Are only certain brands able to provide you with what you need? Shop by brand to choose your favourite company.


    Home is where the heart is. Display your heart’s true feelings to people who visit your home in the form of luxurious home products. From the living area to the kitchen, exhibit products of high quality that will make all who take a glance feel the opulence emanating from your home. Also, check out the Tatacliq Luxury now!

    • Everything that can make your home feel even more special can be found in the Home store.
    • Barware and glassware provide the perfect conditions to share a drink with friends and family.
    • Set the mood for a romantic dinner or a convivial moment with friends using Candles and Candleholders from Tata Cliq.
    • Dine like royalty with luxury Dinnerware.
    • Luxury Home accents that change the presence of your home. 
    • Serve up some luxury with quality Serveware.
    • Drink Tea and coffee with an added touch of luxury using beverage products.


    Feeling lazy to visit luxury stores? Find all the luxury products you need online when shopping through Tata. You will come across various luxury goods and styles that don’t require you to move an inch from your comfy couch as you scroll through some truly marvellous products. Get various offers on TataNeu Luxury.

    • Listen to music in its best quality as intended with elusive brands from the Audio store.
    • All your Beauty store products in one page to choose the one you like the most.
    • Educate yourself with knowledge from the books you buy at the Tata Cliq Book store.
    • The Coffee store provides brews that will make you see coffee differently.
    • Throw on some denim from the Denim store that is not just visually appealing but feels good on the skin.
    • See the world from a different perspective with fashionable luxury eyewear from the Eyewear store.
    • Everyday Essentials that one always seems to compromise on but not anymore with products from the Essential store.
    • Find gourmet products in the Gourmet store to taste the grandeur at home.
    • Handbags store is filled with designs that will help you carry not just your essentials but your outfit as well.
    • Change the feel of your living space with luxury home products available at the Home store.
    • Don’t let your kids miss out on the world of luxury as you’ll find luxury products in the Kids store.
    • Parfumerie store filled with invigorating scents that will have people inhaling deeply like they’re doing yoga.
    • Sneakers store offer the perfect amount of casual vibe to your attire.
    • Be timely with style and learn just how valuable time is as you take a glance at your new timepiece acquired from the Watch store.
    • Carry all that you need with high-quality luggage that can be found in the Luggage store.


    Luxury products are not just a statement to show your stature in life but a way of living. These products provide a sense of grandeur that you can’t get from everyday brands or products. Tata Cliq Luxury know this well and has made a one-stop shop for luxury products that will help fill the void in your soul. Shop on Tata Cliq Luxury through the TataNeu app and add a little bit of glamour to the everyday dull life.

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