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For any company, ticket cancellation and taking refunds are the most hectic jobs. Customers may get any issue or they may enquire about something, but you need to ensure that every customer’s issue should be resolved as quickly as possible. A company’s reputation and trust basically come through its ability to solve the user’s problems and issues. If your services are good and but you don’t even have the ability to solve those issues, then no matter what you do, you see any growth at all. Redbus is a company that provides bus transportation to the people. They have been doing a wonderful business though. Bus transportation is used by a lot of people these days. According to that, if you may see, there will be a lot of inquiries, issues, and refunds in the future. So, the Redbus ticket cancellation policy is totally legal and straight to the point.

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Redbus Ticket Cancellation Policy

Redbus ticket cancellation policy comes under the terms and conditions category. There is a full page of Redbus’ terms and conditions where you can find everything in full details. You won’t get any doubt about that. Even if you face any difficulty in the future you can simply contact the customer service and enquire about anything you want. These policies are strictly abided by everyone who regularly uses Redbus services. So, if you want to know more about the Redbus ticket cancellation, here are some information:

  • You can cancel tickets by logging into your Redbus account or by calling to the Redbus customer care number.
  • Cancellation charges will be added on every ticket cancellation.

Redbus Cancellation

Above we have already mentioned what you need to know about Redbus ticket cancellation. All you need to do is follow these steps if you want to cancel any ticket of yours. All these policies are the same for everyone. We would suggest that, if you are using Redbus for the first time, you can read the whole terms and policies page for a complete understanding of the policy. Or if you have any issues that are not mentioned on the page, you can simply call the customer care and ask them about the issue.

  • Redbus Customer Service Number – 099456 00000

Cancellation Charges

There will be cancellation charges if you are deciding to go for a Redbus ticket cancellation. If your tour is canceled by the bus company or if you have canceled it with your voluntary action, then the charges that are mentioned in the brochure or itinerary will apply. In case, if there is the absence in such kind of  information, then the following charges will apply:

Time Period for Cancellation Charges
45 days or more, prior to departureBooking fees
Between 44 and 31 days of departure25% of Tour Cost
Between 30 and 15 days of departure50% of Tour Cost
Between 14 and 8 days of departure75% of Tour Cost
Within 7days prior to the date of departure or no-show for any reason what-so-ever100% of Tour Cost

Redbus Ticket Cancellation Refund

Refunds are also a part of a business. If you are running a business and a customer doesn’t like your service then the ultimate thing he/she can do is ask for a refund. Redbus ticket cancellation also has a part of the refund policy. The rules are different obviously. Here are some steps that you can take:

  • In case if the user makes any sort of changes in their accommodation while on the Tour, RedBus shall not refund or pay compensation in any manner whatsoever.
  • The User will also be liable to pay any additional sum that is required to be a paid consequent to the aforesaid changes made in the accommodation.

Cancellation Contact Number

If you want to more about the Redbus ticket cancellation and refund policy of Redbus, you can contact their customer service for more information.

  • Redbus Customer Service Number – 099456 00000


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