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    Rapido Referral Code


    RapidoRapido Referral Code

    Rapido Referral Code

    Finding difficulties in commuting to the workplace in another part of the city through congested roads? Try Rapido. Rapido provides fast shared bike services, for swift movements to advance against the slow traffic. Ease the traffic, move throughout the city in a budgeted and eco-friendly way. No need to worry about petrol and other issues related to a bike. Just book a Rapido and go on. Also, you can get Rapido Referral Code which will help you in paying less amount than the original amount. So just install the Rapido app and enjoy traveling with less hassle in this heavy traffic.

    Rapido Referral Code

    Join the Rapido referral program for moving around at a super friendly budget. On signing up to the app, you will generate a referral code. Share this Rapido Referral Code with your friends and family for credits to discount your next ride. To join the referral program follow these steps:

    1. Download and install the Rapido app from the Play store.
    2. Sign up to the app. For an existing user, log in to the Rapido app.
    3. Select the ‘Free rides’ option from the menu.
    4. Share your code with your friends via social networking handles to earn credits worth Rs. 20.

    Every signup generates a unique code. Sharing this code with your friends, they can earn Rs. 20 instantly on signing up with your code. You can earn Rs. 20 on completion of their first successful ride. Collect your credits for a discounted rate on your next ride. The number of referrals is unlimited. Share more to earn more in this Rapido Referral Code.

    Rapido FAQs

    1. Can multiple accounts of the same be used for the referral?

    > No, multiple accounts in the same device will be considered fraudulent. Rapido reserves the right to suspend the accounts on improper bases of conduct.

    1. Can the collected credits be used on other platforms?

    > No, the credits can be used for discounted rides only on Rapido.


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