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    IPL Screening 2023 | Step Out & Enjoy These 20 Best Bars To Watch IPL

    Do you bleed blue? This IPL season let your fervour for cricket seep through your shirts as teams from different states take part in an all-out war to claim the Indian Premier League trophy. Watching sports with fellow Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super King fans adds to the thrill of watching athletes take to the field as the centre stage to perform their best and bring home the most coveted trophy. Scream, laugh, and cry tears of joy and sadness with your closest friends and biggest rivals as teams face each other on the pitch. Can’t be at your enthusiastic best because of neighbours or want to go someplace where all the fans gather and create an atmosphere of ecstasy? Below is a list of places that fans can visit to make the most of this experience. 

    IPL Live Screening Bars In Bangalore

    Bangalore is growing with the number of resto-bars and pubs with almost everyone wanting to migrate to the silicon valley to enjoy all that it has to offer. You will find various aesthetic restaurants that cater to all kinds of vibes. Looking for the perfect place to meet up with fellow RCB fans, take a peek at the live screening events below.

    Xtreme Sports Bar

    It can’t get any more obvious with the name of this bar. No, you cannot take part in different Xtreme sports activities, but you can find different sports being displayed on a big screen. Order and munch on delicious wings as you watch the live screening of the most happening sports event.


    Keep it happening in the most happening place as you settle down in a grandeur ambience that provides the best vibes possible. Drink the best alcohol and taste exquisite flavours as you watch your favourite cricket team perform their best.

    Church Street Social

    Socialise in one of the well-known parts of town as you sip on drinks and eat food that has an energetic kick to them. Church street social is the place to be when watching cricket games as you enjoy the passion and love for the sport with fellow enthusiasts.

    Vapour Pub And Brewery

    This restaurant offers an immaculate experience with a good ambience and exquisite food. It will be hard to keep your nose down as the smell of good food wafts through the air. Make sure to take in all that this restaurant has to offer while watching cricket teams battle it out.

    Arbor Brewing Company

    The place is set to look like the inside of an opulent cruise. Float along with the waves of excitement as you hear cheers and boos when fans support their favourite teams on the pitch while sipping on a cold beer.

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    IPL Live Screening Bars In Delhi

    Delhi being the capital of India is also the home of many Delhi capital fans who would love nothing more than to watch their team make it to the top while holding the championship trophy. Find all the places in Delhi that you can visit to watch the live screening of IPL.

    Cafe After Hours

    This vintage-looking cafe offers not just old and classic cafe type vibes but also entertains the Delhi capital fans with good food and ambience as they watch every ball thrown or hit in awe and anticipation.

    Underdogs Aerocity

    This sports bar and grill oozes excitement and everything sporty with designs that make it ever so right at home when watching sporting events. The decor and furniture cater to the vibe of what a sports bar should feel like.

    Quoin, Novotel New Delhi Aerocity

    With grandeur as its foundation, you will be swept away by the sophisticated air of the Quoin. Watch the IPL match here as you sip on the most elegant drinks and banter all night about your favourite team’s performance.

    The Chatter House

    In this house, it is pretty evident that you will be chatting about those wickets and sixes that are taking place on the big screen as you eat delicious dishes prepared by the staff. Try everything that your catches on the menu as you watch the live screening.

    The Junkyard Cafe

    A place that albeit looks like very well placed and polished junk is more than meets the eye. The overall ambience and vibe of the place are just right for a night of debauchery with friends who love a good cricket match with a side of fries. 

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    IPL Live Screening Bars In Mumbai

    Mumbai is the hotspot to find all things Bollywood. With celebrities supporting their homegrown teams, you will unfortunately not be able to catch them in their homes but rather at the stadium supporting the teams closest to their hearts. However, you can visit the local bars and eateries and see them on the live screen along with your favourite team playing their best on the field.

    The Bar Stock Exchange

    A place that caters to amazing food and drinks that are immaculate is just the place you need to be when an IPL match is going on. The ambience and decor will make you feel like you are at the right place to watch teams take it out on the field.


    Rastafarian vibes are definitely present but does not take away the joy and love for cricket that Indians have. Get your snacks and drinks on as you view your favourite team tough it out on the battlefield.

    Havana Cafe And Bar

    Looking for a place to spend time while watching the live screening of IPL? The Havana Cafe and Bar should definitely be on your list as you find different delicacies to feast on and sip delicious drinks with cricket lovers all around you.

    The Irish House

    The Irish house definitely does justice to its name as it provides users with the feel of being in an Irish pub. The decor and furniture are true to nature but once the screen catches your eye you are not going to look elsewhere as cricket live screening is done here.

    The Elbo Room

    A quaint little place that offers individuals everything that they will need to feel as though they are in an American diner. And as the diners there play different channels on TVs for viewers to watch, so will you at The Elbo Room.

    IPL Screening Bars In Chennai

    The home of the Chennai Super Kings will surely have fans that are always eager to watch their athletes walk out on the pitch to see them take home the trophy yet again… or will they? To find out visit these bars that offer food, drinks and fellow CSK fans all chanting whistle podu during key moments of the game.


    An aesthetically beautiful restaurant that catches the eye of everyone that enters. You will find that it accentuates everything that a nightlife vibe offers with its decor, lighting and drinks on its menu.

    The Moon And Sixpence – Hablis Hotel

    Built to look like a quaint restaurant and bar on a cruise ship, this humble place has all the right boxes ticked if you are looking for something extravagant while watching your cricket team tough it out on the pitch.

    Black Orchid

    Black orchid is the name and opulence is its game. A place that doesn’t just look grandeur but also delivers on it by providing an ambience, food and drinks that make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Exactly how you should be feeling when watching IPL.

    10 Downing Street

    With a vintage era vibe and aesthetic, you might feel as though you have time travelled back in time to a day less trodden. However, with the young energy of cricket, you will find that you will be amongst enthusiasts of all ages there to support the sport.


    The perfect place to socialise as well as enjoy the environment around you that fulfils all the criteria of being a good bar. You can watch your live screening of IPL here among a sea of CSK fans that have their tongue on their palettes ready to whistle.


    Cricket is one of the most loved sports in the country of India. To be able to share food, drinks and laughter among like-minded people who enjoy the sport for all it has to offer is where you should be when players wage war against each other and sweat it out to bring the championship trophy home. This is everything about IPL Screening.

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