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    Best Sites To Buy Pichkaris & Holi Colors Online | Order Holi Essentials To Your Door

    The festival of colours is rapidly approaching! It’s a day when you can go all out and have as much fun with organic Holi colors as you want. While the majority of the world is preparing to celebrate Holi by mixing colours with friends and family, there is more you can do. If you enjoy shopping online, this festival will provide you with opportunities to save money on the greatest deals available. Below is the list of the top sites you can buy Holi colors online this festive season.

    Holi Sale Date 2023 & Holi Offers

    CategoriesHoli OffersStarting DateEnd Date
    Ferns N Petals Holi Offers15% Discount on Online3rd March 20238th March 2023
    FristCry Holi DealsUp to 50% Off1st March 20236th March 2023
    Amazon Holi Sale80% Off on Holi Essentials3rd March 20236th March 2023
    Flipkart Holi SaleSave Up to Rs. 1,1991st March 20237th March 2023
    Big Basket Holi Deals50% Off on Holi Colours3rd March 20235th March 2023

    During the massive Holi sales on Flipkart, Amazon, Ferns N Petals, Big Basket, and FirstCry, check out some amazing offers. It’s the perfect time to give friends and family astonishing presents.

    Ferns N Petals Holi Offers | 15% Discount on Online Orders

    Ferns N Petals, India’s largest flower, and gifting business, can help you celebrate this special moment of Holi with your loved ones. Take advantage of the Ferns N Petals Holi Day Sale and save up to 70% on presents for all occasions, plus an extra 15% discount on all online orders.

    Holi Utsav Matka Gulal – Set of 3 Utsav Matki Gulal

    utsav scented trio of exotic gulals 1 1

    Key Specifications:-

    • Utsav Matki Gulal- Set Of 3
    • Celebrate the festival of colors in style with this fragrant assorted Utsav Matki Gulal

    Shop Now

    With this automatically varied Utsav Matki Gulal, you may celebrate the festival of colours in elegance. The delivery date is an estimate because these goods are supplied through their courier partners. Your gift may arrive before or after the delivery date you specify.

    Gujiya – 500 gms Gujiya

    mouth watering kesar gujiya 500 gms 1 1

    Key Specifications:-

    • Gujiya- 500 gms 
    • Celebrate the festival of colors in style with delicious Kesar gujiya

    Shop Now

    Enjoy tasty kesar gujiya to celebrate the festival of colours in style.

    Name Cushion with Personalised Holi Greetings


    Key Specifications:-

    •  Personalised canvas poly duck cushions are 10 to 11 inches.

    Shop Now

    Canvas Poly Duck Recron Filled Cushion Dimensions (L x W)- 10 x 11 inches One Personalised Cushion Cover Material- Canvas Poly Duck Recron Filled Cushion Dimensions (L x W)- 10 x 11 inches. Just give them one name for personalization.

    Megatron 51 Water Gun (Green & Orange)


    Key Specifications:-

    • One Megatron 51 Water Gun
    • 14 x 6.5 Inches
    • Colour- Green & Orange
    • Dimensions- 14 x 6.5

    Shop Now

    Megatron 51 Water Gun Dimensions: 14 x 6.5 . Inches Material: Moulded Plastic. Colors: Green & Orange.

    FirstCry Holi Deals | Up to 50% Off

    It’s an internet store that sells items for children, newborns, and mothers. It is presently Asia’s most important online shopping site, with over 1200 prominent international and national companies. Their goal has always been to provide the highest quality baby care products to a larger customer base. During this holi, they keep looking at their best products at cheap prices and discounts.

    FunBlast Holi Pichkari Multicolor High-Pressure Water Gun – Capacity 800 ml

    10894389a 1

    Key Specifications:-

    • Appropriate for young infants and toddlers in water combat and outdoor activities.
    • Have fun, both you and your children.
    • To accommodate any size, the adjustable shoulder strap may be adjusted.
    • Pichkari has enough water in it.

    Shop Now

    Toy for Kids: FunBlast Holi Pichkari High-Pressure Holi colour gun, Boys’ Pichkari Water Gun, Holi Water Toy Gun Pichkari Toys, Holi Gun for Kids, Tank Capacity 800 ML, Made in India

    Pack of 5 Fiddlerz Organic Herbal Gulal (Colour May Vary)


    Key Specifications:-

    • Non-toxic and dangerous substances were used to create this product.
    • Gulal has a natural aroma and is herbal and eco-friendly.

    Shop Now

    For Holi celebrations, Fiddlerz delivers organic fragrant herbal gulal. They are gentle on the skin and have a pleasant scent. They’re made of starch and petals and are highly filtered. This product has no allergenic potential and contains no poisonous or dangerous substances.

    FunBlast Holi Pichkari Multicolor High-Pressure Water Gun – 3 Liters


    Key Specifications:-

    • Water combat and outdoor amusement are suitable for toddlers and youngsters.
    • The tough backpack can hold water and keep the game moving at a fast pace.
    • The backpack is spacious and light.

    Shop Now

    Pichkari Water Gun, Pichkari for Kids, Holi colour pichkari, Tank Capacity 1 L Made in India Pichkari Toys, FunBlast Holi Pichkari High-Pressure Water Gun Toy for Kids with Tank Water, Pichkari Water Gun, Pichkari for Kids, Holi Gun, Tank Capacity 1 L Made in India Pichkari Toys, Best Gift

    Pack of 111 Syga Fast Fill Magic Holi Water Balloons – Multicolour


    Key Specifications:-

    • There are 111 balloons in the pack.
    • Extremely quick and simple
    • There’s no need to wait for parents to knot the balloons.

    Shop Now

    For the upcoming Holi festival, Syga has water balloons for the kids. On the unique occasion of Holi, these multicolored balloons bring excitement and enjoyment. And play with the balloons, just follow these three simple steps to forget about the mess and bother of water balloon filling. To make hundreds of water balloons in minutes, connect the adapter to a water source, fill the balloons, and watch them self-seal.

    Amazon Holi Sale 2023 | 80% Off on Holi Essentials

    This year’s Holi Sale saw Amazon make a big move. You can obtain fantastic offers, including discounts for small company owners. Now is the time to buy the one-of-a-kind collection at a discount. Get free delivery on a fashionable range of electronics, Holi Gifts, and more. Buy Holi Colours Online under 100 and save extra on your purchase.

    Holi Pichkari High Pressure

    91uguxk9xfl. sx679

    Key Specifications:-

    • One packet of herbal gulal and 100 water balloons (Wt- 100 Gram) Free With This Water Tank Pichkari
    •  Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Adapts To All Sizes.

    Shop Now

    Get this colorful Zest 4 Toyz Pichkari for your child to brighten up your Holi celebrations. Features: Body is made of hard plastic. Non-toxic and suitable for children. Give this cute, one-of-a-kind Water Gun Pichkari to your loved ones to brighten up this vibrant celebration. To create pressure, pump the front handle and then release the water by pressing the trigger. Any child would be delighted by this beautiful pichkari with a storage tank. So, make your loved ones splash others in Holi water by giving them this adorable Pichkari.

    Water Balloons Multicolour


    Key Specifications:-

    • The pack contains 500 balloons.
    • Balloons are made of non-toxic rubber. Safe for children.
    • Long necks that stretch without tearing for easy filling.

    Shop Now

    500 balloons are included in the package. Its Non-toxic rubber is used to make balloons. Children-friendly. Long necks that don’t break when stretched for simple filling. Fill them up the night before your water fight to avoid them popping or leaking.

    Water Gun car shaped

    41xpinuiy l

    Key Specifications:-

    • FunBlast high-pressure pichkari for kids with amazing patterns.
    • Pichkari gun toy is very wide and lightweight, making it easy for children to carry

    Shop Now

    FunBlast is a high-pressure pichkari with an incredible pattern for youngsters, as well as a water toy pistol for males. 

    EASY TO CARRY: The pichkari pistol toy is quite wide and light, making it easy to carry for children. With its long-range aiming and shooting, this powerful pistol will satisfy you. 

    HOLI TOY PICHKARI: This pichkari gun toy for kids has a long squirt range and great force. The water gun becomes the ideal water fun for children in the garden playhouse and paddling pool.

    Intex Baby Pool Inflatable

    61lwdpxsqkl. sx679

    Key Specifications:-

    • Three cufflinks.
    • Adults use a soft inflated floor.
    • Hold Repair patches for both boys and girls; capacity: 8 kilograms.

    Shop Now

    Brings a splash of colour and confidence to your child’s pool experience; the bubble beam floor is specifically created for newborns to keep them safe while they play.

    Flipkart Holi Sale | Save Up to Rs. 1,199

    Have you seen the incredible Holi Gifts collection? You’ll find gifts for any budget, as well as a wide range of options. Choose from a large range of Holi Gifts available at low prices on Flipkart. Holi Gifts can be purchased for as little as Rs. 199. The prices are so low because Flipkart is offering a special discount on the whole Holi Gifts selection. Find the perfect Holi gifts for your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbours.

    Pichkari, Ballon Combo

    pichkari balloon yes festive blessings holi pichkari high original imagc73hchzbhd2q

    Key Specifications:-

    • Spiderman Holi Water Gun Pichkari with Tank Backpack, 1.5 liters Tank
    • Color – Red

    Shop Now

    Spiderman Holi Water Gun Pichkari with 1.5 litre Tank Backpack best gift for your Child this Holi 2022.

    Colour Balloon Combo

    color balloon no holi water balloons multicolor pack of 200 02 original imagbhdcrcrkufyx

    Key Specifications:-

    • Holi Water Balloons Multicolor (Pack of 200) 02
    • Material – PP (Polypropylene)

    Shop Now

    With cheerful balloons, you can brighten up your day! Are you tired of filling holes, tears, and water balloons that pop? Tired of small water balloons that don’t pop when they hit the ground? Have you received water balloons that are significantly smaller than those advertised in your previous order? Is your multi-color order lacking in variety? Are you looking for water balloons that are free of toxic powder coatings and bad odours? Have your water balloons started to deflate before your event started? Purchase these Balloons now and have a great Holi!

    Me and You Pichkari Combo

    yes pichkari color balloon herbal water color chandan tikka and original imagmu4kmqfh7gxm 1

    Key Specifications:-

    • Herbal Water Color, Chandan Tikka and Gulal Popper (Pack 2)| Holi Combo.
    • Color – Multicolor

    Shop Now

    Me And You Bring You a Colour Combination For Holi. Everyone is safe. This Holi pack is perfect for you to celebrate Holi because it has Pleasant Fragrances and a Herbal Formula. Feature: -Non-toxic and gentle for the skin -Smooth and easy to clean -Pleasant smell Non-toxic, non-flammable, chemical-free, and easy to clean and wash.

    Big Basket Holi Deals | 50% Off on Holi Colours

    Big Basket has launched its Holi sale, where you can receive the finest bargains and prices across all categories, including groceries and other items. To make your occasion even more auspicious, spend Rs. 2000 or more and you’ll be sugar-free for a year. Please hurry! The promotion will only be available till March 28th. Also, don’t forget to check out Holi Colors Online offers and save big!

    Herbal Holi Gulal

    40244122 2 ascension herbal holi gulal pink organic skin friendly non toxic for festive use rangoli

    Key Specifications:-

    • Natural-Scented Anti-Allergic Skin-Friendly Non-Toxic

    Shop Now

    The Ascension Natural Herbal Organic Holi Gulal Pouch is ideal for crafting rangolis or used during Holi festivities. It’s made of natural materials, so it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t include any harmful chemicals. The herbal gulal is also gentle on the skin and free of artificial fragrances. BigBasket has Ascension’s entire assortment of Holi colours, pichkari, and more.

    Rangeela Pidilite Holi Colors

    20000966 4 pidilite rangeela holi ke rang coloursgulal non toxic

    Key Specifications:-

    • Non-toxic and risk-free.
    • Conforms to EN71-3 European Standards and is CE-certificate.
    • Fluorescent colours that have a pleasant aroma.

    Shop Now

    Pidilite Rangeela Holi colours is a safe, non-toxic powder colour range that is ready to use. These are specially created ready-to-use powder colours that are safe and non-toxic, made from cosmetics grade components, and meet the EN71-3 European Standard, making them suitable for children aged 3 and up. The best Gulal is the Rangeela ring. Fine powder colours that have been specially created and are ready to use can be used for any occasion, including weddings, birthdays, and more.

    Holi Pichkari/Water Gun Boing

    40190068 2 boing holi pichkariwater gun avengers assorted

    Key Specifications:-

    • Boeing is a well-known brand.
    • Water Gun Type
    • Hard plastic for the body

    Shop Now

    Pichkari, a colorful cartoon character, will undoubtedly be enjoyed by children. Pichkari for your small one is made of non-toxic hard plastic and will give colour to your Holi celebrations.


    Whether you want to shoot water pistols, fling balloons, smear fragrant colours over your clothes, or have a memorable party at home, shop the Amazon Holi Sale to bring more colour into your life. The quantity of suppliers that have gathered on this year will astound you.


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