FlipkartFlipkart Highlights June 2022 | Most Searched Product Queries To Know Whats...

    Flipkart Highlights June 2022 | Most Searched Product Queries To Know Whats Trending This Month

    We made a report on the most popular products on the Flipkart India platform for June 2022 after examining over 210K product searches and over 422K product page views. The most popular products on are highlighted in this article’s data. We thank’s assistance in providing the report’s source. See them now to learn the causes of the high volume of views and queries for each category.

    Flipkart Best Sellers – June 2022 

    We have compiled the top sellers for June 2022 on the Flipkart website, where there are many categories and products available. A few of the month’s best-sellers are mobile phones, mobile accessories, t-shirts, sandals, smartwatches, TVs, watches, trolly bags, etc. We have ranked the products on the Flipkart site based on the highest number of views. Take a look at them and understand the reason for the views and the list of brands that secured the most views in these product categories.  

    Most Viewed Categories On Flipkart India 

    Flipkart India has continuously offered the best eCommerce service. Here, people search for their desires and, if they are in stock, put orders for them. In a few instances, consumers search for products on the website and ask for details about them. The informational points on how frequently people browsed through product pages and conducted product searches formed the basis for this article’s source. These are listed in their respective categories. Now let’s look at the most viewed product categories on Flipkart India as of June 2022.

    Most Viewed Categories On Flipkart India 
    • Mobile 
    • Mobile accessories 
    • Shoes 
    • Computers 
    • Watches 
    • T-shirts 
    • Shirts 
    • Sandals 
    • Smartwatches 
    • TV

    Let us now look at these briefly. 


    The category for mobile phones receives the most views out of all the others. Nowadays, it is incredibly rare to run into someone without a phone; they are now considered essential. Additionally, everyone wants to update the model they currently own, regardless of brand. The majority of young people today adhere to the practice of buying a brand-new phone. Online shopping has grown widespread, and users generally visit these websites to get a quick overview of the mobile features and offers. The most popular category on Flipkart right now is mobile phones. Here are the top five mobile brands for June 2022.

    Flipkart best Mobile 


    Realme is a brand of Android-based smartphones created by a Shenzhen, China-based company. On May 4, 2018, the former vice president of Oppo, created this brand. Realme initially entered the market as a subsidiary of Oppo before becoming a separate brand. With an 831 percent growth rate in Q3 2021, Realme emerged as the 5G smartphone brand with the quickest growth. This brand is placed at the top in the mobile phones category on the Flipkart website. Below are the models that were viewed the most in the month of June 2022. 

    Realme 9 pro 5gBuy now
    Realme 9 5gBuy now
    Realme c35Buy now


    This is a premium brand that can charge a steep price for its goods while still having a loyal following. This function works with several operating systems. This month has seen a lot of views and searches for this brand because of the release of their most recent 13 series. Check out the iPhones that got the most views in June 2022. 

    Apple iphone 11Buy now
    Apple iphone 13Buy now
    Apple iphone 12Buy now


    POCO is a smartphone company that was originally known as POCO by Xiaomi and Pocophone. As a mid-range smartphone line under Xiaomi, the Poco brand was originally introduced in August 2018. On January 17, 2020, Poco India became a separate legal entity, and on November 24, 2020, Poco Global did the same. In August 2018, Poco introduced the Pocophone F1, the company’s first smartphone. This is the second most-viewed brand in the month of June 2022 on the Flipkart website. Below is the list of mobile models that have got the most views. 

    Poco f4 5gBuy now
    Poco x4 pro 5gBuy now
    Poco c31Buy now


    Samsung is the second most searched brand in the mobile phone category. This is a well-known brand around the world, particularly for the variety of mobile phones it produces and distributes. People chose this company mostly for its Galaxy series, which has emerged as a popular choice thanks to the several new features added in each iteration. The number of views and searches on the Amazon website surged with the February release of the Galaxy S22. Let’s look at the Samsung models that are most frequently viewed as of June 2022. They are:

    Samsung galaxy f12Buy now
    Samsung galaxy f23 5gBuy now
    Samsung galaxy f22Buy now


    Motorola Mobility LLC, marketed as Motorola, is an American consumer electronics and telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Chinese multinational technology company Lenovo. Motorola primarily manufactures smartphones and other mobile devices running the Android operating system developed by Google. This is the 5th most viewed mobile brand and the mobile models that have got the most views as of June 2022 are: 

    Motorola g82 5gBuy now
    Motorola edge 30Buy now
    Motorola g52Buy now

    Electronic Accessories 

    Every smartphone is complete only with the proper accessories purchased for it. Mobile accessories like earphones, headphones, earbuds, charging cables, cases, and back covers. These accessories are placed second in the most viewed products list on the Flipkart website as of June 2022. Below are the brands that are ranked based on the highest number of views in this category.   

    flipkart top 5 mobile accessories
    flipkart top 5 mobile accessories


    Through this channel, they reportedly have a remarkable sales margin. On the Flipkart website, the AirPods 141 launched in April had a lot of views and searches. For June 2022, Boat is the brand of accessories that have received the most views. The most popular models for this brand are as follows:

    Boat Airdopes 131Buy now
    Boat Stone 350Buy now
    Boat Rockerz 255 proBuy now


    They have improved their ranking on the Flipkart platform by securing 2nd place. Due to their superior sound quality and variety of colors, Realme is one of the most popular brands in the electronic accessories category as of June 2022. Let’s look at the models from this brand who received the most views:

    Realme buds air 3Buy now
    Realme buds wireless 2Buy now
    Realme buds 2Buy now


    Carl Pei created the consumer technology business Nothing Technology Limited, which is based in London. This brand is placed 3rd, and the most viewed model in this brand as of June 2022 is as follows.

    Nothing ear 1Buy now

    One plus 

    This brand is well known for its mobile phones and accessories. This brand is well-known. OnePlus is the fourth most-viewed brand in the electronic accessories category for June 2022, because of its loyal customer base. On March 31, 2022, Oneplus released its most recent model, which generated a lot of interest in the brand and search queries. The following models had the most views for this brand:

    Oneplus buds z2Buy now
    Oneplus nord budsBuy now
    Oneplus bullets wireless zBuy now


    A global Taiwanese firm called ASUSTek Computer Inc. is based in Taipei’s Beitou District and manufactures computer and phone hardware and electronics. This is the fifth most-viewed brand in the electronic accessories category. The most popular model in this category as of June 2022 is shown below.

    Asus mw203Buy now


    Shoes are essential for all exercise enthusiasts, athletes, office workers, etc. Shoes provide a lot of benefits, including the fact that they support your arches and cushion the midsole of your foot from a collision with the ground. These shoes help prevent injuries. You perform better when you’re running thanks to them. These shoes help to avoid or minimize back, hip, and knee pain while easing pressure on the ankles, heels, and toes. Below are the brands and goods within them that have had the most views as of June 2022 on the Flipkart website. And this is the third most viewed product.

    flipkart top 5 shoes
    flipkart top 5 shoes


    A well-known brand on a global scale, Nike designs, develops, produces, distributes, and sells footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company has its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metro area. This is the brand of sports shoes that received the most views in June 2022 on the Flipkart website. Now let’s examine the shoes from this brand that received the most views.

    Nike REVOLUTION 5 Running Shoes For MenBuy now
    Nike Downshifter 11 running shoes menBuy now
    Nike Revolution 4 running shoes menBuy now


    Bata Corporation is a multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer in the Czech Republic. It was established in Zen. Its factories in socialist governments were nationalized after World War II, while its affiliates in capitalist republics were still family-owned. This brand is known for its psychological marketing. This is placed 2nd in the most viewed brands of this category, and let us now look at the most viewed shoes of this brand as of June 2022 on the Flipkart website.

    Bata uber derby menBuy now
    Bata derby menBuy now
    Bata slip menBuy now


    Adidas is a multinational company based in Germany that designs and makes clothing, accessories, and shoes. It was founded in Bavaria’s Herzogenaurach. It is the biggest maker of sportswear in both Europe and the world. This is the fourth most popular brand in this category according to views. The products with the most views in June 2022 on the Flipkart website are listed below. 

    Adidas ultraboost 22 running shoes menBuy now
    Adidas easy vulc 2 0 sneakers menBuy now


    Aadi is an Indian-based shoe manufacturing company that is ranked 4th in the most viewed brands in the shoe category. This is for the month of June 2022. Below is the list of shoes that has caught the attention of many from this brand. 

    Aadi running shoes menBuy now
    Aadi synthetic leather loafers casuals menBuy now


    Asics hired the top shoemakers to create superb footwear for you. This is the fifth most viewed shoe brand as of June 2022. Below is list of shoes that have gained the most views on the Flipkart website. 

    Asics lyte classic sneakers menBuy now


    This category comprises all computers, laptops, gaming PCs, etc. Even though mobile phones are ruling this era, computers still have not lost their significance. Getting placed in the 4th position clearly denotes its importance. The fourth most viewed product on the website is computers as of June 2022. Below, we are going to see the top brands that have gotten the most views on the Flipkart website.

    flipkart top 5 computers
    flipkart top 5 computers


    Based in Taipei’s Beitou District, ASUSTek Computer Inc. makes electronics and hardware for computers, phones, and other devices. This is the fifth most popular brand in the computer category. The model below is the most well-liked in this category as of June 2022.

    Asus vivobook k15Buy now
    Asus vivobook pro 14Buy now
    Asus tuf gaming f15Buy now


    Transsion Holdings established the smartphone business Infinix in Hong Kong in 2013. Infinix mobile phones are produced by French, Indian, Korean, Chinese, and Pakistani factories, and are sold in Asian countries. This is the 2nd most viewed brand in the computers category in the month of June 2022. Below is the list of computers that have secured the most views on the Flipkart website.    

    Infinix inbook x1Buy now
    Infinix x1 slim seriesBuy now
    Infinix inbook x1 proBuy now


    Apple has an integrated design and cutting-edge features, making it likely that many people will choose it around the world. This uses a distinct operating system and pairs it with its own accessories. This luxury brand has a sizable consumer following. This has earned it third place in June 2022 in Flipkart’s most viewed category. Let’s take a look at some of this brand’s most viewed models:

    Apple 2020 MacBook airBuy now


    This well-known laptop brand has long been the best-selling and most popular option. The HP laptop is the most practical because it has several built-in features, like a camera, touchpad, microphone, speakers, and laptop covers. These laptops are the most reliable and robust. This is the 4th most viewed brand in this category as of June 2022.  Here are the models from this brand that have received the most views:

    Hp pavilion Ryzen 5Buy now
    Hp omen 15 Ryzen 7Buy now


    The most reputable brand in eSports and gaming is MSI. As of June 2022, this brand was the fifth most viewed in this category. The list of product models with the most website views is shown below.

    MSI gf63 thinBuy now
    MSI modern 14Buy now
    MSI bravoBuy now


    The only accessories that provide our daily routines with both luxury and purpose are watches. Your watches provide the world with a glimpse into your way of life and personality. They complete your appearance while also displaying the time. This accessory is placed fifth in the most viewed products as of June 2022 on the Flipkart website. Below are the watch brands that were viewed the most. 

    Peter England

    During the Boer War, Peter England was established in Londonderry, Ireland, to offer British soldiers stylish Khaki pants. After being purchased by the Aditya Birla Group in 2000, the company immediately rose to prominence as India’s leading menswear brand. Peter England, which has a solid presence in the formal and casual menswear markets, also offers cutting-edge lines in denim, linen, festive dress, Indies kurtas, accessories, and other items. They are very well known for their watch collections and hence are placed first in this list. Below are the models that secured the highest views as of June 2022.

    Peter England analog watch menBuy now


    The most popular and best-selling watch brand in India, Sonata, has been providing elegant, stylish, and modern designs. Due to its extensive watch collection, this brand is placed second in the most viewed list for the month of June 2022 on Flipkart.  

    Sonata analog watch menBuy now

    Allen Solly 

    Allen Solly is a pioneer in India for western clothing for ladies and redefines work attire there. As of June 2022, this well-known Indian brand is ranked third on the list. The item that received the most views is listed below.

    Allen Solly analog watch menBuy now

    Most Queried Products On The Flipkart (June 2022)

    With the data collected and analysis carried out, we would like to present the most queried products on the Flipkart website as of June 2022. The product we type on the search bar on the website is termed Query. we have gathered over 210K+ queries on the Flipkart website for June 2022 and compiled a report on the top 20 queries. We shall now see the list of top 20 queries:

    • Laptop 
    • Mobile 
    • F12
    • Shoes 
    • iPhone 13
    • iPhone 12 
    • Kurtas kurtis
    • Nike shoes 
    • Smartwatches 
    • Watches men
    • C35
    • Samsung mobiles 
    • Realme 9 pro plus 
    • Realme 9 pro 
    • Bags men 
    • Realme mobile 
    • iPhone 11
    • Poco m4 pro 
    • Trolley bag 
    • Realme 9 

    Study Methods 

    On the website, many products are searched for and seen each day. We have collected this data to better understand the brands, categories, and products that are most frequently searched. The data points on this website have been examined by us. As a consequence, we received over 210K queries and 422K views of the product pages. In conjunction with, we collected all of the data and carried out the study. We then gathered the information into a single post so that you can quickly see the top products on Flipkart in June 2022. We used a formula to get a result regarding the information on the most searched products. The ratio is computed using the number of views that received the most as a benchmark.

    Relative Score =  (views of query / views of most searched query) * 100       


    With its extensive selection of goods, including everything a client would need in terms of consumables and durables, Flipkart has grown in popularity among its customers over time. In the world of eCommerce, it has evolved into a one-stop shop. We appreciate for supplying the source information for this study. We hope that this report has made it simpler for you to understand the most popular products on the website in terms of searches and views. We appreciate hearing from you.   


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