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    List Of 13 Best Grocery Delivery Apps To Order Your Daily Essentials In 2024

    January 9, 2024
    Grocery Delivery Apps

    Online grocery delivery has been a game-changer for people living in India. With the extensive and costly travel, it’s much more convenient to have your favorite groceries delivered straight from their source! You can order just one or two items at time if needed – no need to make several trips like before when there were only physical stores around town that accepted all denominations of currency. The convenience is what makes this such an attractive option among consumers here; they’re able get anything they want without having any hassle whatsoever which means less money spent on food expenses each week as well as happier shoppers too because let’s face it: nobody wants wastefully going out every day with nothing but regrets left behind. This blog covers the best online grocery app that you should definitely use it.

    Benefits Of Using Online Grocery Delivery Apps

    The grocery shopping app is useful for getting products delivered to your doorsteps without having to visit the market. Here is a list of benefits the online grocery app helps you with:

    • There are no lines at the check-out counters:- One of the most vexing aspects of practically every in-store food buying experience in India are long lines. Customers are directed to check-out counters to pay for their purchases after spending a significant amount of time going about the store picking out items. Payment for goods is made easy with supermarket delivery apps.
    • Virtual Shelves That Are More At Easy To Use & Search:- Products are organised into categories in grocery delivery apps. For clients, the categories serve as virtual shelves. Customers may quickly locate their items by using the categories.
    • Grocery Shopping offers on every single item you want:- Customers are frequently enticed to acquire goods by grocery retailers’ numerous offers. As soon as one enters a store, attractive deals and discounts are shown.
    • The delivery fees are quite reasonable:- For little orders, most delivery services demand a higher delivery fee. As a result, the strategy entails obtaining more groceries at a lower cost. The technique is more clear and cost-effective than the transportation fees involved with visiting the business.

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    Amazon Fresh

    Amazon Fresh sort of falls under the category of the best grocery shopping app. It used to be an add-on service, but Amazon Prime members now get it for free. The online supermarket sells fresh vegetables, meat, dairy, seafood, packaged meals, Whole Foods 365 items, and household goods like cleaning supplies. On Amazon Fresh, you may buy electronics, apparel, and toys. Because the UI is the same as the rest of Amazon, it’s simple to use. Simply add items to your shopping cart and check out.

    • On this platform, you may find high-quality products. 
    • Users can take advantage of a variety of specials and discounts on this site. 
    • Delivery is Quick and can be scheduled as needed. 
    • It is offered in different cities across India.
    Amazon Grocery OffersPriceLink
    Vedaka Jaggery Powder, 1kg Jar.Rs. 225
    Rs. 149
    Buy Now
    Amazon Brand – Vedaka Sesame Oil Bottle, 1 LRs. 750
    Rs. 539
    Buy Now
    Amazon Brand – Vedaka Cold Pressed
    Groundnut Oil, 5L
    Rs. 3,750
    Rs. 1,635
    Buy Now
    Amazon Brand – Vedaka Medium Poha, 500gRs. 225
    Rs. 179
    Buy Now
    Daawat Pulav, Long Grains, Fluffy Basmati, 1 KgRs. 165
    Rs. 154
    Buy Now
    Tata Tea Gold Care 1 kgRs. 630
    Rs. 453
    Buy Now
    Tetley | Lemon & Honey Flavored Green TeaRs. 170
    Rs. 140
    Buy Now
    Kellogg’s Crunchy Granola Almonds and
    Cranberries, 460 g
    Rs. 380
    Rs. 360
    Buy Now
    Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, 600gRs. 360
    Rs. 265
    Buy Now
    Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice 5 kgRs. 585
    Rs. 456
    Buy Now
    Desire Green Chilli Powder 200gRs. 300
    Rs. 230
    Buy Now
    Sunfeast YiPPee! Noodles 8 in 1 PackRs. 109
    Rs. 105
    Buy Now
    Saffola Honey, 100% Pure Honey 600gRs. 220
    Rs. 186
    Buy Now
    Cadbury Oreo Vanilla Flavour
    Crème Sandwich Biscuit, 288.75g
    Rs. 99
    Rs. 69
    Buy Now
    Parachute Advansed Onion Hair Oil
    Rs. 399
    Rs. 199
    Buy Now
    Nutralite Choco Spread
    Crunchy Quinoa 275g
    Rs. 747
    Rs. 399
    Buy Now

    Flipkart Grocery

    Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company, is growing in popularity for its grocery service.

    Because it comes from a reputable source, and because Flipkart Supermart has incredible deals!

    They feature a wide range of products, from spices to cereals to dairy products, making it a one-stop shop for all of your everyday necessities.

    Flipkart Supermart has a nice feature called “Buy Now Pay Later,” which allows selected people to buy groceries on credit and pay later.

    It offers guaranteed quality on all products and is quickly becoming India’s most popular grocery app.

    • In many cities, both home delivery and pick-up options are available.
    • Select consumers can use the “Buy Now Pay Later” function to buy groceries now and pay later (on credit)
    • Ensured high-quality items

    Below are a few of the best deals presently active for you to claim.

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    AASHIRVAAD Atta with Multigrains – 5kgRs. 367
    Rs. 277
    Buy Now
    Nandini Pure Cow Ghee 1 L PouchRs. 650
    Rs. 593
    Buy Now
    Farmley Popular California Almonds – 500gRs. 899
    Rs. 349
    Buy Now
    Natureland Organics Rajma Kashmiri – 1kgRs. 260
    Rs. 176
    Buy Now
    DOVE Intense Repair Shampoo – 1LRs. 1025
    Rs. 512
    Buy Now
    NIRLON Non-Stick Cookware Set – 3pcsRs. 2500
    Rs. 938
    Buy Now
    MACARIZE Torpedo Quick Vegetable & Fruit ChopperRs. 599
    Rs. 182
    Buy Now


    In the Indian business world, Reliance is a well-known brand. JioMart, the reliance industry’s leading grocery market, must be mentioned somehow. A grocery and basics store app for Indians who want to buy food quickly online. The JioMart app is available for Android and iOS users. Download it and use it to buy groceries with a single tap. Currently, the app offers grocery delivery in practically all of India’s metro cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Meerut, Agra, Thane, etc. With over 200 cities covered, it is one of the most popular online grocery delivery apps in India. The app provides the finest prices and discounts on groceries and other everyday necessities.

    • All orders come with free shipping (no minimum quantity required).
    • Jio Mart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps because of its simple return policy and affordable pricing range.

    Below are a few of the best deals presently active for you to claim on Jiomart.

    Product CategoryOffer DetailsLink
    GroceriesGet flat upto 50% off on various grocery itemsBuy now
    Home & KitchenUpto 60% off on kitchenware and accessoriesBuy now
    FashionMjor discounts on shoes, accessories, clothes & moreBuy now
    ElectronicsFridges starting at Rs 25,000 and more deals to claimBuy now
    BeautyFlat upto 60%off on deos, facewash, skincare & moreBuy now

    Big Basket

    It is one of India’s most popular online food stores. Bangalore and Mumbai are the company’s headquarters. There are several product categories to choose from when browsing. A buyer places an order for goods that he or she prefers. At the agreed-upon time, the requested goods are delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

    Furthermore, BigBasket will pay you if they are unable to fulfill the guarantee they made to you. BigBasket has started selling chopped fruits and vegetables as well as recipe mixes.

    During the lockdown, BigBasket generated the most revenue. The Covid-19 epidemic was fortunate for the company, as it resulted in the largest sales since its inception. The best feature they offered was ‘contactless delivery,’ in which the delivery people would drop the groceries outside the door and notify you via phone call or doorbell that the groceries had arrived. To ensure that the infection did not spread, the company avoided cash transactions.

    • Big Basket is offered in seven different languages and serves a variety of Indian cities.
    • Customers can take advantage of an impressive and simple return policy.
    • If your order is not delivered to your location within the specified time frame, you will receive a 10% refund.


    Dunzo is another grocery delivery service that will deliver your groceries to your door in 45 minutes. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Dunzo Grocery also sells cosmetics. You can have groceries delivered to your home within a certain period of time.

    They can also bring a single item from one of your favourite nearby grocery stores. Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Jaipur are their current locations.

    • Super-fast delivery of food from your favourite supermarket stores or nearby stores
    • Payments can be made both offline and online.

    Grofers (Now Blinkit)

    The service connects clients with local retailers. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available, as well as a large selection of consumables. The company began operations in Delhi and currently operates in 17 locations across the country. It offers hyper-local logistics to make transactions between local merchants and customers go more smoothly.

    Grofers accepts payments in two ways. One method is cash on delivery, in which a customer pays after executives have delivered the products. Consumers do not receive discounts while using this payment method.

    • Customers can save money by taking advantage of interesting grocery bargains.
    • The grocery delivery app is accessible in six languages.
    • Grofers’ notable features include an e-wallet and in-app chat.


    Swiggy Instamart began operations in Gurugram and Bangalore in 2020 and has since expanded to 18 cities, according to the company. Swiggy CEO Sriharsha Majety claimed the service might reach a $1 billion annual gross merchandise value run rate in the next three quarters, noting the company’s current development trajectory.

    • Instant delivery.
    • Collaboration with Swiggy Gives it More popularity.

    Ola Store

    The leading ride-hailing app and mobility brand Ola is the latest player to offer groceries and essentials in 10-15 minutes. With Ola Store, Ola has entered the quick grocery delivery segment nearly five years after leaving it. It can be accessed directly from the Ola app. Users can select groceries at discounted rates and have them delivered instantly by tapping the icon.

    • Delivery within 30 minutes
    • Delivery between 9Am – 11pm

    Natures Basket

    Nature’s Basket is another grocery-buying app in India. Before sending a product for delivery, a team of qualified employees inspects it for quality and physical condition. The order is delivered when the customer specifies. Once the merchandise left the store for transportation, an email and SMS were sent to the client. You can make changes to your order while the product is still in the store using the app.

    • Their product catalog comprises 15000 + products
    • Offer COD (cash on delivery) payment option


    Zepto Grocery is India’s fastest grocery delivery service, delivering groceries in as little as ten minutes. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, household staples such as soap and detergent, and personal care products such as shampoo and deodorant are all available. In Mumbai and Bangalore, they provide free home delivery, with their logistics partners delivering your item within 10 minutes of placing it.

    • 10 minutes fast delivery Guarantee.
    • All grocery and Daily use items available.
    • Genuine prices.


    StarQuik, a Tata Enterprise initiative, is a grocery delivery service that sells fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products, packaged food, and other items. It is a very cost-effective grocery delivery app because of its special offers, low rates, and hot delivery discounts. They are now available in two Indian cities: Mumbai and Bangalore.

    They have a pan-India goal in mind and plan to progressively grow to various other cities.

    It accepts both online and offline payments and has a simple return policy for all items.

    • Reasonable and Affordable prices.
    • Easy return policy, accept all offline and online payments.
    • Currently Available only in Two Cities:- Mumbai And Bangalore.

    Spar India

    Spar is your one-stop online shop for groceries at rock-bottom costs. Spar not only sells fashion and cosmetic products, but also electronics and home design items, among other things. A total of 20000+ goods are available, distributed across many industries. So, whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing, all of the things are organised into categories to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

    • Spar distinguishes itself with convenient services such as card-on-delivery
    • same-day delivery, 
    • and even a no-questions-asked policy.

    Simpli Namdharis

    Simpli Namdharis is a popular choice and Bangalore’s greatest online grocery purchasing market. Their distinctiveness stems from the fact that they connect customers with all their Local stores. It is a consumer-driven on-demand supermarket that delivers vegetables, fruits, other grocery items, baked goods, gadgets, cosmetics, flowers, infant care, and pet care products as needed.

    • Easy to use grocery delivery platform.
    • Fast Delivery guarantee.
    • Reasonable pricing with proper genuine Bill.


    Customers who order groceries online like the applications on the list of best grocery apps mentioned above. If you haven’t already, you can trial any of these apps as a customer. If you own a grocery delivery service, you may create a white label grocery delivery app to meet your clients’ everyday grocery demands. In a digital world where practically everyone uses apps to order almost everything, your grocery delivery service should have one as well.

    Consumers only browse and type in the product categories they want. The entire grocery shopping is delivered to their house in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of this buying method is that customers get exactly what they want and there are no drawbacks. As a result, grocery apps are expected to become more popular in the future years.



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