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Flipkart Plus Membership Benefits | Find All Details Of The Membership Program


FlipkartFlipkart Plus Membership Benefits | Find All Details Of The Membership Program

Flipkart Plus Membership Benefits | Find All Details Of The Membership Program

In India and the rest of the world, online buying has progressed. Innovative changes have already occurred in the year 2020. Most of the time, the top corporations (Flipkart, Amazon) are found competing with one another. They hurry to make more generous offers, lower prices, and better sales – each sale provides clients with more significant and better savings. Flipkart has launched a reward program for its customers called Flipkart Plus Membership Program. Customers will be rewarded for every purchase they make on the Flipkart app or website through Flipkart Plus. Flipkart Plus Membership program has become one of the most successful loyalty programs in India today. Flipkart Plus membership benefits include access to special marketplace launch previews, availing free and fast delivery. Around 30% of monthly active customers on Flipkart are now Plus members. The loyalty program has achieved more than 100% year-on-year growth.

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Other benefits include getting priority customer support, gaining unique Flipkart Pay Later options, and curated benefits from ecosystem partners (across travel, OTT, F&B, lifestyle, and health and fitness). 

Flipkart Plus Membership is simple to obtain. Only 300 super coins are required because the coins have a one-year expiration date. They must be collected within that time frame. The loyalty program offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to earn double the amount of super coins. Flipkart plus received a tepid welcome during its initial introduction in India. Plus coins were initially introduced to Flipkart Plus.

Benefits of Flipkart Plus Membership?

Flipkart membership comes with a variety of benefits, like quicker shipping, early access to big sales, and free shipping on some purchases. If you opt to subscribe to Flipkart Plus, you will not be charged any additional fees. The subscription service is based on a coin system

  • you can get access to a variety of other exclusive benefits. Many of Flipkart’s partner brands have offers where you may use your coins.
  • Members get priority access to all sales and events. Flipkart Video Service is a recent addition to the ever-expanding list of services.
  • The Flipkart Plus program also includes free shipping. The program ensures that you are treated like royalty.

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How to Get Flipkart Plus Membership?

Flipkart Plus is a membership that is free of charge. To join the program, though, you’ll need 300 super coins. However, without the super coins, you get free Flipkart membership.

Flipkart Plus Membership For Students

If you are a student, Flipkart has a fantastic Student Offer where you can get a 3-month free membership to Flipkart Plus. After purchasing this membership, you will be able to purchase from a Flipkart benefit seller without having to pay any shipping fees. If your order value is less than Rs. 500, Flipkart normally charges Rs. 40 for shipping. You can also receive special offers, earn Flipkart coins, and more with a Flipkart + subscription.

How to Get Student Flipkart Plus Membership?

Get the Flipkart Plus Membership benefits and save on your purchase. The only stipulation would be that you have a valid college ID. That’s true; all you have to do now is upload your college ID. The steps are as follows:

  • The Flipkart Plus student deal is only available on the Flipkart Plus app. So, get the app and sign in with your account.
  • Go to Flipkart Plus Zone by clicking on the menu in the top left corner.
  • To begin the procedure, scroll down to the exclusive student offer banner and click on the ‘Join Now’ button.
  • Click “Get Started” and fill in all of the information requested in the college ID.
  • Click ‘Verify Now’ after uploading your college ID.
  • Once the documents have been confirmed you will be notified.
  • The verification and confirmation procedure can tаke up to 5 business days.

You get a free membership this way.

Flipkart Membership Super Coins

Flipkart SuperCoins is a reward system that rewards customers for each purchase they make on the Flipkart platform. If you’re are a Flipkart Plus member, you can earn four super coins for every Rs.100  you spend on the site or with Super coin brand partners like PhonePe, Urban Company, OYO, and others. Flipkart’s customer rewards program is called Super coins. Flipkart customers are rewarded for every purchase they make. Plus, members are those who have owned 200 super coins. They can also use super coins to get various benefits once they join the loyalty program. After earning 200 super coins, any Flipkart customer is automatically upgraded to a ‘Plus’ member for the next 12 months, giving them access to additional benefits. Avail of these Flipkart Plus Membership benefits now!

How to Earn Super Coins?

Purchasing things on Flipkart is the most common way to earn money. You get four super coins for every Rs.100 you spend. However, if you are not a plus member, you will receive two super coins. You may also earn coins by purchasing items from their partner brands. Purchasing a flight ticket on Flipkart is the most efficient way to gather coins. However, each purchase is limited to a maximum of 100 coins. Throughout the year, several promotional quizzes and activities are held. You may have won extra super coins by playing these games and quizzes. Keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual.

The process is quite simple, and all a person has to do is earn 300 super coins in 12 months to avail of the annual Plus membership. You will have to purchase items worth Rs.12000 to collect 300 coins.

  • Download the Flipkart app or website and log in to your account.
  • Click on the Flipkart plus zone. You can find the plus zone option in the sidebar on the app and in “My Account” on the website.
  • The plus zone will show you all the details, like your rewards and coin balance.
  • If 300 coins have been accumulated in the past 12 months, you will get the option to subscribe to the Flipkart membership.

Once the membership is activated, you can enjoy a Flipkart Plus subscription for one year. The 300 super coins that are used for the activation will remain as it is. These coins can be used to avail of Flipkart offers.

How To Use Super Coins?

 It is very easy to use Flipkart super coins. Super coins is a reward system devised for the consumers shopping on Flipkart. See the step-by-step guide to using Supercoins in Flipkart.

  • Open the Flipkart app, see the tag bar at the bottom, where you show the super coin icon. Click on it.
  • When you click on the super coins icon, then Flipkart displays two options.
  1. Donate
  2. Reward spend coins

Click on option second spend coins & use the super coins.


you will see the amazing offers where you can spend your super coins. Flipkart customers will benefit the most from the membership program. The subscription will be especially useful during Flipkart sales such as Big Billion Days, Shopping Days, Republic Day, and Independence Day. Flipkart gives incredible deals on technology and new phones; it is regarded as the top internet shop in India. The company may be the most trustworthy retailer due to its terms and policies. Their products are continuously checked and guaranteed to be of high quality. Flipkart’s buying experience is almost therapeutic, and you may buy with confidence. So, what do you have to lose? Join Flipkart plus and take advantage of additional perks and privileges.



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