blogTop 10 Useful ChatGPT Chrome Extensions Your PC Needs In 2023

    Top 10 Useful ChatGPT Chrome Extensions Your PC Needs In 2023

    ChatGPT is a revolutionizing tool that can revamp the way the internet and people around it work. This is the dreamy potential of this chatbot. But, this amazing AI by OpenAI is still a beta that is in the learning process. It surely has its own ups and downs. Even though great things are being accomplished by ChatGPT, the functionality has its own limitations. And this is where the extensions pop up, boosting and enriching ChatGPT by bringing its capabilities to other websites as well. These can come in super handy in making your tasks simple and uncomplicated. Take no sweat, we have put together the top 10 ChatGPT chrome extensions for you. Let’s take a deep look into them now.

    ChatGPT For Google

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    ChatGPT For Google

    ChatGPT sure is something incredible. But this amazingness is stuck to one tab in a browser. This need not always be the case. It is not necessary for you to always open ChatGPT to make use of it. The ChatGPT for Google ensures you get ChatGPT results when you search for something on Google. A response box alongside Google search results opens up in the tab. Just install the extension and log in to ChatGPT to get going.

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    ChatGPT AI Email Writer

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    ChatGPT AI Email Writer

    Taking the capability of ChatGPT to generate content from prompts to email writing will leave you with the best ones. And this is what the ChatGPT AI Email Writer offers you. With this extension installed, you can write your emails in seconds without any hassle by just entering the prompt with a detailed query. This is hands down the best way to write your emails now without breaking a sweat. A must-have out of many ChatGPT chrome extensions for your PC.

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    YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

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    YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

    YouTube is a never-ending sea of videos. This is why you gotta make sure you don’t waste time browsing hours of unwanted content here. And the YouTube Summary With ChatGPT is the best way to do it. Installing the extension allows you to get a hold of what the video is about with a summary. This is generated by ChatGPT to give you a better picture. Also, you get a time-stamped transcript alongside the summary, making things super simple for you. A decent chrome extension that you should have.

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    One of the main drawbacks of ChatGPT is its inability to access current data. It is made up of a database that is limited till the year 2021. This will make the content from ChatGPT always a thing of the past. This is where the WebChatGPT extension comes in and helps your content be in the present. Install the extension and log in to ChatGPT, enter a prompt, and get real-time results without any hassle. With this amazing tool, ChatGPT results are not out of date anymore.

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    Merlin is a complete package that helps in bringing the full potential of ChatGPT to all the websites in the browser. This ensures that you get a ChatGPT anywhere you search and type online. From coding and using formulas in spreadsheets to writing emails in Gmail, everything is taken care of by Merlin in seconds. With things amplified by this amazing extension, this will easily be the perfect companion for you online.

    Click to add Merlin ChatGPT.


    Promptheus to ChatGPT is like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Yes, it is the voice assistant for you that takes in all the input from you and delivers it to ChatGPT for responses. This makes everything super simple online. All you have to do is to hold on to the spacebar while talking. The extension keeps hovering in the top right corner of the page to be of assistance to you all the time. You can now interact with the Chatbot more conveniently now with Promptheus.

    Click to add Promptheus ChatGPT.


    Twitter is one of the best platforms online that allows people to express their thoughts without any fuzz. This is why it is used and loved worldwide to learn various stuff from different perspectives. TweetGPT is here to enhance this experience with the wonderful chatbot’s ability to create content. This integrates ChatGPT right into Twitter. Now, all you have to do is to click on a new tweet and choose your emotion from there to get your tweet generated by the extension. Netizens go crazy for this tool.

    Click to add TweetGPT.


    The name itself gives you a hint of how this chrome extension is going to be of assistance to you. Yes, your ChatGPT conversations are going to be fancy. Why black and white when you can live in colors? You can now share snippets of your ChatGPT threads in PDFs, images, and text files in a more appealing way with the extension. You can find different styles from light, dark, and neon to sketch here. Choose your favorite one among them and use highlighting tools to make the snippet more detailed and colorful.

    Click to add FancyGPT.


    ShareGPT is here to make your ChatGPT conversations remembered for a long long time. This extension enables you to simply share the chat with anyone you want with a click. Be it a funny convo or an amazing piece of code by ChatGPT, share anything and everything with a touch with the extension. Why have all the fun alone? Share them and spread amazingness.

    Click to add ShareGPT.

    ChatGPT Prompt Genius

    ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a thoughtful extension that is developed to offer you prompt ideas in case you run out of them. You can easily get started with the prompt ideas by clicking on the extension icon in the toolbar. This will take you to a new page filled with amazing prompt ideas in various categories with some amazing added features. When you like the prompt, you just gotta click on the yellow play icon to generate text from the prompt on ChatGPT. Also, there is a dedicated subreddit for you to find more prompts. This extension surely is a genius in helping you find new prompt ideas.

    Click to add ChatGPT Prompt Genius.


    Chrome extensions are the best way to access OpenAI’s ChatGPT easily online. The restrictions and limitations of ChatGPT are also overcome by these amazing tools. On top of everything these enhance the use of the chatbot to various extremes like auto-generating tweets, writing emails, using ChatGPT as a voice assistant, and many more. Make use of these amazing top 10 ChatGPT chrome extensions out there to get more creative and appealing responses from ChaGPT without any hassle.

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