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    Why You Must Book Lab Test Online & Where Do You Book Them From?

    Throughout the world, the medical industry has undergone a massive paradigm shift. Thanks to continuous evolution, human life expectancy has increased considerably in comparison to a century before. The medical sector includes pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, clinics, health insurance companies, and, of course, human resources. All of these businesses and scientific organizations have been working relentlessly for years to achieve the current state of health. Polio, cholera, AIDS, and other diseases that killed millions of people in the past are no longer a threat. Check out the best way to book lab test online, as well as the advantages of doing so. This #healthfromhome blog is a part of #cwcare series so you can stay fit and healthy from your home by booking lab tests online.

    Benefits Of Lab Test Online

    There are a plethora of benefits that you can get from booking lab tests online by avoiding the ques and having to each testing appointment separately which is time-consuming. Below are the various benefits:

    • There will be no more waiting:

    Patients must wait for their lab test for several hours in hospitals or clinics. Depending on the test, the findings could take anywhere from a few days to many months. Patients must also wait in line to pay their bills. Patients, on the other hand, are unconcerned about their wait time. They don’t have to worry about standing in long lines for exams or paying bills. Even if it is only one test, patients can undergo a lab test in a relaxing environment.

    • Effortless procedure:

    It’s as easy as peeling a banana to get lab testing at home. It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t require you to check your calendar or make an appointment. Because there are thousands of lab test services on the market, a patient can book their lab test in only a few clicks. The lab test times are limitless, and the plan can be altered according to the patient’s preferences, whether it’s a weekend or weekday. Now is the time to schedule a lab test based on your availability.

    • Cost-effective:

    Pregnancy test kits, cholesterol tests, and blood pressure checks are all available at local pharmacies. These health devices or equipment can be purchased by patients to keep track of their health (blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.). As a result, these at-home lab tests are affordable. On health kits, the healthcare providers offer substantial discounts.

    • Convenience: 

    Many consumers prefer a home lab test since it is the most convenient option. It means you won’t be able to leave the house for diagnostic tests. Did you know that lab testing at home is a useful service? Yes!!! They take blood samples right outside your door. To save time and effort, having a lab test performed at your house is the ideal option. You don’t have to travel to a diagnostic centre or clinic for a medical test. Your medical reports will be sent to your address through email or courier. Lab technicians, by the way, do not charge for exchanging reports.

    Best Apps/Sites For Lab Test Booking Online

    With the extensive growth of the internet, the medical industry is growing greatly by making it very easy for people to avail of various services from the comfort of their homes. Below are a few apps that can help make this experience great.

    1) Medibuddy:


    • Labs that are both safe and approved: Book Lab Test Online that is both safe and hygienic.
    • Take advantage of company perks: Make an appointment for your company’s sponsored health checkups.
    • Expert Opinion: Have your findings examined by doctors who have been verified.
    • Home sample collection: Have lab tests performed in the privacy of your own home.

    Pricing:- Tests Starting from Rs. 100 | Buy Here

    Check out the Medibuddy Full Body Checkup Package and its details.

    2) Pharmeasy:


    • Trusted Labs: Every test ordered through PharmEasy is performed by certified labs that have been thoroughly vetted and proven to be reliable.
    • Visit to your home: PharmEasy provides a FREE sample pick-up from your house or desired location by experienced phlebotomists.

    Up to 70% OFF: PharmEasy saves you money at every turn! On diagnostic tests, you can save up to 70% on a variety of tests and test bundles.

    Pricing:- Starting from Rs. 199 | Buy Here

    3) Tata 1Mg:

    Having to wait in a diagnostic lab or a hospital for hours is now a thing of the past. You may get your lab tests done from the comfort of your own home with Tata 1mg. At your convenience, our highly qualified phlebotomist will collect the samples. Watch this video to learn about the efforts we took to assure sample quality and hygiene. Book your next lab test with Tata 1mg at the guaranteed lowest price!

    Tata 1mg is the most popular digital healthcare platform in India. Tata 1mg is a one-stop shop for all your health requirements, from ordering prescriptions to consulting doctors, all from the convenience of your own home. You don’t even need to go to a diagnostic lab to get your tests done. Tata 1mg has you covered there as well.

    Pricing:- starts from Rs. 1000 | Buy Here

    4) Practo:

    Blood sugar testing, thyroid tests, pregnancy tests, allergy tests, lipid profile, liver profile, platelet count, VDRL test, vitamin B12 deficiency test, and more are all covered by Practo Associate Labs. Get information on all of these tests, including the cost of blood tests, when to take them, why they are required, who should take them, and what to do before performing blood tests at home. This is the best online lab test app.

    Full Body Health Checkup:- Men’s Health Packages, Women’s Health Packages, Vitamin Packages, Popular Health Check-Up Packages Practo for Corporates, Diabetes Packages, Senior Citizen Packages, and more are available to keep your health and well-being. When booking online pathology tests, get a complete list of all tests included in the package.

    Pricing:- starts from Rs. 200 | Buy Here

    5) Lal Path Labs:

    • Employees who are too busy to schedule an appointment.
    • Parents who are having difficulties should seek treatment at a hospital or diagnostic facility.
    • People who are concerned about their well-being and are looking for the most cost-effective solution.

    When a medical agency, such as Lal Path Labs, offers a home test kit or device, opting for DIY (do-it-yourself) is the easiest method to avoid having to wait in long lines to pay fees or collect reports. There’s no need to be concerned about the appointment scheduling process. It, on the other hand, saves money using Great Offers and Discounts of Up To 20%.

    Pricing:- Starts Just from Rs. 80 | Buy Here

    6) Thyrocare:

    Thyrocare is one of the first and most well-known health-care brand names, with a worldwide following. The value of an Aarogyam checkup cannot be overstated until and unless you make the prudent decision to pay for it. In other words, no one can state with absolute certainty that he or she is perfectly healthy and that there is no risk of a hidden sickness lurking within that person’s body. This is one of the main reasons why this examination is necessary.


    • Totally safe and hygienic
    • Home Pick up a sample
    • Huge Savings
    • Reports can be viewed online.

    Pricing:- starts from Rs | Buy Here


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