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    FastBeetle Delivery Services Kashmir Shark Tank | Providing Services With Love & Care

    January 9, 2024
    Fastbeetle Delivery Services Kashmir

    The fastest booming sector is logistics. You can study logistics but creating your own company that knocks on the doors of the ends of Kashmir is really an art and magic. FastBeetle Delivery Services Kashmir is a magician in the town. The land without internet in some parts of kashmir is now being under the radar of FastBeetle. Send and receive parcels couriers by the fastest way possible with FastBeetle. Caught between two catastrophic events like covid19 and 2G, the young entrepreneurs from Kashmir find a way to stay at top of the game. 

    Founder, Business Idea, And Funding Details Of FastBeetle

    Business NameFastBeetle
    FoundersSheikh Samiullah & Abid Rashid
    Business IdeaDelivery service
    Funding Details90 Lakhs for 7.5% equity 

    What is more satisfying than achieving everything with your childhood buddy? Guess there is no answer for it. Sheikh Samiullah & Abid Rashid being in Srinagar are the founders of the company FastBeetle. Sheikh Samiullah inspired the idea of the company from his previous logistics company. The company started in 2019 and made rigorous achievements in a very short span of time. Later on, it became one of the fastest growing logistics companies of Kashmir. Childhood buddies making it to the stage of Shark Tank from Srinagar is quite the achievement. They bagged 90 lakhs for 7.5% equity of the company. 

    Why to Choose FastBeetle Services

    FastBeetle fills the gap between the customers and the Kashmir based small scale and big scale business group. FastBeetle’s flawless delivery service, which is unstoppable even in difficult topographical conditions. FastBeetle have created the platform from scratch. Within the economical price, FastBeetle will connect the needs and requirements of consumers and producers. FastBeetle doesn’t stop at anything, it delivers your product to your destination overcoming every obstacle. FastBeetle delivers everything and anything on time. FastBeetle has a strong network in the locality of Kashmir. It is a safe and secure logistics startup in Kashmir. 

    What You Can Send?

    FastBeetle is your best option in the cities and towns of Kashmir. You can send couriers to your friends, family and your loved ones. From friend to another friend, from pharmacy to grocery, from Instagram shops to physical ones, you can send any product and courier to anyone. The FastBeetle network is providing door to door delivery services with love and care. No climatic change in weather or mechanical problem affects the delivery of FastBeetle. FastBettle delivers with consolidation of technical magic and mechanical efforts. 


    Looking for a courier that sends both small and big courier quickly? The answer you are looking for is FastBeetle. Simply the form in FastBeetle, the company takes care of the rest. If you want to send a bulk order, again the answer is FastBeetle. You don’t have to rush to the courier store to send. Simply make the order and the rest of the job is done by FastBeetle delivery services Kashmir . 

    Airport Packages

    Looking to send packages out of the country? Want a courier company that does the work for you? FastBeetle does the work of airport packages too. The package is safe and secure with the company. The FastBeetle ensures your packages reach safe airports and are taken care of. You don’t have to stress anything about it, make the order and watch the rest. 

    Where to Buy?

    Why stress all the down to the courier store and making a courier order? Be comfortable in your home. Open the FastBeetle website and make the order. Watch FastBeetle persons come to your doorstep and collect your packages. No matter whether it is small or big or bulk. And watch the rest of delivering magic. FastBeetle is a hundred percent guarantee that your package will reach your destination on time. FastBeetle service is only available at their official website. FastBeetle has a very open pricing system that sure will amaze you. 

    FastBeetle – Check Now

    Telecast Details on Shark Tank

    The Kashmir based startup started to make wonders in the Shark Tank. The founders of the company Sheikh Samiullah and Abid Rashid pitched the idea of an e-commerce enterprise in kashmir. The young minds stated that they want to create a startup ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir, the Shark Tank representation was not only for FastBeetle but for the aspiration of 1.5 crore population of Jammu and Kashmir. Fast Beetle’s facts and achievements shocked the judges. The Shark combined a deal for equity but at the end FastBeetle got one of the best deals in Shark Tank.

    Watch the full episode – See Here

    FastBeetle Social Media Details

    FastBeetle Delivery Services Kashmir is an e-commerce logistics company. FastBeetle courier method is a technology driven process. FastBeetle is very cheap and affordable. The pricing is very transparent and open with the customers. FastBeetle reaches places that other courier companies can not reach. Nowadays everything is online and paperless, FastBeetle follows the method to be  more effective. To get notifications about the achievements and updates regarding FastBeetle, make sure you follow the social media platform given below, 


    FastBeetle Delivery Services Kashmir have delivered orders worth Rs.1,00,000,000. FastBeetle have over 1 lakhs satisfied customers that have used their services. Big multinational corporations that are in the sector of logistics like Flipkart and amazon have made deals with FastBeetle to deliver to remote and inaccessible areas in Kashmir. Within two months of starting the company, the company began airport packages and raised $100000 from the investors. The young founder has a long way to go. 



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